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 Buy it!

"Oh My God, It's All in Your Head" Buy it!

(We're Having a) Bad Hair Metal Day Buy it!

2007 Retrospective Buy it!

2014 Buy it!

2015 Buy it!

A continuation of our August 17th 2018 theme "A Wide New Wave" Buy it!

A continuation of our May 29th theme "A Wide New Wave" Buy it!

A continuation of our May 9th 2014 theme "A Wide New Wave" Buy it!

A Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll Buy it!

A Little Bit of Country and a Little Bit of Rock 'n' Roll Buy it!

A Little Kiss Buy it!

A Multicultural Genre Jumping Musical Celebration Buy it!

A Powerful & Electrifying Experience Buy it!

A reconstruction of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with cool covers and alternate versions of all the songs, plus more Pink Floyd deep and alter... Buy it!

A reconstruction of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with cool covers and alternate versions of all the songs... Buy it!

A Repise of a theme from The Bleeding Heart Show Buy it!

A reprise of a classic TOTG originally from July 21, 2008 Buy it!

A reprise of a show originally broadcast on April 17, 2006 -- for the complete playlist see http://spinitron.com/public/index.php?station=wmfo&month... Buy it!

A sonic exploration of the opposing dynamics these two gods have come to represent, featuring Apollo 440, Kraftwerk and Rush's epic Hemispheres, plu... Buy it!

A Sound Collage Buy it!

A Summer Rerun of a show originally from Octoboer 10, 2008. Buy it!

A Touch Too Much Buy it!

A triple feature with Esquivel, The Beatles Christmas messages to their fans, and some headbanging heavy metal Christmas tunes! Buy it!

A Wide New Wave Buy it!

featuring the Japanese New Wave band Polysics -- Check out our web site at Tea... merch

Afrika Buy it!

Ain't That Precious Buy it!

All Canadian musicians featuring Rush and Bran Van 3000 Buy it!

All live tracks plus a special Studio A live performance by the compact version of "Ace & the Gulls" Buy it!

All songs performed by trios... Buy it!

All songs tonight by musical trios Buy it!

Ambient music + related genres of ambient house, trance & electronic (with a double dose AC/DC on sprinkled on top) Buy it!

America Buy it!

America Remixed Buy it!

American Country music focusing on that sub-genre known as "The Nashville Sound" plus hard rockin' featured artist Nashville Pussy Buy it!

American Country music focusing on that sub-genre known as "The Nashville Sound" plus hard rockin' featured artist Nashville Pussy and that "Certifi... Buy it!

An April Fools Day Celebration! Buy it!

An April Fools Eve Celebration! Buy it!

An encore Presentation originally from June 12, 2006 Buy it!

An Esquivel & Metal Christmas Buy it!

And We're Celebrating It! Buy it!

Animal Training Buy it!

Apollo & Dionysus Buy it!

As we kick off the unofficial start of Summer with the long Memorial Day weekend! Buy it!

Baseball Buy it!

Beatlemania Buy it!

Because It's Been Raining All Day! Buy it!

Best of WMFO Buy it!

Best of WMFO Sound Collages! Buy it!

Best Sound Collages Buy it!

Best Sound Collages! Buy it!

Best WMFO Sound Collages! Buy it!

Best WMFO Training Sessions! Buy it!

Big Bands and Big Beats Buy it!

Birds Buy it!

Black and Blue and Bluegrass Buy it!

Black and White Buy it!

Black Ice and Cool Jazz Buy it!

Bob Buy it!

Cats Buy it!

Celebrating 4/20! Buy it!

celebrating 4th of July with speech excerpts from Malcolm X, John Whitehead and President Eisenhower Buy it!

Celebrating all the local farmer's markets now open in New England! Buy it!

Celebrating April Fool's Day! Buy it!

celebrating Bicycle Day, the first LSD trip by Dr. Albert Hofmann on April 19, 1943... Buy it!

Celebrating Chuck U's 60th Birthday! Buy it!

Celebrating February 22 -- Japanese Cat Day! Buy it!

Celebrating Friday the 13th! Buy it!

Celebrating my cat Miso's 19th birthday -- that makes her about 93 in human years! Buy it!

Celebrating NASA's successful New Horizons flyby of Pluto this week and the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing on July 20, 1969! Featur... Buy it!

celebrating National Day of the Cowboy, tomorrow July 23, & featuring Loop Guru Buy it!

Celebrating Spring Buy it!

With All the Blossoming Trees and Blooming Flowers merch

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Buy it!

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day (with featured artist U2) Buy it!

with featured artist U2, featured album "The Rough Guide to Irish Music: Secon... merch

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day and all things green... Buy it!

Celebrating the 10th annual National Day of the Cowboy, tomorrow July 26! Buy it!

Celebrating the 11th annual National Day of the Cowboy, tomorrow July 25! Buy it!

Celebrating the 22nd Annual MassCann Freedom Rally on the Boston Common -- Tomorrow September 17, 2011 starting at High Noon! Buy it!

Celebrating the 23rd Annual MassCann Freedom Rally on the Boston Common tomorrow 9/15 starting at High Noon! Buy it!

Celebrating the 49th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing -- featuring Public Service Broadcasting's "The Race for Space" album! Buy it!

Celebrating the 4th of July holiday! Buy it!

Celebrating the 4th of July with featured artists The Crystal Method plus several pieces by Native American musicians. Buy it!

Celebrating the 4th of July! Buy it!

Celebrating the real arrival of Spring with all the trees and flowers blooming! Buy it!

Celebrating the release of AC/DC's new (and probably final) album "Rock or Bust" Buy it!

Celebrating the success of the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission and India's Mars probe! Buy it!

Celebrating the Sun and the return of longer days! Buy it!

Celebrating the Sun and the return of longer days... Buy it!

Celebrating the upcoming Canada Day on July 1st, our Northern Neighbors' equivalent of the US's July 4th... Buy it!

Celebrating Tuft's annual bacchanalian festival Spring Fling *8^!)... Buy it!

Cheap Pleasures Buy it!

Check out our web site at PlasticSushi.org for MP3 archives of previous shows! Buy it!

Check out our web site at www.TearsOfTheGods.org for MP3 archives of previous shows... Buy it!

Chicken & Chicks Buy it!

Chicken and Chicks Buy it!

Chop Suey Buy it!

Christmas Buy it!

Classic Heavy Metal featuring Led Zeppelin's outstanding live album "How the West Was Won" plus selections from Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Tchaikovsky Buy it!

Classical Metal Buy it!

Classical music from Bach, Handel, Chopin and Tchaikovsky plus classic heavy metal music featuring Led Zeppelin's outstanding triple live album "How... Buy it!

Colors Buy it!

Commemorating the 45th anniversary of the breakup of the Beatles on April 10, 1970... Buy it!

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt Pepper's... Buy it!

Commemorating the anniversaries of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 6 and 9, 1945 Buy it!

Commemorating the Eve of the 66th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima Buy it!

Commemorating the fifth anniversary of the 2010 Boston Water Emergency, which left two million people in the greater Boston area without drinkable w... Buy it!

Cool Covers Buy it!

Cowboys and Indians Buy it!

Crazy Eddie's Variety Hour Buy it!

Crazy Freeform Mutant Training Buy it!

Crazy Training Buy it!

Criminals & Politicians Buy it!

Criminals and Politicians Buy it!

December Buy it!

December: A multi-cultural genre-jumpin' musical celebration of the month with the shortest days of the year... Buy it!

December: A Multi-Cultural Music Celebration Buy it!

Dedicated to DJ Liz (Klein) Michael... Buy it!

DJ Training with Charles, Josh and Yolly! Buy it!

Do You Wanna Play with My Organ? Buy it!

Do You Want To Play With My Organ Buy it!

Doctors and Medicine Buy it!

Dogs Buy it!

Don't You Dare Buy it!

Edward Beuchert filling in tonight for Belinda with a sound collage 8-D... Buy it!

Electronica & Dance Buy it!

Evolution Buy it!

Excerpts from student speakers at the Tufts "Voices of the Hill" event on April 25, 2017. Buy it!

Fallin' All Over The Place Buy it!

Falling All Over the Place Buy it!

Featuring a rereremix of Wendy Carlos's epic "Spring" ambient masterpiece! Buy it!

featuring AC/DC's perfect album "Back in Black" mixed up with songs by the black American bluesmen who developed the roots of hard rock and heavy me... Buy it!

featuring Apollo 440, Kraftwerk & Rush! Buy it!

featuring cool remix / cover versions of Pink Floyd songs... Buy it!

featuring Deep Purple and Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 11: Organs in Orbit. Check out our web site at www.TearsOfTheGods.org for MP3 archives of previous shows! Buy it!

featuring Deep Purple with Jon Lord's mighty Hammond B3 organ plus Selections from Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 11: Organs in Orbit Buy it!

featuring Def Leppard Buy it!

Featuring Donnie & Marie, Hayseed Dixie and ambiance from Chet Atkins... Buy it!

Featuring Donnie & Marie, Hayseed Dixie and Songs from Hank Williams Notebooks Buy it!

featuring Dr. David Ray Griffin's complete April 11, 2009 Boston University lecture on the September 11, 2001 attacks Buy it!

featuring excerpts from Susan Blockmore's "Memes and Temes" TED talk Buy it!

featuring Girl Talk's "Feed the Animals" and Goldfrapp's "We Are Glitter" albums! Buy it!

featuring glam rock hair metal pretty boys Poison! Buy it!

featuring Jimi Hendrix, Howlin' Wolf and Valaida Snow! Buy it!

featuring new DJ Trainees Will and Alma Buy it!

featuring Nigerian drummer Babatunde Olatunji and South Bronx breakbeat DJ Afrika Bambaataa as well as a selection of hip hop from around the contin... Buy it!

featuring Orbital Buy it!

featuring Poison! Buy it!

featuring Ratt and the Beatles Buy it!

Featuring Richard Feynman, Rush and ambience selections from Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 17: Bongoland Buy it!

featuring that crazy Mexican arranger, producer genius Esquivel, excerpts from the Beatles Christmas messages to their fans plus selections from a "... Buy it!

featuring the Australian band Jet, Joan Jett and Aerosmith! Buy it!

featuring the Canadian progressive rock band Rush, particularly their 2112 album... Buy it!

featuring The Crystal Method! Buy it!

featuring the English band Colourbox and 1960s African American Freedom Fighter Malcolm X! Buy it!

featuring the English electronic duo Orbital... Buy it!

featuring the English electronic group Colourbox and the African-American Freedom Fighter Malcolm X! Buy it!

featuring the funk band War and AC/DC! Buy it!

featuring the Japanese New Wave band Polysics -- Check out our web site at TearsOfTheGods.org for MP3 archives of previous shows! Buy it!

featuring the music of AC/DC, Kraftwerk and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Check out our web site at TearsOfTheGods.org for MP3 downloads of previous... Buy it!

featuring the music of AC/DC, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Kraftwerk, the German electronic band whose name means "Power station" Buy it!

featuring the Orb, Brian Eno and Wendy Carlos... Buy it!

Featuring the Sex Pistols! Buy it!

featuring the Swiss singer, song writer, dancer and music producer DJ Bobo... Buy it!

featuring Township and Wendy Carlos' "Beauty In The Beast" plus excerpts from Susan Blackmore's 2008 TED Talk "Memes and Temes" Buy it!

featuring Van Halen, Vangelis and Bran Van 3000 Buy it!

featuring Wendy Carlos, Township and excerpts from Susan Blackmore's TED Talk on "Memes and Temes" Buy it!

Fire Buy it!

Foolin' Around Buy it!

For more info, visit MassCann.org Buy it!

Frank, Ana and Marko! Buy it!

Freaks and Geeks Buy it!

From 2005! Buy it!

from movies and TV shows... Buy it!

From the Vaults with DJ Easy Ed Buy it!

Fruits Buy it!

Fruity Freakin' Freeform Training with First Time WMFO DJs Buy it!

Gimme Some High Energy Buy it!

Got Time For A Quickie? Buy it!

Greatest Sound Collages Buy it!

Guilty Pleasures Buy it!

Guns and Violins Buy it!

Guns, Girls and Guitars Buy it!

Halloween Buy it!

Heaven and Hell Buy it!

Heavy metal music featuring Led Zeppelin Buy it!

Helter Skelter: A Tribute the WMFO show of the same name hosted by DJ Annie N. Ross... Buy it!

Here's Looking at You Kid Buy it!

How About A Little Kiss? Buy it!

Howard and Wendy and Barack and Some Other Presidents of the United States of America Buy it!

in honor of the 44th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon Buy it!

In Twisted Tribute to this Year's Graduates! Buy it!

Is a Christmas Show! Buy it!

It My Show So I Can Do Whatever I Want So I Am (Training with Philip, Will and Darien) Buy it!

It's A Cold Winter Night Buy it!

It's Alive Buy it!

It's April Fool's Eve! Buy it!

It's Atomic Buy it!

It's Mike Cann's Birthday Bash Buy it!

It's Not Quite Valentine's Day Buy it!

It's That 70s Pre-Game Show Buy it!

It's The 3rd annual Halloween show Buy it!

It's the End of Summer! Buy it!

It's the End of the 2007 Season Buy it!

It's The Not Quite Valentine's Day Show Buy it!

It's the SuperUltraMega show! Buy it!

It's the Tim Coleman Christmas Special! Buy it!

James and Marian Buy it!

Jan. 28, 2008! Check out the complete playlist at http://www.spinitron.com/public/index.php?station=wmfo&month=Jan&year=2008&plid=6102 Buy it!

Jazz Buy it!

Jimi Hendrix songs as interpreted by other artists plus recollections by people who knew him Buy it!

July 8, 1939 - November 2, 2018, R.I.P. Buy it!

Kick It! Buy it!

Kiss Me Everywhere Because I'm All Irish Buy it!

Ladies Night Buy it!

Let's Get Wild and Go Crazy Buy it!

Let's Rock Buy it!

Love Buy it!

Love and Dancing Buy it!

Mammals Buy it!

Memorializing my very good friend Peter Stefanou, who died suddenly exactly three years ago on August 31, 2015, age 50... Buy it!

Memorializing my very good friend Peter Stefanou, who died suddenly on Monday, age 50... Buy it!

MikeCann Presents a Smokin' Benefit Buy it!

Mixed up with Billboard hits from that week and featuring the singles from Jimi Hendrix's debut album "Are You Experienced?" Buy it!

Mixing up Hank's words and music from 2004 and 2005 archives in a sound collage on the eve of the first anniversary of his passing... Buy it!

Mixing up work from audio engineer, producer, reporter and sonic anarchist Chuck U. Rosina with an extra dose of Japanese music! Buy it!

Movie, TV and other theme songs Buy it!

Music and sound clips from the year rock music reached perfection (per Homer Simpson) *8^!)... Buy it!

Music from around the world with absolutely no English lyrics at all! Buy it!

Music from bands and songs related to the Bible, God etc., with thanks to my friend Brian Hoenig for turning me on to many of them! Buy it!

Music from Devo's Prime Years: 1978-1984 (with Vinny Vassallo) Buy it!

My cat Miso Beuchert, R.I.P. May 29, 1996 - February 19, 2016 Buy it!

My own version of a theme "The Bleeding Heart Show" did on August 11, 2008. Check out our web site at http://PlasticSushi.org for MP3 downloads of p... Buy it!

New DJ Training with Doreen Buy it!

New York Buy it!

No Cuffs for Cannabis Buy it!

Nomimono (that's Japanese for things that people drink) Buy it!

Noon to 8 pm on Saturday, Noon to 6 pm on Sunday... Buy it!

North, East West and South Buy it!

North, East, West and South Buy it!

Numbers Buy it!

Of Course! Buy it!

of New Wave music featuring the Japanese band Polysics! Buy it!

Oh So Pretty Buy it!

On The 15th Anniversary Buy it!

On the Boston Common, Saturday September 19, 2009 Buy it!

Out of Orbit Buy it!

Overlooked and Underplayed Buy it!

Part 2! Buy it!

Persian Pop music and American Rock 'n' Roll! Buy it!

Persian Pop music mixed up with American Rock and Roll Buy it!

Persian Pop Plus American Rock Buy it!

Persian Pop Plus American Rock and Roll, featuring Andy (aka Andranik Madadian) Buy it!

Places Buy it!

Plastic Strawberries Style... Buy it!

Precious Buy it!

PsychoTripoDalia Buy it!

Punk vs. Funk Buy it!

Quickies Training Buy it!

Rain, Rain, Rain Buy it!

Reflections of Jimi Hendrix Buy it!

Remembering Shitake Buy it!

RemixMania Buy it!

Royal Flush Buy it!

Samplemania Buy it!

See the complete playlist at http://spinitron.com/public/index.php?station=wmfo&year=2005&month=Dec&plid=1735 Buy it!

Shock Me! Buy it!

Simon & Garfunkel + Jimi Hendrix WAXQ Seattle Boy Buy it!

Smokin' on 4/20 with Mike Cann Buy it!

So Let's Play the Part! Buy it!

So Let's Pretend It's Christmas Time! Buy it!

Songs about (and by) Tomatoes and Bitches Buy it!

Songs about birds, or by artists named after birds... Buy it!

Songs about cars, driving and going places... Buy it!

Songs about clothes and other things people wear, featuring Beware the Haberdash -- Check them out at http://bewarethehaberdash.com/ Buy it!

Songs about eyes and seeing.... Buy it!

Songs about fingers, hands and touching! Buy it!

Songs about guns, bombs and war with music that features violins... Buy it!

Songs about love as well as related feelings like lust, jealousy, revenge and obsession *8^!)... Buy it!

Songs about love, as well as related feelings like lust, jealousy and revenge. Buy it!

Songs about the Autumn season plus falling down and in love! Buy it!

Songs all about eyes and seeing... Buy it!

Songs all about eyes... Buy it!

Songs by Irish Musicians Buy it!

Songs by or about Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens plus Jokers are wild! In honor of Martin Luther King Day, he's featured prominently in our aud... Buy it!

Songs featuring portamento and glissando, slide and steel pedal guitar and instruments with other kinds of gliding pitches... Buy it!

Songs with slide and pedal steel guitars plus other music with portamento and glissando! Buy it!

Sound Collages Buy it!

Spring Has Sprung Buy it!

Stand Your Ground Buy it!

Straight Out of Nashville Buy it!

Summer Buy it!

Summertime Blues Buy it!

The Gospel According to Brian Buy it!

The New Pearl Harbor Buy it!

Themes Buy it!

There is a cure for the summertime blues -- It's music! Buy it!

Those Crazy Canucks Buy it!

Tigers, Lions and Leopards (especially the deaf kind *8^!)... Buy it!

Time Traveling Back to 1974 Buy it!

Time Travelling Back to 1974 Buy it!

Tomatoes and Bitches Buy it!

Traing New WMFO DJs Alexander and Mitch... Buy it!

Training Buy it!

Training New DJs Buy it!

Training New DJs Khalid & Shawn Buy it!

Training New DJs with Some Short Songs and Long Songs Buy it!

Training new DJs! Buy it!

Training New WMFO DJs! Buy it!

Training Part 2 -- More Quickies (songs 2 minutesd of less) Buy it!

Training Two: The Choas and Cacaphony Continues... Buy it!

Training with Adam Nagy! Buy it!

Training with Adam, Aniki and Coffee 'n' Smokes Alex Buy it!

Training with Alex and Mitch Buy it!

Training with Khalid & Shawn Buy it!

Training with Liza and pan-Egyptian, German and Japanese music Buy it!

Training with new WMFO DJs Jonathan, Scott and Matthew! Buy it!

Training with Ryan Doyon Buy it!

Training with Vinny Vassallo Buy it!

Training: A Couple of Edward Singles and a Whole Bunch of Quickies Buy it!

TV and Movie Themes Buy it!

Valentine's Day Sound Collages Buy it!

Valentine's Day Training with Liza Buy it!

War Buy it!

War 1.9 [Extended Exdition] Buy it!

War 2.0 Buy it!

War 3.0 Buy it!

War and Peace -- And Final DJ Training with Kei, Zack, Madison and Zeynep Buy it!

Watch What You Wear Buy it!

Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Whole Lot To Drink... Buy it!

We're going all over the place tonight celebrating Memorial Day and the start of the summer travel season! Buy it!

Welcome Back to School Buy it!

Welcome Back to School! Buy it!

Welcoming back all students from winter break! Buy it!

What other theme could we possibly have *8^!)... Buy it!

Wishing a warm WMFO Open House Welcome to our alumni (and listeners)... Buy it!

with Chuck U's Freedom Rally XX Report and featured artist Axemunkee! Buy it!

with featured artist Colourbox! Buy it!

With lots of audio clips mixed in from "Darwin's Pit Bull" Richard Dawkins, neuroscientist, author and grammy award winning producer Daniel Levitin... Buy it!

With Marko, Ana and Frank Buy it!

with Noam Chomsky & Phyllis Bennis recorded on 2011.02.10 by Chuck Rosina Buy it!

With Ryan Doyon Buy it!

with songs by or about Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens... Buy it!

With thanks to DJ Easy Ed *8^!)... Buy it!

With the Ventures, Norman Petty Productions and Bon Scott Era AC/DC! Buy it!

X and Y and Z and ZZ and Zappa et al. Buy it!

X and Y and Z featuring ZZ Top and Frank Zappa Buy it!

X and Y and Z songs featuring ZZ Top in the main sets, Frank Zappa on the ambience and Xena in the audio clips... Buy it!

XYZ Buy it!

[It's Raining] Cats and Dogs Buy it!

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