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Metal Blade merch


Disks on Metal Blade logged in WSCA's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Abnormality Merch

Mechanisms of Omniscience Buy it!

Act of Defiance Merch

Birth and the Burial Buy it!

Amon Amarth Merch

Fate of Norns Buy it!

Amon Amarth Merch

Versus the World Buy it!

Anaal Nathrakh Merch

Desideratum Buy it!


Anacrusis Merch

Screams and Whispers Buy it!

Armored Saint Merch

Saints Will Conquer Buy it!

Artillery Merch

Legions Buy it!

Austrian Death Machine Merch

A Very Brutal Christmas - EP Buy it!

Battlecross Merch

Pursuit of Honor Buy it!

Battlecross Merch

War of Will Buy it!

Behemoth Merch

Demonica Buy it!


Blood Divisions Merch

Cardinal One Buy it!

Bolt Thrower Merch

Those Once Loyal Buy it!

Brain Drill Merch

Apocalyptic Feasting Buy it!

Brainstorm Merch

Downburst Buy it!

Brimstone Coven Merch

Black Magic Buy it!

Cannibal Corpse Merch

A Skeletal Domain Buy it!


Cannibal Corpse Merch

Eaten Back to Life Buy it!

Cannibal Corpse Merch

Evisceration Plague Buy it!

Cannibal Corpse Merch

Gore Obsessed Buy it!

Cannibal Corpse Merch

Vile Buy it!

Cirith Ungol Merch

King of the Dead Buy it!


The Crown Merch

Deathrace King Buy it!

Cut Up Merch

Forensic Nightmares Buy it!

D.R.I. Merch

Thrash Zone Buy it!


Denner / Shermann Merch

Satan's Tomb - EP Buy it!


Desaster Merch

Satan's Soldiers Syndicate Buy it!

Destiny's End Merch

Breathe Deep the Dark Buy it!

Desultory Merch

Into Eternity Buy it!

Domine Merch

Dragonlord (Tales of the Noble Steel) Buy it!

DragonForce Merch

In the Line of Fire (Live) Buy it!

DragonForce Merch

Reaching into Infinity (Special Edition) Buy it!


Eidolon Merch

Apostles of Defiance Buy it!

Eidolon Merch

Coma Nation Buy it!

Eidolon Merch

Hallowed Apparition Buy it!

Eidolon Merch

Nightmare World Buy it!

Ensiferum Merch

One Man Army Buy it!


Falconer Merch

Chapters from a Vale Forlorn Buy it!

Fates Warning Merch

Chasing Time Buy it!

Fates Warning Merch

disconnected Buy it!

Fates Warning Merch

Parallels Buy it!

Fates Warning Merch

The Spectre Within Buy it!

Flotsam and Jetsam Merch

Doomsday for the Deceiver Buy it!

Flotsam and Jetsam Merch

No Place for Disgrace (Rerecorded Version) Buy it!

Gehennah Merch

Metal Police Buy it!


The Goo Goo Dolls Merch

Hold Me Up Buy it!

GWAR Merch

The Blood of Gods Buy it!


GWAR Merch

This Toilet Earth Buy it!

Gypsyhawk Merch

Revelry and Resilience Buy it!

Hail of Bullets Merch

...Of Frost and War Buy it!

Hail of Bullets Merch

III the Rommel Chronicles Buy it!

Harlott Merch

Proliferation Buy it!


Hatchet Merch

Awaiting Evil Buy it!

Helstar Merch

Rising from the Grave Buy it!

Heretic Merch

Breaking Point Buy it!

Immolation Merch

Close to a World Below Buy it!

Immolation Merch

Here In After Buy it!

Ketzer Merch

Starless Buy it!

King Diamond Merch

Abigail II - The Revenge Buy it!

King Diamond Merch

Dreams of Horror Buy it!

King Diamond Merch

The Spider's Lullabye (Remastered) Buy it!

Lizzy Borden Merch

Appointment With Death Buy it!

Lizzy Borden Merch

Under Your Skin Buy it!

Lizzy Borden Merch

Visual Lies (Remastered) Buy it!


Mercyful Fate Merch

Evil (Re-Recorded 2009) - Single Buy it!

Midvinter Merch

At the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragon Buy it!

Mirror Merch

Mirror Buy it!


Motor Sister Merch

Ride Buy it!

Necromancing the Stone Merch

Jewel of the Vile Buy it!

Nevada Beach Merch

Zero Day Buy it!

Omen Merch

The Curse / Nightmares Buy it!

Pilgrim Merch

II: Void Worship Buy it!

Portrait Merch

Crossroads Buy it!

Powerwolf Merch

Blood of the Saints Buy it!

Princess Pang Merch

Princess Pang Buy it!

Prophanity Merch

Stronger Than Steel Buy it!

Raven Merch

Walk Through Fire Buy it!

Riot Merch

Born In America Buy it!


Riot Merch

Rock City Buy it!


Satan's Wrath Merch

Die Evil Buy it!

Sister Merch

Stand Up, Forward, March! Buy it!

Six Feet Under Merch

Crypt of the Devil Buy it!


Slayer Merch

Hell Awaits Buy it!

Slayer Merch

Live Undead (Live) Buy it!

Sorcerer Merch

In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross Buy it!

Symphorce Merch

Become Death Buy it!

Symphorce Merch

Godspeed Buy it!

Tyr Merch

Valkyrja Buy it!


Vesania Merch

Deus Ex Machina Buy it!


Viking Merch

Do or Die Buy it!

Visigoth Merch

The Revenant King Buy it!

Vomitory Merch

Carnage Euphoria Buy it!

Vomitory Merch

Primal Massacre Buy it!

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