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UConn's Sound Alternative

Monday January 25th 2016

Time zone: eastern

8.00am Total Psych Out (Rock) Mad Mike Playlist
3.00pm New Spins (Rock) DJ Gazette Playlist
3.00pm New Spins (News) DJ Sorel Playlist
4.00pm New Spins (Indie) Quig Playlist
6.00pm Caffeine Bomb (Rock) Lotring Playlist
7.00pm Arranged Amplitudes (Indie) Scotty Playlist
8.00pm Gravity and Chaos (Avant-garde) Chris Sampson Playlist
9.00pm Flam Jangled Tunes (Indie) DJ Fresh Slice Playlist
10.00pm Lettuce Turnip the Beets (Indie) DJ Kale Playlist
11.00pm Goodnight Moon & Chill (News) DJ DJ Playlist