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The UnCola

Jul 23, 2019 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Erik Mattox

We play forgotten pop from the last 50 years. You may hear a Horn Rock Blast, a WestCoast Breeze, an Un-Cover, a Forgotten Top 40 or an UnSung Hero. Sometimes Tony Manero drops by on his way to White Castle to play a forgotten dance classic. And we always have the XTC song of the week….yessssss! We also schedule various themed shows, especially specific to a genre or artist. You can drop us a line at erikmattox at ashevillefm dot org. Check out our archives at

The UnCola
8:30 PM
2Nu - Spaz Attack
2Nu Spaz Attack
Ponderous Rhino Atlantic
8:27 PM
Bad Moves - One Thing
Bad Moves One Thing N
Tell No One Don Giovanni Records
8:23 PM
Rick Springfield - Alyson
Rick Springfield Alyson
Living In Oz RCA Records Label
8:17 PM
The Neville Brothers - True Love
The Neville Brothers True Love
Family Groove A&M
8:14 PM
Dynamo Bliss - No Sense in It
Dynamo Bliss No Sense in It
21st Century Junk Dynamo Bliss
8:09 PM
The Whispers - (Let's Go) All the Way
The Whispers (Let's Go) All the Way
Headlights Solar
8:05 PM
Woods Empire - Universal Love
Woods Empire Universal Love
Universal Love Tabu
8:02 PM
Tuxedo - The Tuxedo Way
Tuxedo The Tuxedo Way N
Tuxedo III Funk On Sight

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