WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

Boston College Radio, Chestnut Hill, MA

Monday April 17th 2017

Time zone: eastern

7.00am Infernal Racket (ZBC Rock) DJ Simon Playlist
8.00am Infernal Racket - Marathon Day Extended Play Bonus (ZBC Rock) DJ Simon Playlist
10.00am Walk Through the Door w/ DJDJ: Music for the Soul (ZBC Rock) EMARSH Playlist
1.00pm Skate or Die or Live! (ZBC Rock) Nathan Playlist
3.00pm Not from Concentrate (ZBC Rock) Jacob R. Playlist
5.00pm Hittin' the Shed with EMARSH and Nathan (Specialty) EMARSH Playlist
6.00pm somthinge (ZBC Rock) Ciaran Playlist
7.00pm The Voidstar Productions' High Voltage Circumcision Show (NCP) Deftly-D Playlist
10.00pm Green (NCP) Selsyn Playlist