WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

Boston College Radio, Chestnut Hill, MA

Wednesday April 19th 2017

Time zone: eastern

12.00am Clubdeath (NCP) Ciaran Playlist
8.00am Rainy with a Chance of Sun (ZBC Rock) Caroline Playlist
10.00am brigade (ZBC Rock) Brigid Playlist
11.00am East Coast Cucumber (ZBC Rock) maria k Playlist
1.00pm Safe for Work (ZBC Rock) Chris Dalla Riva Playlist
3.00pm WEML (ZBC Rock) RNΞ Playlist
4.00pm Grey Gardens (ZBC Rock) "Aidan" Playlist
5.00pm Psychotic Reactions (Specialty) PIP Playlist
6.00pm The Space-Mind Continuum (Specialty) Matt Playlist
8.30pm venus fish (ZBC Rock) Emma Playlist
9.00pm Synth-esthesia (NCP) Annette Playlist