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Student-run radio station at Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. USA

WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

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Dec 10, 2017 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Rav

Late 70s to late 80s post punk, underground new wave and experimental

10:01 PMMarc Riley with The Creepers Black Dwarf
Black Dwarf In Tape 1985
10:04 PMThe Three Johns The Devil's Music (Merry At Their Toil)
Atom Drum Bop Abstract SOunds 1984
10:10 PMAus Decline Fear of Sin
Studio Factory Demo 1982
10:11 PMSpions Inc Never Trust a Punk
The Party - EP Dorian 2015
10:14 PMHajime Tachibana Guitar Genius
Hajime Tachibana - H Yen Records 1982
10:16 PMThe Tunes Larger Than Life
The Tunes - Truth, Justice & The Mancunian Way EP Rhesus Records 1979
10:22 PMMetal Urbain ultra violence
Metal Urbain* - Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux Celluloid 1981
10:24 PMSteve Lake In Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall
Steve Lake - In Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall Not So Brave VZW 1985
10:29 PMKaren Marks Cold Café
Cold Café Astor 1981
10:32 PMStepping Talk Alice In Sunderland
Stepping Talk - Alice In Sunderland Eustone Records 1979
10:35 PMLaugh Away The Rain Love Stopped Shining
Good Morning Mister Presley Grunt Grunt A Go Go Records 1986
10:38 PMRaymonde Jennifer Wants
The RM EP Record Mirror 1986
10:40 PMThe Loft Your Door Shines Like Gold
The Loft - Up The Hill & Down The Slope Creation Records 1985
10:44 PMSpions Total Czecho Slovakia
Spions - Russian Way Of Life Egg 1979
10:47 PMAirmail In A Moment
Airmail - In A Moment Graffiti 1979
10:52 PMThe World Service Turn Out The Lights
Celebration Town Rough Trade 1983
10:57 PMOmega Tribe Mother of Cultivation
Omega Tribe - No Love Lost Corpus Christi 1983
10:59 PMKjott Beat Allegro
Kjøtt - Op. Plateselskapet Mai 1981
11:02 PMRonnie Can You Hear Me Patricks Theme
Ronnie Can You Hear Me? - Vroom For Romance Ronnie Records 1984
11:04 PMLynval Golding and Terry Hall 96 Tears
Demo 1981
11:07 PMTerry Hall Albert and The Lion
Mark Radcliff Radio 1 Show
11:10 PMThe Bodysnatchers Easy Life
Easy Life - Single 2009
11:14 PMYeah Yeah Noh Crimplene Seed Lifestyle
Yeah Yeah Noh - Cutting The Heavenly Lawn Of Greatness...Last Rites For The God Of Love In Tape 1985
11:16 PMBig Youth Camp David Summit
Big Youth - Reggae Gi Dem Dub Nichola Delita 1978
11:21 PMThe Wall Epitaph
Epitaph 1981
11:24 PMBass Tone Trap Radio Slot
Trapping 1984
11:25 PMSilver Abuse Jumpin Thru The Jungle
Silver Abuse - Fall From Grace Schwa Records 1982
11:29 PMNomads Nitroglycerine Shrieks
The Nomads (2) - She Pays The Rent Amigo 1985
11:31 PMThe Shapes Wot's for Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!) [EP Version]
Songs for Sensible People 1998
11:32 PMKortatu Desmond Tutu
Aizkolari 1985
11:34 PMSymptoms Anorexia Nervosa
Symptoms* - Be On Top Early Warning Records 1980
11:37 PMStrange Party Sleepwalking Through Life
Strange Party - Sleepwalking Through Life Not On Label 1981
11:40 PMBlunt Instrument Interogation
No Exuse/Iterrogation Diesel Records 1978
11:45 PMQ4U Tískufrík
Q1 Deluxe Edition 1980-1983 2013
11:48 PMMilan Station Men In The Rain
Peel Session 1982
11:51 PMJad Wio Taiba
Jad Wio - Colours In My Dream L'Invitation Au Suicide 1985
11:55 PMThe Wild Boys Death of Eddy
The Wild Boys (3) - Risky City Not On Label 1981
11:58 PMAsphixiation The Crush
Asphixiation - L'Acrostique D'Amour / The Crush Innocent 1981

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8:00 AMInfernal Racket (ZBC Rock) with DJ Simon
10:00 AMThe Crystal Ship (ZBC Rock) with Slick
12:00 PMDemocracy Now! (Specialty) with Democracy Now
1:00 PMMaura Dot Com Slash WZBC (ZBC Rock) with Maura Johnston
3:00 PMUncle Jakey's Jukebox (ZBC Rock) with Jacob R.

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