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WHCL Hamilton College Radio

Sunday April 1st 2018

Time zone: eastern

9.00am False Flag (News/Public Affairs) Quentin Reynolds Playlist
10.00am Pretense with Tyler Boudreau (Eclectic) Tyler Boudreau Playlist
11.00am The Bus Station (Indie) DJ Slogan Playlist
1.00pm Jamming, Juking, and Jiving (Indie) Trebor Playlist
2.00pm Hakuna Ya Tatas (Eclectic) Hakuna Your Tatas Playlist
6.00pm Shady Ladies (Indie) Mason My Way Downtown Playlist
8.00pm Missouri Loves Company (Country) Missouri Loves Company Playlist
9.00pm I Could've Have Sworn Capri Suns Were Organic (Eclectic) Corinne Playlist
10.00pm Almost Midnight Snack (Indie) Audrey Darnis Playlist
11.00pm Reachin' (Eclectic) Afro Noodle Playlist