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Iron Shield merch


Disks on Iron Shield logged in WSCA's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Angel Martyr Merch

Black Book: Chapter One Buy it!

Axevyper Merch

Into the Serpent's Den Buy it!

Backslash Merch

Sinister Lightning Buy it!

Blackslash Merch

Lightning Strikes Again Buy it!

Blackslash Merch

Sinister Lightning Buy it!


Crimson Day Merch

Order of the Shadows Buy it!

Dungeon Wolf Merch

Slavery or Steel Buy it!

Fatal Embrace Merch

Slaughter to Survive Buy it!


First Aid Merch

Nursed Buy it!

Goatsodomizer Merch

The Curse Rings True Buy it!

Indian Nightmare Merch

Taking Back the Land Buy it!

JT Ripper Merch

Depraved Echoes And Terrifying Horrors Buy it!

Midnight Force Merch

Dunsinane Buy it!

Nightshock Merch

Nightshock Buy it!

Nuclear Detonation Merch

Living Dead, Sons of the Lobotomy Buy it!

Rampart Merch

Codex Metalum Buy it!

Ravager Merch

Eradicate...Annihilate...Exterminate Buy it!

Reactory Merch

High On Radiation Buy it!


Satan Worship Merch

I'm the Devil Buy it!

Sorrows Path Merch

Touching Infinity Buy it!

Thrash Bombz Merch

Master of the Dead Buy it!

Thunder Lord Merch

Prophecies of Doom Buy it!

Tormentor Merch

Morbid Realization Buy it!

Voltax Merch

No Retreat...You Surrender Buy it!

Zombie Lake Merch

The Dawn of Horror Buy it!

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