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UConn's Sound Alternative

Monday February 16th 2015

Time zone: eastern

12.00am Back in the Basement (Rock) Tof Playlist
1.00am I Need a Vacation from this Vacation (Indie) Alex Playlist
5.00am The Liz Show (Rock) Liz Playlist
6.00am Burn Center (Rock) Burnzee Playlist
8.00am Power Radio (Rock) The King Playlist
10.00am Public Affairs (News) Talk Playlist
2.00pm New Spins (Indie) Famous Warrior Playlist
3.00pm New Spins (Indie) Aislinn Playlist
4.00pm New Spins (Indie) Tof Playlist
4.00pm Pre- (News) Betsy Playlist
5.00pm TINGE (Electronic) Sentien Playlist
6.00pm Variety Fair (Indie) Sentien Playlist
6.00pm Variety Fair (Indie) DJ Cool Software Playlist
7.00pm Caffeine Bomb (Rock) Lotring Playlist
9.00pm Fake Elevator Music (Indie) DJ Netscape Navigator Playlist
10.00pm An Empty Bliss (Indie) DJ Expensive Haircut Playlist