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Black Lung & Shirley Temples (Underground)

Fri Jan 18th 2019 8.00pm–10.00pm

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Playlist chat

9:47pm   ƨerƒ

needs some gritos

9:47pm   MrMalcontent

play something from the soundtrack tho. do flotsam and jetsam have a song??

9:46pm   MrMalcontent

stop typing the name!

9:45pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

'cause it's disney?

9:44pm   MrMalcontent

why so litigious

9:43pm   MrMalcontent


9:42pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

We would get sued by Disney for using the song without permission. Or maybe it's ok if someone else covers it?

9:37pm   MrMalcontent

she should sing it on air

9:35pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

Skylar did, in fact, win the dollar.

9:35pm   ƨerƒ


9:35pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

cats? that's preposterous.

9:31pm   MrMalcontent

I need that dollar. I wish I could sing.

9:31pm   ƨerƒ

no cats meowing ?

9:29pm   MrMalcontent

d_vk, I've done it and continue to randomly repost my comments. #DuhDoy

9:29pm   MrMalcontent

d_vk, I've done it and continue to randomly repost my comments. #DuhDoy

9:29pm   MrMalcontent

d_vk, I've done it and continue to randomly repost my comments. #DuhDoy

9:24pm   d_vk


9:24pm   Little Kenny

so no crema por mi

9:23pm   d_vk

oh i finally get what you meant mrmalcontent about the repeated comments whoops

9:23pm   Little Kenny

might actually be possible, but I'm already pantsless and I'm not putting 'em back on until tomorrow

9:23pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

No calls so far.

9:23pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

David, stop posting the same posts.

9:23pm   ƨerƒ

i'd just sing lyrics from Necrophagist songs.

9:22pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

I'm all for non-dairy ice cream.

9:22pm   d_vk

thanks.. sounds good! or you could draw out the story

9:21pm   MrMalcontent

I just killed a non-ice cream, ice cream

9:21pm   d_vk

thanks.. sounds good! or you could draw out the story

9:21pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

Skylar, whom you may remember as Sophia LoRenegade, if she's still listening, is absolutely going to win if no one else calls.

9:20pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

Kenny, you have 40 mins to get to Claremont to join me for ice cream after my show.

9:20pm   Little Kenny

bunch of cheaters all cheatin' it up

9:19pm   Little Kenny

mmmm, ice cream...

9:18pm   Little Kenny


9:15pm   ƨerƒ

was that the sound of an electric violin being killed?

9:13pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

Well, I still get to hang out and shoot the shit with y'all.

9:13pm   MrMalcontent

After posting a comment click on Current Playlist before hitting refresh and you'll avoid repeating your comments

9:13pm   MrMalcontent

you reposted your next to last post. bonkers

9:12pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

oh man, my choices are almost up if I'm playing a 40-min long song.

9:12pm   ƨerƒ

spelt Hughfuqtuph?

9:10pm   d_vk

thanks.. sounds good! or you could draw out the story

9:10pm   Little Kenny

kinda my middle name

9:10pm   Little Kenny

nothing new there

9:09pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

Kennyyyyyyy you fucked up.

9:08pm   MrMalcontent

oh look who's here

9:07pm   Little Kenny

Dangit! Just missed the GWA.

9:06pm   Carl

I love this station. So many surprises.

9:05pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

You're welcome! I found it in the library and thought the description sounded good.

9:04pm   Carl

Man, that Alan Watts piece was wiggin’! I’d never heard it before - thanks!

8:58pm   MrMalcontent


8:58pm   MrMalcontent

go to hell

8:45pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

thank you! <3

8:44pm   Sturg

Killin it... this could be the highlight radio show of the week for me. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

8:43pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

I think it would be Bad Radio. I'm funny, but not THAT much.

8:40pm   d_vk

hard to say how well that would work

8:40pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

oh man, great transition, Maliboo.

8:35pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

It's hard when there's no one to banter with but myself, although I could talk in different voices?

8:33pm   d_vk

thanks.. sounds good! or you could draw out the story

8:29pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

yes I can! And I will tell a short story about it re: my being unlikeable.

8:28pm   d_vk

can you play arab on radar?

8:26pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

the ice cream was delicious!

8:26pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

you're very welcome!

8:26pm   d_vk

they missed out on the ice cream

8:25pm   ƨerƒ

thanks for playing song

8:21pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

wait, DRAWING goats? that sounds adorable. Pls email to maliboo@kspc.org

8:17pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

do iiiiit

8:16pm   ƨerƒ

suddenly i feel like i should be drawing a pentagram... and goats...

8:10pm   ƨerƒ

Nil idmirari or something

8:09pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

found it!

8:08pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

lemme go look

8:07pm   ƨerƒ

play first song off Oneohtrix Point Never's Returnal album, plez

8:03pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)

hey homie

8:03pm   MrMalcontent


7:59pm   Maliboo Skipper (host)




Masonna “Masonna USA Live Performance #2”
from Masonanie Viva Los Angeles 7‑Inch Single (P Tapes 2003)



Menstruation Sisters “Clitoris Hypnotist”
from dead at slugs LP Album (Menlo Park 2000)



Gay Witch Abortion “Church Buffet”
from Maverick CD Album (Learning Curve Records 2008) —for Kenny



Arab On Radar “2-18-99”
from Soak The Saddle CD Album (Skin Graft 2000)



Alan Watts “Metamatic Ritual”
from this is it CD Album (Locust 1962)



Challenge “Untitled”
from Bananafish #13: Bidi, Bidi, Bidi CD Compilation (Tedium House 1999)



Tuxedomoon “No Tears”
from No Tears EP LP Album (Expanded Music 1983)



Oneohtrix Point Never “Nil admirari”
from Returnal CD Album (Editions Mego 2010) R



Sunn O))) “Orakulum”
from Oracle CD Album (Southern Lord 2007)

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