WXNA 101.5 FM Nashville

Low Power, High Voltage

Tuesday February 14th 2017

Time zone: central

7.00am The Plural of Vinyl (Music) Jay Millar Playlist
9.00am Untune The Sky (Music) Anna Playlist
10.00am Songs on the Wire (Music) Anne McCue Playlist
11.00am Free Fall with David Olney (Music) David Olney Playlist
12.00pm Slings & Arrows (Music) Michael Roark Playlist
3.00pm Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour (Music) Jammin' James Riley Playlist
4.00pm Pulp Radio (Music) Kristi Rose Playlist
5.00pm Hipbilly Jamboree (Music) Randy Fox Playlist
7.00pm Gilded Splinters (Music) Eric Babcock Playlist
9.00pm O.S.T. (Music) Sam Smith Playlist
11.00pm Sound, Mind & Proxy (Music) Playlist