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In which is set fourth the subject of the books of Spinitron Search, the great authentication, acquisition of service using numismatic tokenry, with other matters worthy of the good knight’s courage.

Introducing Spinitron Search

In the fall of 2016 we introduced a beta version of Spinitron Search that allows users to search the music played across all stations that use Spinitron. Simple to use but fast and effective, it shows all spins in the last month matching the your search keywords. People in the music business have found this useful in their work since it can, for example, identify the stations that have played their music or that of the artists they represent.

Recent Spins - Live!

Using our new Spinitron v2 technology, we built a couple of fun public teaser pages that everyone can try out. The first of these is a live-updating recent spins listing.

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