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UConn's Sound Alternative

Monday November 10th 2014

Time zone: eastern

12.00am THANK GOD for the UConn Police (Music) Bojangles Playlist
2.00am The Sunday Night Fork Festival (Music) Abigail Playlist
6.00am Some Sort of Shenanigans (Music) Shannon Playlist
7.00am Introspective Beat (Music) James (J-Steez) Playlist
8.00am Power Radio (Rock) The King Playlist
11.00am Technically Speaking (Talk) Talk Playlist
12.00pm Democracy Now (News) Talk Playlist
1.00pm DNA Today (Talk) Talk Playlist
1.30pm Health Chats (Talk) Talk Playlist
2.00pm New Spins (Music) VChil Playlist
3.00pm New Spins (Music) DJ Expensive Haircut Playlist
4.00pm Who Knows? (Music) Betsy Playlist
5.00pm TINGE (Electronic) Sentien Playlist
6.00pm Falling Up (Music) DJ Pleeks Playlist
7.00pm Caffeine Bomb (Music) Lotring Playlist
8.00pm Gravity & Chaos (Avant-garde) Chris Sampson Playlist
10.00pm What? (Music) Jroge Playlist
11.00pm Whammy Bar Dives (Music) Thedeegster Playlist