Radio Boise, KRBX

Community Radio for Boise and Beyond

Tuesday July 2nd 2013

Time zone: mountain

1.00am Heavier than Thou (Music) Jake and Lisa Hite Playlist
3.00am RADIOBOISE 3am - 4am Public Affairs Playlist
4.00am RADIOBOISE 4am - 5am Public Affairs Playlist
5.00am RADIOBOISE 5am - 6am Public Affairs Playlist
6.00am The Skyway (Music) Todd Walton Playlist
7.00am RADIOBOISE 7am - 8am Public Affairs Playlist
9.00am Square Roots pt1 (Music) Jeff Abrams Playlist
10.00am Square Roots (Music) Sean Deter Playlist
1.00pm Afternoon Music Mix (Music) Frankenbryan Playlist
4.00pm Wings (Public Affairs) Public Affairs Playlist
5.00pm Democracy Now! (Public Affairs) Playlist
6.00pm The John Macaroy Show! (Music) Playlist
8.00pm Dustland Wolf Oven (Music) Clark Sheffil Playlist
10.00pm Punk n Pie (Music) Blaise Malaise Playlist
11.00pm Pink Noise (Music) WendyFox Playlist