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Disks on I, Voidhanger logged in WSCA's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Absconditus Merch

Kατάβασις Buy it!

Antagoniste Merch

The Myth of Mankind Buy it!


Celestial Bodies Merch

Spit Forth From Chaos Buy it!

Dissvarth Merch

Between the Light & the Moon Buy it!

Divine Element Merch

Thaurachs of Borsu Buy it!

Ecferus Merch

Pangaea Buy it!

Eigenlicht Merch

Self-Annihilating Consciousness Buy it!

Esoctrilihum Merch

Inhuma Buy it!

Esoctrilihum Merch

Mystic Echo From A Funeral Dimension Buy it!

Fell Ruin Merch

To the Concrete Drifts Buy it!

Goatcraft Merch

Yersinia Pestis Buy it!

Howls of Ebb Merch

Cursus Impasse Buy it!

Howls of Ebb Merch

The Marrow Veil Buy it!

In Human Form Merch

Opening of the Eye by the Death of I Buy it!

Inconcessus Lux Lucis Merch

The Crowning Quietus Buy it!

Inhumankind Merch

Self-Extinction Buy it!

Khanus Merch

Rites Of Fire Buy it!

Khthoniik Cerviiks Merch

Voiidwarp Buy it!

Lo-Ruhamah Merch

Anointing Buy it!

Locust Leaves Merch

A Subtler Kind of Light Buy it!

Mare Cognitum Merch

Luminiferous Aether Buy it!

Midnight Odyssey Merch

Shards of Silver Fade Buy it!

Midnight Odyssey Merch

Silhouettes Of Stars Buy it!

Moss upon the Skull Merch

In Vengeful Reverence Buy it!

Nachtlieder Merch

The Female of the Species Buy it!

Nephilim's Howl Merch

Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering Buy it!

Panegyrist Merch

Hierurgy Buy it!

Precaria Merch

Metamorphosphoros Buy it!

Selcouth Merch

Heart Is The Star Of Chaos Buy it!

Sheidim Merch

Infamata Buy it!

Spectral Lore Merch

Gnosis Buy it!

Spectral Lore Merch

Gnosis - EP Buy it!

Tchornobog Merch

Tchornobog Buy it!

Tempestuous Fall Merch

The Stars Would Not Awake You Buy it!

Tome of the Unreplenished Merch

Innerstanding Buy it!

Verge Merch

The Process Of Self-Becoming Buy it!

The Wakedead Gathering Merch

Fuscus: Strings of the Black Lyre Buy it!

The Wakedead Gathering Merch

split Buy it!

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