WXNA 101.5 FM Nashville

Low Power, High Voltage

Friday February 3rd 2017

Time zone: central

6.00am Set Records to Stun (Music) Ashley &/or Grigsby Playlist
8.00am Nashville Jumps (Music) Pete Playlist
10.00am Wild Insect Child Ball (Music) Pete Playlist
11.00am Eighties/Schmeighties (Music) Edward Playlist
2.00pm Web of Sound (Music) Jaimie Playlist
3.00pm Rock and Roll High School (Music) Scotty Playlist
3.00pm Vinyl Variety (Music) Vinyl Variety Playlist
5.00pm Aging Hipster (Music) Heather Lose Playlist
8.00pm D-Funk (Music) D-Funk Playlist
8.00pm No Remorse (Music) DJ Andy Playlist
10.00pm Loveless in Nashville (Music) Josh Mock Playlist
11.00pm Melted Clock Radio (Music) Melted Clock Radio Playlist