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Dec 11, 2017 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With Selsyn

The Green Program has been a part of the WZBC schedule for 15 years and is still keeping things fresh! The show features a rotating team of residents with a variety of tempos and styles: techno, trance, house, drum and bass, hip hop and more. The current residents are: Mathwin, Pussywillow, Vizzie, and Kibbles, as well as featuring frequent guest contributors. The Green frequency represents the positive vibrations in the world that join us together in a mystical connection that is beyond our complete comprehension. We are united in our mission to improve the local and global community, one great track at a time.

10:00 PMColin Owens and Vincent Untitled
10:14 PMKink Soar
Playground Running Back (Germany) 2017
10:17 PMKurt Baggaley Remembering Infinity
Remembering Infinity Ep Something Happening Somewhere 2017
10:22 PMFairtone Mist (Tim Hanmann Remix)
Mist - EP Dear Dear 2017
10:28 PMJames Dexter & Los Pastores No Rush
No Rush Ep Inermu 2017
10:34 PMJohn Monkman Mad Hatter
Make Noize - Single Last Night On Earth 2017
10:39 PMLex Luca & Joziff Jordan Gold Beard
Amsterdam 2017 CR2 2017
10:43 PMJames Campbell Faith
Amsterdam 2017 CR2 2017
10:51 PMCarl Cox I Want You (Forever)
Amsterdam 2017 CR2 2017
10:58 PMMike Wooller Gets to Me
Amsterdam 2017 CR2 2017
11:02 PMTechno Red Hypnotic Melody (21 ROOM dub remix)
Background Mix Atom
11:08 PMDetroit Swindle Cant Hold It
Cant Hold It EP Heist Recordings 2017
11:13 PMHoney Bunny Go Into Trance
Fluffy - EP Mix Atom 2017
11:19 PMFabian Roelandt Track for Jorda
Jorda - Single Sinapsis Music 2017
11:25 PMRousing House Jazz & House (original mix)
Must Be ZNMK
11:29 PMVito Riuti Titan (Carlos a, Oliver-K Remix)
Titan Shake Limited 2017
11:34 PMOliver Huntemann Poltergeist
Poltergeist - Single Senso Sounds 2017
11:41 PMDan McKie & DP Dagger
Dagger - Single Ego (France) 2014
11:48 PMRALPH KINGS The Black Clouds
The Black Clouds Symphonic Distribution
11:53 PMUone & Sunju Hargun Lazerface
Light My Fire & Lazerface - Single Dear Dear 2017
11:58 PMAlexander Miguel Am30
Deeper Shades 12 Spring Tube 2017
12:08 AMRETZA/YOKOO Euneirophrenia
YokoO & Retza - Euneirophrenia EP All Day I Dream 2017
12:15 AMMolac Coherencia
Deeper Shades 12 Spring Tube 2017
12:19 AMEarcloud Hokusai Dive
Earcloud - Chlorophile Fumes Hypnotism 1994
12:35 AMAdam F Aromatherapy
Adam F - Colours Astralwerks 1998
12:42 AMAtomTM Planters Punch
Brown Rather Interesting 1996
12:45 AMA Produce Dwell 2 (full version)
Inscape & Landscape Trance Port 1996

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1:00 PMeast coast cucumber (ZBC Rock) with maria k
2:00 PMAlways Funky in Philadelphia (ZBC Rock) with Andrew

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