Rainy Dawg Radio

University of Washington's Student Powered Radio

Thursday March 2nd 2017

Time zone: pacific

8.00am Three Martini Lunch Hour (Other/Specialty) DJ BeaT Arthur Playlist
9.00am Happy Hour (Music) Sweet Lady Sam Playlist
10.00am Sopa de Letras (Other/Specialty) DJ Madz Playlist
11.00am Mom's Dinner Party (Music) DJ what the zel Playlist
12.00pm Paper Shade (Music) HahnsBimmer Playlist
1.00pm The Granada Hour (Music) dj shosh Playlist
2.00pm Louder for the People in the Back! (Music) Mayowa Playlist
3.00pm Beat Salad (Music) jboi Playlist
4.00pm The Sauce (Music) Sam Playlist
6.00pm Sonic Rambling (Music) JT Playlist
7.00pm Gene Flow (Music) DJ Steam Powered Playlist
9.00pm Riff Raff (Music) Ann Playlist