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Friday Afternoon Jazz (Jazz)

WNMC's flagship jazz-mix programming brings listeners 45 hours each week of great music drawing heavily on and build around the tradition of jazz innovation. Jazz, from its very outset, has always been a heterogeneous, spontaneous, eclectic mixture of influences from throughout the world of music and beyond: blues, pop, brass band music, the Spanish tinge which helped give us swing, classical music theory, opera arias, political protest, counter-cultural movements, all of this and much, much more went into making jazz at one time or another. Jazz is an open music, and our jazz mix format is inspired by that openness--showing points of contact and contrast between jazz music and some of the other musics that have influenced it and been influenced by it over its more than 100 years.

With Biz

Fri Jul 21st 2017 2.00pm–5.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: eastern

Playlist chat

4:45pm   Whaddidiz Whyitbeezbiz

Good weekend hav U

3:36pm   Biz (host)

not to be confused with eats goat

3:36pm   Biz (host)

ees goot? si. ees goot.

3:34pm   Whaddidiz Whyitbeezbiz

ees goot

3:21pm   Biz (host)

MC 5 flashback...sorry.

3:21pm   Biz (host)

Kick out the jamz, mf!!

3:19pm   Whaddidiz Whyitbeezbiz

You make it better wif da jamz -

3:12pm   Whaddidiz Whyitbeezbiz

As detailed by WorSHington

3:12pm   Whaddidiz Whyitbeezbiz

Yes - "Weekly Reader" and all that - Public skuulz 101

3:11pm   Whaddidiz Whyitbeezbiz

Dig that crazy bass cat - yessiree

2:51pm   Biz (host)

Just can't seem to get caught up.

2:51pm   Biz (host)

I'm off to a slow start.

2:48pm   Biz (host)

and it B yer world. I jes' B livvin' innit.

2:47pm   Biz (host)

Classix 4 chillun?

2:44pm   Whaddidiz Whyitbeezbiz

Gallant - not Goofus!

2:44pm   Whaddidiz Whyitbeezbiz

Do be a do bee - don't be a don't bee

2:35pm   Whaddidiz Whyitbeezbiz

Shakin' capn?


Theo Hill “Chance”
from J-023 _ Promethean Album (Posi-Tone 2017) N


Steve Davis “Warrior”
from DJ-037 _ Think Ahead Album (Smoke Sessions 2017) N


Steps Ahead “Steppish”
from DJ-029 _ Steppin' Out Album (2017) N


Ron Francis Blake “Saura de Nazareth”
from DJ-017 _ Assimilation Album (hispeedhorns 2017) N


Matthew Whitaker “Pistachio”
from J-020 _ Outta the Box Album (Jazz Foundation of America 2017) N


The Janet Lawson Quintet “Jitterbug Waltz”
from DJ-013 _ The Janet Lawson Quintet Album (BBE 2014) N


Clifford Lamb “Kamala's Dance”
from J-018 _ Brothers & Sisters Album (Weberworks 2017) N


Anne Mette Iversen Quartet + 1 “Round Trip”
from J-004 _ Round Trip Album (BJU 2016) N


The Mica Bethea Big Band “Hang up Your Hang Ups”
from J-015 _ Stage 'n Studio Album (self-released 2017)


Regina Carter “Undecided”
from DJ-039 _ Ella: Accentuate the Positive Album (Okeh 2017)


Louis Hayes “Lonely Woman”
from DJ-016 _ Serenade for Horace Album (Blue Note 2017)


Leigh Pilzer “Strunkin'”
from DJ-025 _ Strunkin' Album (self-released 2016)


Beegie Adair “Taking a Chance on Love”
from DJ-003 _ By Request Album (Green Hill 2017)


Rockin' Johnny Burgin “Give Me an Hour in Your Garden”
from B-048 _ Neoprene Fedora Album (West Tone 2017)


John Stein & Dave Zinno “Song for Now”
from DJ-027 _ Wood and Strings Album (Whaling City Sound 2017)


Café Tacvba “1-2-3”
from W-015 _ Jei Beibi Album (Melotrón 2017)


Bob Lark : Phil Woods Quintet “First Steps”
from DJ-005 _ Thick as Thieves Album (Jazzed Media 2017)


Somi “The Wild One”
from DJ-019 _ Petite Afrique Album (Okeh 2017)


Walt Weiskopf “Petal”
from J-026 _ Fountain of Youth Album (Posi-Tone 2017)


Jon Stickley Trio “Slow Burn”
from F-026 _Maybe Believe Album (self-released 2017)


Innocent When You Dream “Down in the Hole”
from J-033 _ Dirt in the Ground Album (self-released 2017)


Gravy “Reaction”
from B-069 _ Get Busy Living Album (self-released 2017)


Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau “Talahassee Junction”
from DF-008 _ Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau Album (Nonesuch 2017)


Roxy Coss “Oh! Darling”
from J-038 _ Chasing the Unicorn Album (Posi-Tone 2017)


Alan Broadbent “Naima”
from J-006 _ Developing Story Album (Eden River 2016)


The Pete Malinverni Trio “Down in the River to Pray”
from J-035 _ Heaven Album (Saranac 2017)


Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington “More Than Just a Single Road”
from J-031 _ Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Five Album (OA2 2017)


Farnell Newton “Back to Earth”
from J-019 _ Back to Earth Album (Posi-Tone 2017)

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