Spinitron v2 is ready for testing by invited users. This article explains the project’s status and how testing will work. If you want to help us finish v2 by testing it and giving your feedback, please read on. It’s early days and we want to keep track of who’s involved so test access is not open to everyone yet.

UPDATED 2016–12-18 Changed from Trello to Bitbucket for issue tracking.

Project status

To date we have implemented all “surface features” from v1 that will be in v2. (We ditched a few v1 features that nobody uses.) Surface features are things you can see from the web browser and don’t include subterranean features such as the three APIs (SpinPapi, automation, and metadata push).

There isn’t much pizazz yet. Danil and I are not front-end developers and we have done the minimum to make it usable and look ok. We’ll find someone to do stylesheets and tweak the views later. The focus right now is on functionality and user interface. So please allow for the lack of polish but feel free to comment on anything you think can improve the product.

Data import

To test v2 you need some data to play with. We import your station’s data from the v1 database into the v2 database with a command on our end. It makes a snapshot of your v1 data in v2. After making that snapshot, new stuff in v1 (playlists, spins, users) won’t appear in v2 because it’s not a live-sync kinda thing. We can redo the import any time you like to refresh the snapshot but that will reset changes you’ve made in v2. We may encounter other reasons to reset.

Feedback and bug reports

When we say bugs, we really mean any constructive feedback including:

  • bugs where v2 does something that it shouldn’t or doesn’t do something that it should
  • enhancements are improvements to something already in v2
  • proposals are things you want that v2 lacks
  • questions are welcome but often they might really be one of the above. For example, if something in v2 baffles you and you need to ask about it, that might be a bug because the user interface should be more obvious.

Submit these using (this new issue form in Bitbucket](https://bitbucket.org/spinitron/v2/issues/new). You don’t need to be signed on to a Bitbucket account to submit an issue but we prefer it if you are.

Good bug reports

A good bug report allows us to quickly see exactly what you mean. If we need to ask questions or struggle to understand what you mean, it’s not so good. You can find lots of advice on bug reporting with a web search.

Learn markdown if you don’t know it yet. It’s very simple and I guarantee you’ll like it.

Use screen-shots, annotations and videos liberally, like this. It’s often more efficient and effective that explaining in text. We use Monosnap a lot at Spinitron HQ. And you can embed images in the Markdown in bug reports and comments.

If you get a debug backtrace that looks like this, include it in the bug report. Copy-paste the whole page (select all, copy) and paste into the issue as a comment. And/or screenshot your whole browser window and include that.

Documentation and training videos

Documentation is mostly absent. We’re probably not going to produce a comprehensive user guide to the whole application like for v1 (it’s a lot of work and hardly anyone reads it), instead we want to produce video tutorials on specific topics. The first of these should be available soon.

We also plan to add tooltip help (like on the sign-up wizard forms) with short help text and links to articles or videos. In other words, put the help where its needed.

Your feedback on this topic will be welcomed.

Test users

Contact Eva to register as a tester and gain access.