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UConn's Sound Alternative

Tuesday October 10th 2017

Time zone: eastern

12.00am Global Spins (World) Poptart Playlist
7.00am Burns Center (Rock) Burnzee Playlist
8.00am Watermelon in Easter Hay (News) Nick C Playlist
11.00am Burn Like Fire (Electronic) DJ Dayzzz Playlist
2.00pm New Spins (Indie) DJ KJ Playlist
4.00pm The Library at Night (Indie) Donovan Playlist
5.00pm Cloud Nine (Indie) DJ Ember Playlist
6.00pm Metal Drive By (Rock) Lady Rose & The Beast Playlist
8.00pm Gravity and Chaos (Avant-garde) Chris Sampson Playlist
10.00pm Salad Days (Indie) DJ Kale Playlist
11.00pm Male / Female Vocalists (Indie) DJ KJ Playlist