WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

Boston College Radio, Chestnut Hill, MA

Wednesday November 8th 2017

Time zone: eastern

8.00am What's The Frequency (ZBC Rock) Mike W. Playlist
10.00am 127% Juice (ZBC Rock) Peyton Playlist
11.00am Ry's Crispies (ZBC Rock) Ry Guy Playlist
1.00pm whims (ZBC Rock) fuzz Playlist
2.00pm Différance (ZBC Rock) haley Playlist
3.00pm Rock Bottom (ZBC Rock) Clare Playlist
3.00pm Rock Bottom (ZBC Rock) pey Playlist
5.00pm Psychotic Reactions (Specialty) PIP Playlist
7.00pm in the soil (Specialty) Adam Playlist
9.00pm DROP T33TH (NCP) Sam Playlist
11.00pm haha (NCP) clown Playlist