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Student-run radio station at Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. USA

WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

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Truth and Justice Radio

Dec 17, 2017 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Host Bob Funke; producer John Roberts; IN MEMORIAM Sherif Fam (1936-2010); offsite help from Jerry Sobieraj, Stan Robinson, and many others ...

"Four hours of spirited examination of warmaking, empire, corrupt justice, engineered poverty, lying politicians, jingoism, corporate criminality, media disinformation, and engineered chaos."

Truth and Justice Radio
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6:30 AMFairness & Accuracy in Reporting (New York City) Weekly Edition posted 12-15-2017: Phyllis Bennis on Jerusalem Move, Jeff Cohen on ‘All Governments Lie’
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7:30 AMHosts Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg interviewing Noah Charles and Jena Freubenburg, Ohio State University graduate school student organizers Graduate students across the country face 400% tax hike with the outrageous Trump-GOP tax plan
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