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Student-run radio station at Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. USA

WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

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Jan 21, 2018 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Rav

Late 70s to late 80s post punk, underground new wave and experimental

10:03 PMMankinds Audio Development Craving
M.A.D.* - Sunfeast Criminal Damage Records 1984
10:09 PMGenetic Terrorists Utility
TGT (The Genetic Terrorists)* - White Stains Wax Trax! Records 1990
10:10 PMSkin Girl: Come Out Dub
Skin (2) - Girl: Come Out Product Inc. 1987
10:16 PMBarry Adamson Diamonds
Barry Adamson - The Taming Of The Shrewd Mute 1989
10:20 PMThe Tear Garden Room With a View
Tired Eyes Slowly Burning Nettwerk 1987
10:28 PMBelouis Some Jerusalem (Instrumental)
Some People Parlophone UK 1985
10:28 PMAnna Domino Repeating
East and West LTM Publishing 1983
10:36 PMNort The Ultimate White Man
Games of Dance & Muscle Blood Epic Head 1987
10:41 PMDouble Es
10:45 PMDavid Van Tieghem Out of The Frying Pan
A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse 1985
10:46 PMBlanket of Secrecy B.O.S. Theme
Ears Have Walls (Remastered) Trick Records 1982
10:50 PMGanzheit Harmony
Ganzheit - Brains To The Wall Ediesta Records 1986
10:54 PMDeficit Des Annees Anterieures (DDAA) Guawa 2
Aventures En Afrique 1980
10:56 PMJohn Marc Gowans The First Thing You Ever Said To Me
Discreet Campaigns 1985
10:59 PMIppu-Do Yomotolo-Waiya
Ippu-Do - Radio Fantasy Epic 1981
11:00 PMTam Tam Pour L'Ethiope Tam Tam Pour L'Éthiopie (Part Two)
Starvation 1985
11:04 PMDisconnection Aaaah
Bali Ha'i - EP Optimo Music 1982
11:08 PMMonsoon Ever So Lonely (Extended Version)
Monsoon - Ever So Lonely Mercury 1982
11:13 PMBox of Toys It Goes Without Saying
Box Of Toys - Precious Is The Pearl Inevitable 1984
11:20 PMDeux Pingouins 3 Essais Musicaux
Sensationnel No. 1 1983
11:20 PMLandscape III Fabulous Neutrinos (Extended Version)
Landscape III - So Good, So Pure, So Kind RCA 1983
11:23 PMJB All Stars Theme From A Beam
Backfield In Motion 1984
11:28 PMTent Distances
Tent - Without Shelter Wereld Rekord 1983
11:31 PMArcadia Rose Arcana (Extended) [2010 Remastered Version]
So Red the Rose Parlophone UK 1985
11:38 PMKaren Finley Belgian Waffles
Karen Finley - Tales Of Taboo Pow Wow Art International 1986
11:42 PMBart Situation
The Zulu Compilation 1984
11:45 PMDelerium Certain Trust
Delerium - Faces, Forms And Illusions Dossier 1988
11:50 PMOfra Haza Im Nin'Alu
Im Nin'alu 1988
11:55 PMTwice a Man Seaweed Level
Twice A Man - Aqua Marine Drum Yellow Ltd. 1986
12:00 AML'Éponge Synthétique Double Portrait
L'Éponge Synthétique - Neiges Et Amours Romantiques Illusion Production 1985

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8:00 AMInfernal Racket (ZBC Rock) with DJ Simon
10:00 AMThe Great Lakes (unset) with Caroline
12:00 PMDemocracy Now! (Specialty) with Democracy Now
1:00 PMSeveral Very Small Mangoes (ZBC Rock) with Molly
2:00 PMbeauty school dropout (ZBC Rock) with ilsa

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