WUOG 90.5FM Athens, GA

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Wednesday March 21st 2018

Time zone: eastern

12.00am Automation (Rotation) Automation Playlist
7.00am WUOG 7am - 8am Automation Playlist
7.30am French Accent (Specialty Show) DJ belladonna Playlist
8.00am WUOG 8am - 9am Automation Playlist
9.00am Rotation (Rotation) DJ Kristos Playlist
10.00am Viva Afrika (Specialty Show) DJ Ladybug Playlist
11.00am Organic Compound (Specialty Show) DJ Spiñorita Playlist
12.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Yellow Bird Playlist
1.00pm WUOG 1pm - 2pm Automation Playlist
2.00pm WUOG 2pm - 3pm Automation Playlist
2.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Llama Mama Playlist
3.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Helbert Playlist
4.00pm The Athens Journal (News) Producer Playlist
4.00pm WUOG 4pm - 5pm Automation Playlist
5.00pm WUOG 5pm - 6pm Automation Playlist
6.00pm WUOG 6pm - 7pm Automation Playlist
6.00pm Oh, Rose In-Studio Performance + Interview (Live Music) Producer Playlist
7.00pm Dead Air (Specialty Show) DJ Dad's Dad Playlist
8.00pm Palm Interview (Rotation) DJ Guest Playlist
8.30pm East Side From The east (Rotation) DJ Guest Playlist
9.30pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Swank Playlist
10.30pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Juicy K Playlist
11.00pm WUOG 11pm - 12am Automation Playlist