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Artist Disk Year

Atrocity Merch



Crystal Eyes Merch

Killer Buy it!

Darkness Merch

First Class Violence Buy it!

Diabolos Dust Merch

The Reaper Returns Buy it!

Eternal Tears of Sorrow Merch

Saivon Lapsi Buy it!

Galderia Merch

Return of the Cosmic Men Buy it!

Lonewolf Merch

Raised on Metal Buy it!

Lonewolf Merch

The Heathen Dawn Buy it!


Macbeth Merch

Wiedergänger Buy it!

Masquerade Merch

Soul Deception Buy it!

Messenger Merch

Starwolf - Pt. 2: Novastorm Buy it!

Metal Inquisitor Merch

Doomsday for the Heretic Buy it!

Mystic Prophecy Merch

Killhammer Buy it!

Mystic Prophecy Merch

Never Ending Buy it!


Mystic Prophecy Merch

Ravenlord Buy it!

Mystic Prophecy Merch

Satanic Curses Buy it!

Mystic Prophecy Merch

Savage Souls Buy it!

Mystic Prophecy Merch

War Brigade Buy it!

Rebellion Merch

A Tragedy in Steel, Pt. II: Shakespeare's King Lear Buy it!

Rebellion Merch

Arise - The History of The Vikings, Pt. 3 Buy it!

Rebellion Merch

Miklagard - History of the Vikings, Pt. 2 Buy it!

Scanner Merch

The Galactos Tapes Buy it!

Sinister Merch

Syncretism Buy it!

Stormwitch Merch

Bound to the Witch Buy it!


Theatre of Tragedy Merch

Theatre of Tragedy Buy it!

Vendetta Merch

Brain Damage Buy it!

Vendetta Merch

Go and Live... Stay and Die Buy it!

Victorious Merch

Dinosaur Warfare-Legend of The Power Saurus Buy it!

Victorius Merch

Dinosaur Warfare - Legend of the Power Saurus - EP Buy it!

Victorius Merch

Heart of the Phoenix Buy it!

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