WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

Boston College Radio, Chestnut Hill, MA

Tuesday February 25th 2014

Time zone: eastern

8.00am The Molly Bean Show (ZBC Rock) Molly Bean Playlist
10.00am Donk Shots (ZBC Rock) Nickname Playlist
10.00am Donk Shots (ZBC Rock) DJ Dizzy Playlist
1.00pm Cut the Chord (ZBC Rock) Nick Playlist
2.00pm Machine Gun Funk (ZBC Rock) J Mac Playlist
3.00pm Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC (ZBC Rock) Maura Johnston Playlist
5.00pm Gulls Window Circus (Specialty) Carl Thien Playlist
7.00pm Abstract Terrain (NCP) Patrick Playlist
9.00pm Top 20 Trash Dumps in America, 2014 (NCP) David S. Playlist
9.00pm Mr. Goodnight (ZBC Rock) rebs Playlist
11.00pm Oeiras Sound (ZBC Rock) Andy Playlist