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2017 Oct 19th 2-4.30pm Higher Ground Playlist
Sep 14th 10-12pm Sister Kate's Sideshow Playlist
7th 12-2pm Mr. Bonez Revue Playlist
Aug 12th 10-12pm B-Sides Playlist
Jul 15th 10-12pm B-Sides Playlist
Jun 29th 2-4.30pm Higher Ground Playlist
May 30th 12-2.30pm B-Sides Playlist
17th 12-2.30pm B-Sides Playlist
Mar 30th 10-12pm Sister Kate's Sideshow Playlist
28th 10-12pm KaDunkafuNK Playlist
Feb 1st 12-2pm Frog Princess Playlist
Jan 24th 12-2.30pm B-Sides Playlist
2016 Sep 2nd 12-2pm Kind Party Playlist
Aug 30th 2.30-4.30pm Not currently named Playlist
20th 2-4pm Six Degrees Playlist