Rainy Dawg Radio

University of Washington's Student Powered Radio

Wednesday January 25th 2017

Time zone: pacific

9.00am Scuzzy Nothings (Music) Baby Blue Playlist
11.00am Sounds Good (Music) Dom Playlist
1.00pm Essential Bangers (Electronic) Dr.Samples Playlist
2.00pm Auditory Voyage (Alternative/Experimental) Solomon Playlist
3.00pm Not Your Dads Music (Music) Lighthouse Playlist
4.00pm Trash Baby Nation (Music) Trash Mama Mackenzie Playlist
5.00pm Spring Break 2 0 0 3 (Variety) Beats By Dre(w) Playlist
6.00pm Kobe's Collective (Music) Kobe Playlist
7.00pm Mac & Gianni's Elastic Gumbo (Variety) Sweet Fancy Moses Playlist
8.00pm Best Served Cold (Music) DJ Jess Playlist
9.00pm Food of the Gods (Music) elias Playlist
10.00pm Pizza Party Episode IV: A New Pizza (Music) DJ Milksteak Playlist