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Jukebox Heart (NCP)

Escape from silence by pressing any random button. This jukebox has no labels; the selections have no names. Misconception, disinformation and doubt are all that is left. But Jukebox Heart exists in a realm where action is not necessarily governed by reason, where myth is often mistaken for knowledge and where truth has many interpretations. Jukebox Heart is fascinated with tension and release, expansion and contraction, the burlesque of irony and the pornography of literalism. Jukebox Heart seeks to evoke extremes of sentiment, conflicting states of mind that somehow logically follow from one to the next, and jarring transitions from one state of consciousness to another. Jukebox Heart is freeform based, conspiratorially motivated, stochastically assembled and exactingly executed. Drown your sorrows in the sound of the jukebox, and let my voice break your heart.

Thu Aug 17th 2017 10.00pm–12.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: eastern


Zoviet France “Shouting At The Ground”
from Shouting at the Ground CD Album (Charrm 1988)


Zoviet France “Scrama Mdags / Mama Piss”
from Garista Single (1985)


Zoviet France “part 4”
from Mohnomishe LP Album (Red Rhino 1983)


Zoviet France “Garista” Single (1985)


Zoviet France “Mohnomische Part 3”
from Mohnomishe LP Album (Red Rhino 1983)


Zoviet France “Part 2”
from Eostre 12‑Inch Single (Red Rhino 1984)


Zoviet France “Part 1”
from Hessian


Zoviet France “Eostre” 12‑Inch Single (Red Rhino 1984)

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