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Disks on Limb Music logged in WSCA's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Ancient Bards Merch

A New Dawn Ending Buy it!

Ancient Bards Merch

Soulless Child Buy it!

Astralion Merch

Astralion Buy it!

Black Majesty Merch

Stargazer Buy it!

Concerto Moon Merch

Rain Forest Buy it!

Cryonic Temple Merch

In Thy Power Buy it!

Fireforce Merch

Deathbringer Buy it!

FireWolfe Merch

We Rule the Night Buy it!

Heavens Gate Merch

Hell for Sale! Buy it!


Luca Turilli Merch

King of the Nordic Twilight Buy it!

Magic Kingdom Merch

Symphony of War Buy it!

Masters Of Disguise Merch

The Savage and the Grace Buy it!

Rhapsody Merch

Legendary Tales Buy it!

Rhapsody Merch

Power of the Dragonflame Buy it!

Rhapsody Merch

Symphony of Enchanted Lands Buy it!

Roxxcalibur Merch

Gems of the NWOBHM Buy it!

Roxxcalibur Merch

Lords of the NWOBHM Buy it!

Savage Grace Merch

Master of Disguise / The Dominatress Buy it!

Savage Grace Merch

Ride Into the Night Buy it!

Vexillum Merch

Unum Buy it!

Winter's Verge Merch

Eternal Damnation Buy it!

Wizard Merch

Head of the Deceiver (Remastered) Buy it!

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