Rainy Dawg Radio

University of Washington's Student Powered Radio

Tuesday November 13th 2018

Time zone: pacific

8.00am she & her (Alternative/Experimental) el nina Playlist
9.00am Bathtime (Indie) Bluebathtub Playlist
10.00am Mood & Motivation (Variety) DJerry Seinfeld Playlist
11.00am The Machine (Rock) Ubu Roi Playlist
1.00pm What's Goin' On with Boon and Jon (Alternative/Experimental) Jon Playlist
3.00pm m-o-o-d e-h-a-n-c-e-r (Alternative/Experimental) Swoo Hu Playlist
5.00pm Local Love (Indie) dj skunk ape Playlist
6.00pm You Don't Know What You Really Want (Indie) Bill Pepsi Playlist
7.00pm lettuce turnip the beet (Alternative/Experimental) DjDarwin Playlist
8.00pm Intellectual Poaching (Talk) DjDarwin Playlist
9.00pm Music Soup (Variety) DJ Bangs Playlist
10.00pm Drink more water... (Variety) Laila Playlist