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Hells Headbangers merch


Disks on Hells Headbangers logged in WSCA's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Abhomine Merch

Larvae Offal Swine Buy it!

Abominator Merch

Evil Proclaimed Buy it!

Abysmal Lord Merch

Disciples of the Inferno Buy it!

Apokalyptic Raids Merch

The Third Storm (World War III) Buy it!

Archgoat Merch

Lux Satanae Buy it!

Armoured Angel Merch

Communion Buy it!

Barbarian Merch

Cult of the Empty Grave Buy it!

Barbarian (Italy) Merch

Barbarian 7" Buy it!

Barbatos Merch

Straight Metal War Buy it!

Bat Merch

Cruel Discipline Buy it!

Bat Merch

Wings of Chains Buy it!

Bestial Warlust Merch

Storming Bestial Legions - Live '96 Buy it!

Blood Feast Merch

The Future State of Wicked Buy it!

Bonehunter Merch

Children of the Atom Buy it!

Bonehunter Merch

Evil Triumphs Again Buy it!

Bonehunter Merch

Sexual Panic Human Machine Buy it!

Cemetery Lust Merch

Screams of the Violated Buy it!

Cemetery Urn Merch

Barbaric Retribution Buy it!

Chainbreaker Merch

Lethal Desire Buy it!

Children of Technology Merch

Apocalyptic Compendium Buy it!

Cianide Merch

Death, Doom & Destruction Buy it!

Coffin Lust Merch

Manifestation of Inner Darkness Buy it!

Cultes des Ghoules Merch

Sinister Buy it!

Cursed Moon Merch

Rite of Darkness Buy it!

Death Yell Merch

Descent Into Hell Buy it!

Deathhammer Merch

Evil Power Buy it!

Deathhammer Merch

Onward to the Pits Buy it!

Deceased Merch

Cadaver Traditions Buy it!

Deceased Merch

Ghostly White Buy it!


Deiphago Merch

Into the Eye of Satan Buy it!

Demona Merch

2015 Buy it!

Denouncement Pyre Merch

Black Sun Unbound Buy it!

Destruktor Merch

Metal of Death Buy it!

Destruktor Merch

Opprobrium Buy it!

Diabolic Force Merch

Praise of Satan Buy it!


Diavolos Merch

You Lived, Now Die Buy it!

Druid Lord Merch

Grotesque Offerings Buy it!

Embalmer Merch

Emanations from the Crypt Buy it!

Evil Army Merch

Violence & War Buy it!

Force of Darkness Merch

Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness - EP Buy it!

From the Depths Merch

From the Depths Buy it!

Gouge Merch

Beyond Death Buy it!

Grandiose Malice Merch

The Eternal Infernal Buy it!

Gravewurm Merch

Doomed to Eternity Buy it!

Gravewurm Merch

Nunslaughter / Gravewurm split Buy it!

Hammr Merch

Unholy Destruction Buy it!

The Haunting Presence Merch

The Haunting Presence Buy it!

Haxxan Merch

Loch Ness Rising Buy it!

High Spirits Merch

You Are Here Buy it!

Horrific Merch

Your Worst Nightmare Buy it!

Hunter's Moon Merch

The Serpents Lust Buy it!

Incantation Merch

Entrantment of Evil Buy it!

Invocation Spells Merch

Descendent the Black Throne Buy it!

Invocation Spells Merch

Spread Cruelty In The Abyss Buy it!

Invocation Spells Merch

The Flame of Hate Buy it!

Kerasphorus Merch

Kerasphorus Buy it!

Krossfyre Merch

Burning Torches Buy it!

The Lurking Corpses Merch

Split 7" Buy it!

Manticore Merch

For Rats and Plague Buy it!

Medieval Demon Merch

Medieval Necromancy Buy it!

Midnight Merch

Complete & Total Hell Buy it!

Midnight Merch

Shox of Violence Buy it!

Mongrel's Cross Merch

Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court Buy it!

Mortician Merch

Mortal Massacre Buy it!

Nexul Merch

Paradigm of Chaos Buy it!

Nocturnal Blood Merch

Abnormalities Prevail Buy it!

Nocturnal Graves Merch

…From the Bloodline of Cain Buy it!

Nuke Merch

Nuke Buy it!

Nunslaughter Merch

Gravewurm/Nunslaughter split Buy it!

Nunslaughter Merch

Hex Buy it!

Nunslaughter Merch

Nunslaughter/Perversor split 7" Buy it!

Nunslaughter Merch

Split 7" Buy it!

October 31 Merch

Bury the Hatchet Buy it!


October 31 Merch

Metal Massacre 31 Buy it!

October 31 Merch

The Fire Awaits You Buy it!

Outline Merch

Demo 1: Fire Whiplash Buy it!

Perdition Temple Merch

The Tempter's Victorious Buy it!

Perversor Merch

Demon Metal Buy it!

Pounder Merch

Uncivilized Buy it!

Power From Hell Merch

Devil's Whorehouse Buy it!

Profanatica Merch

The Curling Flame of Blasphemy Buy it!

Satanic Bloodspraying Merch

At the Mercy of Satan Buy it!

Satanic Warmaster Merch

Fimbulwinter Buy it!

Satanic Warmaster Merch

Lux Satanae Buy it!

Scumripper Merch

Scumripper Buy it!

Scythian Merch

Hubris in Excelsis Buy it!

Scythian Merch

Hubris in Exclesis Buy it!

Shed the Skin Merch

Harrowing Faith Buy it!

Shed the Skin Merch

We of Scorn Buy it!

Shitfucker Merch

Split 7" Buy it!

Skelethal Merch

Of the Depths... Buy it!

Slaughtbbath Merch

Contempt, War and Damnation Buy it!

Speedwolf Merch

Ride With Death Buy it!


Sperm of Antichrist Merch

Sulfurous Prayers of Blight & Darkness Buy it!

Terror (Cleveland) Merch

Legion of Gore Buy it!

Throneum Merch

The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon Buy it!

Thy Feeble Saviour Merch

And Darkness Fell Buy it!

Tiger Junkies Merch

Green Tea or Die Buy it!

Vaultwraith Merch

Death is Proof of Satan's Power Buy it!

Void Meditation Cult Merch

Utter the Tongue of the Dead Buy it!

Vomitor Merch

Pestilent Death Buy it!

Vomitor Merch

The Escalation Buy it!

Whipstriker Merch

Merciless Artillery Buy it!

Witchtrap Merch

Sorceress Bitch Buy it!

Witchtrap Merch

split 7" Buy it!

Witchtrap Merch

Trap the Witch Buy it!

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