KKUP Cupertino 91.5 FM

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Sunday December 10th 2017

Time zone: pacific

3.00am Rock and Sounds of the Decades (Music) SharkieMike Playlist
7.00am Alan Watts Hour (Talk) George Byrd Playlist
8.00am Neptune Currents (Music) Steve Davis Playlist
11.00am Wimmins Music Program (Music) Laura Testa Playlist
1.00pm Classical Music (Music) Susan Playlist
3.00pm No Pigeonholes (Music) Don Campau Playlist
5.00pm Meeting of the Ways (Talk) Diane Solomon Playlist
6.00pm Canta Brazil (Music) Larzinho Playlist
8.00pm One World in One Hour (Music) Larzinho Playlist
9.00pm Cupertino Barndance (Music) Record Rich Playlist