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Thursday Mid-Day Jazz (Jazz)

WNMC's flagship jazz-mix programming brings listeners 45 hours each week of great music drawing heavily on and build around the tradition of jazz innovation. Jazz, from its very outset, has always been a heterogeneous, spontaneous, eclectic mixture of influences from throughout the world of music and beyond: blues, pop, brass band music, the Spanish tinge which helped give us swing, classical music theory, opera arias, political protest, counter-cultural movements, all of this and much, much more went into making jazz at one time or another. Jazz is an open music, and our jazz mix format is inspired by that openness--showing points of contact and contrast between jazz music and some of the other musics that have influenced it and been influenced by it over its more than 100 years.

Thu Aug 16th 2018 11.00am–2.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: eastern


Edu Ribeiro “Lilu Okan”
from DJ-026 _ Na Calada do Dia Album (Maritaca 2018)


Adison Evans “The Parking Song”
from J-007 _ Meridian Album (self-released 2018)


Dee Bell “After The Storm”
from J-003 _ Lins, Lennox & Life Album (Laser 2018)


Steven Kroon “I Just Can't Stop Loving You”
from J-039 _ In Your Dreams Album (Kroonatune 2018)


Greg Fishman Quintet “Fast forward”
from J-027 _ So You Say Album (self-released 2018)


Laurie Jane and the 45's “Midnight Jubilee”
from DB-004 _ Midnight Jubilee Album (Down in the Alley 2018)


Aretha Franklin “So Swell When You're Well”
from Hey Now Hey: The Other Side of the Sky Album (Rhino 1973)


Bruce Katz Band “Beef Jerky”
from DB-006 _ Get Your Groove! Album (American Showplace 2018)


McClenty Hunter, Jr. “A Sack Full of Dreams”
from DJ-038 _ The Groove Hunter Album (Strikezone 2018)


Sam Javitch Quartet “The Pitch to Rich”
from J-037 _ People and Places Album (self-released 2017)


James Hall “Black narcissus”
from DJ-014 _ Lattice Album (Outside in Music 2018)


Cory Weeds Little Big Band “Minor mishap”
from DJ-017 _ Explosion Album (Cellar Live 2018)


Dexter Goldberg Trio “nostalgia”
from J-031 _ Tell Me Something New Album (Jazz&People 2018)

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