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Shadow Kingdom merch


Disks on Shadow Kingdom logged in WSCA's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Aftermath Merch

Eyes of Tomorrow Buy it!

Altar of Oblivion Merch

Barren Grounds Buy it!

Altar of Oblivion Merch

Grand Gesture of Defiance Buy it!

Altar of Oblivion Merch

Sinews of Anguish Buy it!

Bad Karma (U.S.) Merch

Death Has No Calling Card Buy it!

Cardinals Folly Merch

Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom Buy it!

Condenados Merch

The Tree of Death Buy it!

Crime Merch

First Crime Buy it!

Excuse Merch

Goddess Injustice Buy it!

Gallower Merch

The Witch Hunt Is On Buy it!

Gargoyle (Italy) Merch

Reborn in Blasphemy Buy it!

Haunt Merch

Burst Into Flame Buy it!

Haunt Merch

Luminous Eyes - EP Buy it!

Hour of 13 Merch

Salt the Dead Buy it!

Ice War Merch

Dream Spirit Buy it!

Ice War Merch

Ice War Buy it!

Iron Man Merch

I Have Returned Buy it!

Lucifer's Chalice Merch

The Pact Buy it!

Lucifer's Hammer Merch

Beyond the Omens Buy it!


Lucifer's Hammer Merch

Victory is Mine Buy it!

Manilla Road Merch

Out of the Abyss Buy it!

Night Demon Merch

Live Darkness Buy it!


Night Demon Merch

Night Demon Buy it!

Nupraptor Merch

The Heresiarch Buy it!

Pagan Altar Merch

The Time Lord Buy it!

Pounder Merch

Faster Than Fire Buy it!

Robespierre Merch

Garden of Hell Buy it!

Speedclaw Merch

Beast in the Mist Buy it!

Speedclaw Merch

Iron Speed Buy it!

Temple of Void Merch

Lords of Death Buy it!


Tombstalker Merch

Black Crusades Buy it!

Troll Merch

Troll Buy it!

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