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Massacre Records merch


Disks on Massacre Records logged in WSCA's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Aeternitas Merch

House of Usher Buy it!

Agathodaimon Merch

In Darkness Buy it!

Blood God Merch

Rock 'n' Roll Warmachine Buy it!

Bloodlost Merch

Evil Origins Buy it!


Crematory Merch

Live...At the Out of the Dark Festivals Buy it!

Crystal Ball Merch

Déjà-Voodoo Buy it!

Crystal Ball Merch

Liferider Buy it!


Dawn of Winter Merch

The Peaceful Dead Buy it!

Eisregen Merch

Marschmusik Buy it!


Elm Street Merch

Knock 'Em Out - With a Metal Fist Buy it!

Exciter Merch

Death Machine Buy it!

Fireleaf Merch

Behind the Mask Buy it!

Gloryful Merch

Cult of Sedna Buy it!


Gloryful Merch

End of the Night Buy it!

Heathen Foray Merch

Into Battle Buy it!

The Heretic Order Merch

All Hail the Order Buy it!

Hevilan Merch

The End of Time Buy it!

Imperia Merch

Queen of Light Buy it!

Imperia Merch

Tears of Silence Buy it!

Jonne Merch

Jonne Buy it!


Kittie Merch

I've Failed You Buy it!

Laaz Rockit Merch

City's Gonna Burn Buy it!

Legion of the Damned Merch

Malevolent Rapture Buy it!

Macbeth Merch

Imperium Buy it!

Messiah's Kiss Merch

Get Your Bulls Out! Buy it!


Metalium Merch

Hero Nation - Chapter Three Buy it!

Midnight Rider Merch

Manifestation Buy it!

Mystic Prophecy Merch

Fireangel Buy it!

Mystic Prophecy Merch

Monuments Uncovered Buy it!

Mystic Prophecy Merch

Regressus Buy it!


Mystic Prophecy Merch

Vengeance Buy it!

Necronomicon Merch

Invictus Buy it!


Nomans Land Merch

Last Crusade Buy it!

Obscurity Merch

Schlachten & Legenden Buy it!

Rebellion Merch

Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd – The History of the Saxons Buy it!


Resurrection Merch

Embalmed Existence Buy it!

Scanner Merch

The Judgement Buy it!


Schwarzer Engel Merch

Imperium I - Im Reich Der Götter Buy it!

Sinbreed Merch

Iv Buy it!

Sinister Merch

Dark Memorials Buy it!


Stormhammer Merch

Echoes of a Lost Paradise Buy it!

Stormwitch Merch

Season of the Witch Buy it!

Supreme Majesty Merch

Tales of a Tragic Kingdom Buy it!

Thrudvangar Merch

Tiwaz Buy it!


Vendetta Merch

The 5th Buy it!

Wicked Maraya Merch

Lifetime in Hell Buy it!

Wizard Merch

Fallen Kings Buy it!

Wolfchant Merch

Determined Damnation Buy it!

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