Rainy Dawg Radio

University of Washington's Student Powered Radio

Wednesday January 18th 2017

Time zone: pacific

9.00am Scuzzy Nothings (Music) bby blue Playlist
10.00am Beat Salad (Music) ya boi nico Playlist
11.00am Sounds Good (Music) Dom Playlist
12.00pm Music To Your Ears (Music) DJ Ris Playlist
1.00pm Essential Bangers (Electronic) Dr.Samples Playlist
2.00pm Auditory Voyage (Alternative/Experimental) Solomon Playlist
3.00pm Not Your Dads Music (Music) Lighthouse Playlist
4.00pm Trash Baby Nation (Music) Trash Mama Mackenzie Playlist
5.00pm Spring Break 2 0 0 3 (Variety) Beats By Dre(w) Playlist
6.00pm Kobe's Collective (Music) Kobe Playlist
7.00pm Mac & Gianni's Elastic Gumbo (Variety) Sweet Fancy Moses Playlist
8.00pm Best Served Cold (Music) DJ Jess Playlist
9.00pm Food of the Gods (Music) elias Playlist
10.00pm Pizza Party Episode IV: A New Pizza (Music) DJ Milksteak Playlist