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KSPC The Space

Wednesday March 7th 2018

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Hip Hop (Hip Hop) Daniel Playlist
12.00am Anabel Show (Underground) Anabel Playlist
8.00am The Orbit (Underground) Skye Playlist
10.00am Power Hour (Specialty) Comic Knight Playlist
11.00am making space (Specialty) dj diA Playlist
12.00pm Reel Classical (Classical) Nadine Francis Playlist
2.00pm Douglas Rushkoff - Team Human (Public Affairs) Playlist
3.00pm Sound of Pictures (Specialty) Tom Skelly Playlist
4.00pm The Aardvark Hour (Electronic) Reidy D Playlist
6.00pm Streetcar Visions (Americana) Amalia Playlist
8.00pm Two Squid Hours (Underground) Remember Love Playlist
10.00pm DJ Vic's Hip Hop Show (Hip Hop) DJ Vic Playlist
10.00pm The Big Cheese (Underground) Motz Playlist