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The Kitchen Sink (Music)


The Kitchen Sink is a jazz based show that explores the connections between jazz and multiple other genres. Jazz, funk, soul, blues is a natural progression that a lot of people can relate to. I see (hear) many other connections, as well. Electronic music is , to me, another fertile area that connects easily to the “jazz” connotation. Quite a few of the moods, themes and musical structures grow out of or are sonically connected to jazz. A lot of the electronic music coming out of Germany/Austria has a direct link to jazz and swing, (De Phazz, Club Des Belugas, JoJo Effect, etc.) The Italian scene, (past and present), is richly connected. Groups like The Dining Rooms, Montefiori Cocktail and Italian Secret Service swing like mad and also delve into deep, lush arrangements that harken back to jazz roots. The Kitchen Sink also strives to present “new” music to KTUH listeners. As Cookiehead Jenkins, (former highly regarded KTUH DJ), so aptly put it: “It ain’t new, but it’s new to me!) Music from th

With Maynard G

Mon Nov 20th 2017 6.00pm–9.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: HST


Lack of Afro “Rhythm Come Forward”
from My Groove, Your Move (Freestyle Records)


Kind & Kinky Zoo “La Jupe Volante”
from Released! (Légère Recordings) N


Chris Joss “Rain City 1”
from Bimbo Satellite (Teraphonic Records)


Dr. Rubberfunk “Live Wired”
from My Life At 33 (Red Disc Records)


David Nesselhauf “Passport Check”
from Afrokraut (Légère Recordings)


The Cheebacabra “Looking for My Brother”
from Pass the Information Single (Mackrosoft 2012)


Boozoo Bajou “Lava”
from Satta (Modernsoul)


Buyepongo “Cumbia Pa Lali”
from Todo Mundo (Buyepongo)


Ondatrópica “Hummingbird”
from Baile Bucanero (Soundway Records 2017)


Quantic & Nidia Góngora “Ojos Vicheros”
from Curao (Tru Thoughts) N

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