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Relapse Records merch


Disks on Relapse Records logged in WSCA's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

The Album Leaf Merch

Between Waves (Deluxe Version) Buy it!

Amorphis Merch

Chapters Buy it!

Amorphis Merch

Tales from the Thousand Lakes Buy it!

Amorphis Merch

Tuonela Buy it!

Black Tusk Merch

Set the Dial Buy it!

Brain Tentacles Merch

Brain Tentacles Buy it!

Cryptic Slaughter Merch

Money Talks Buy it!

Death Merch

Individual Thought Patterns Buy it!

Death Merch

Leprosy (Deluxe Reissue) Buy it!

Death Merch

Scream Bloody Gore Buy it!


Death Merch

Scream Bloody Gore (Deluxe) Buy it!

Dekapitator Merch

The Storm Before the Calm Buy it!

Exhumed Merch

Death Revenge Buy it!

Exhumed Merch

Gore Metal - A Necrospective Buy it!

Exhumed Merch

Necrocracy (Deluxe Version) Buy it!

Gatecreeper Merch

Sonoran Depravation Buy it!

Gruesome Merch

Fragments of Psyche Buy it!

Haemorrhage Merch

Hospital Carnage Buy it!

Haemorrhage Merch

We Are the Gore Buy it!

Hope Drone Merch

Cloak of Ash Buy it!

Incantation Merch

Diabolical Conquest Buy it!

Incantation Merch

Infernal Storm Buy it!

Incantation Merch

Onward to Golgotha Buy it!

Joel Grind Merch

Split - EP Buy it!

Mammoth Grinder Merch

Cosmic Crypt Buy it!

Morbid Saint Merch

Spectrum of Death Buy it!

Morgion Merch

Solinari Buy it!


Myrkur Merch

M Buy it!


Myrkur Merch

Mareridt Buy it!

Myrkur Merch

Myrkur Buy it!

Necrophagist Merch

Epitaph Buy it!

Nothing Merch

Dance on the Blacktop Buy it!

Num Skull Merch

Ritually Abused Buy it!


Obituary Merch

Inked in Blood Buy it!

Obituary Merch

Ten Thousand Ways to Die Buy it!

Obscura Merch

Cosmogenesis Buy it!

Obscura Merch

Omnivium Buy it!

The Obsessed Merch

Sacred Buy it!

Pentagram Merch

First Daze Here (Reissue) Buy it!

Razor Merch

Open Hostility (Deluxe Reissue) Buy it!


Razor Merch

Open Hostility (Deluxe) Buy it!

Razor Merch

Shotgun Justice (Deluxe Reissue) Buy it!


Razor Merch

Violent Restitution (Deluxe Reissue) Buy it!


Razor Merch

Violent Restitution (Deluxe) Buy it!

Royal Thunder Merch

CVI Buy it!

Skinless Merch

Only the Ruthless Remain Buy it!


Suffocation Merch

Souls to Deny Buy it!

Tau Cross Merch

Tau Cross Buy it!

Toxic Holocaust Merch

Evil Never Dies Buy it!

True Widow Merch


True Widow Merch

Circumambulation Buy it!

Valkyrie Merch

Shadows Buy it!

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