Rainy Dawg Radio

University of Washington's Student Powered Radio

Saturday November 18th 2017

Time zone: pacific

8.00am Whats goin on with Boon and Jon (Alternative/Experimental) Jon Playlist
9.00am Broke & Woke (Alternative/Experimental) Dj Eurie Playlist
10.00am Rock this Country (Country) DJ K. Rich Playlist
11.00am Bonita Applebops (R&B) DJ Sne Bae Bae Playlist
12.00pm Rainy Dawg Demos (Singer/Songwriter) ollie Playlist
1.00pm 404 ERROR MESSAGE (Rock) a goon Playlist
2.00pm Common Theory (Other/Specialty) Blusan Playlist
2.00pm Common Theory (Other/Specialty) Blusan Playlist
3.00pm re-interpretations (Other/Specialty) Efe Ulucay Playlist
5.00pm mindwipe (Other/Specialty) gogonutz Playlist
6.00pm Static States (Music) gogonutz Playlist
7.00pm Danse Husky (Alternative/Experimental) Ben Playlist
8.00pm Arctic Boombox (Electronic) Zach Palmer Playlist
9.00pm The Space Station (Variety) DJ Buzz Playlist