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Jon Solomon

Dec 24, 2020 5:00 PM – 5:00 AM

With Jon Solomon

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


25-Hour Holiday Radio Show! (Hours 1-12)

Jon Solomon
5:00 PM
Zac and the Arcanes - Jon Solomon's Christmas Eve Marathon
Zac and the Arcanes Jon Solomon's Christmas Eve Marathon
5:03 PM
Set Break
5:10 PM
The Sonics - Santa Claus
The Sonics Santa Claus
Merry Christmas
5:12 PM
Jimmy Klok - Can I Get Snow (Jay-Z vs. Dean Martin)
Jimmy Klok Can I Get Snow (Jay-Z vs. Dean Martin)
5:14 PM
Gabbie Watts - water under the bridge (just another sad girl christmas song)
Gabbie Watts water under the bridge (just another sad girl christmas song)
5:17 PM
The Brown Christmas - Last Christmas
The Brown Christmas Last Christmas
Chicago Style Christmas
5:20 PM
Gary Gulman - The 12 Days Of Bad Gifts
Gary Gulman The 12 Days Of Bad Gifts
All I Want For Chanukah is Christmas!
5:26 PM
Corvair - Flannel Pajamas
Corvair Flannel Pajamas
5:29 PM
Mike Adams At His Honest Weight - It’s Christmas All Over Again
Mike Adams At His Honest Weight It’s Christmas All Over Again
Joyful Noise Holiday Special 2020
5:33 PM
Set Break
5:38 PM
The Brixton Riot - Lockdown Holiday
The Brixton Riot Lockdown Holiday
2020 Christmas Stories
5:40 PM
Set Break
5:43 PM
Romano Nervoso - Glam Rock Christmas
Romano Nervoso Glam Rock Christmas
Glam Rock Christmas Mottow Soundz 2020
5:46 PM
Julia Jacklin - baby jesus is nobody's baby now
Julia Jacklin baby jesus is nobody's baby now
baby jesus is nobody's baby now Polyvinyl Records 2020
5:49 PM
Madness - Inanity Over Christmas
Madness Inanity Over Christmas
5:53 PM
The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man - Christmas Lights (Xmas Lights!)
The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man Christmas Lights (Xmas Lights!)
Household Products and Household Items Motern Media 2015
5:54 PM
Wake Up and Smell the Sun - Yuletide Waves
Wake Up and Smell the Sun Yuletide Waves
6:00 PM
Hero Haze - Jingle Bellz
Hero Haze Jingle Bellz
Dreidel The Christmas 2020 Hero Haze Records 2020
6:02 PM
Melkbelly - Hating You for Christmas
Melkbelly Hating You for Christmas
Simply Having a Wonderful Compilation V/A Father/Daughter Records & Wax Nine Records 2020
6:06 PM
Set Break
6:12 PM
Deth Elf - Christmas On Venus
Deth Elf Christmas On Venus
2020 Christmas Stories
6:15 PM
Set Break
6:17 PM
Red Lights - Debbie By the Christmas Tree
Red Lights Debbie By the Christmas Tree
Red Lights
6:19 PM
The Jive Turkeys - Get Down Santa
The Jive Turkeys Get Down Santa
Get Down Santa Colemine 2010
6:23 PM
JasonRG0 - Merry Christmas Everyone
JasonRG0 Merry Christmas Everyone
PRF Week 14: It's Christmas! V/A
6:27 PM
Francis Lung - To Make Angels in Snow
Francis Lung To Make Angels in Snow
Lost Christmas V/A Memphis Industries 2020
6:30 PM
6:31 PM
The Immaculates - New York is Mine for the Holiday
The Immaculates New York is Mine for the Holiday
6:36 PM
Bayonet UK - Give 'Em a Brick for Old Saint Nick
Bayonet UK Give 'Em a Brick for Old Saint Nick
Jolly Sodding Xmas
6:38 PM
Set Break
6:46 PM
Glazer - Deathwish For Christmas
Glazer Deathwish For Christmas
2020 Christmas Stories
6:48 PM
Set Break
6:51 PM
Dead Hot - Santa Claus Is Coming In Gas Form
Dead Hot Santa Claus Is Coming In Gas Form
Santa Claus Is Coming In Gas Form
6:53 PM
Ghost Cave featuring Scott Burland - We Three Kings
Ghost Cave featuring Scott Burland We Three Kings
6:57 PM
Damian Lovelock's Wig World - Sleigh Ride
Damian Lovelock's Wig World Sleigh Ride
Rockin' Bethlehem V/A
7:00 PM
Lars von Retriever - Slayer's Christmas Songs
Lars von Retriever Slayer's Christmas Songs
7:02 PM
The Aislers Set - Cold Christmas
The Aislers Set Cold Christmas
Cold Christmas Suicide Squeeze Records 2020
7:06 PM
Jacob T. Corenflos - Linus & Lucy
Jacob T. Corenflos Linus & Lucy
Holiday Comp V/A
7:08 PM
Goldie Lookin Chain - Covid Christmas
Goldie Lookin Chain Covid Christmas
Covid Christmas 1983 Records 2020
7:15 PM
Set Break
7:20 PM
Outer Worlds - Arc & Bow
Outer Worlds Arc & Bow
2020 Christmas Stories
7:24 PM
Set Break
7:25 PM
The Lepers - Christmas In Reverse
The Lepers Christmas In Reverse
God's Inhumane
7:27 PM
Saint Etienne - My Christmas Prayer
Saint Etienne My Christmas Prayer
Xmas 93 2009
7:31 PM
Sir Coyle & his Asthmatic Band - Christmas Asthma Attack
Sir Coyle & his Asthmatic Band Christmas Asthma Attack
7:34 PM
1000 Ho​-​Ho DJs - (Every Day Is) Xmas
1000 Ho​-​Ho DJs (Every Day Is) Xmas
7:37 PM
Arrogance - Little Drummer Boy
Arrogance Little Drummer Boy
Christmas EP '81
7:40 PM
deardarkhead - Silent Night
deardarkhead Silent Night
Snow On The Beach and Sand In The Pines
7:42 PM
Lisa Prank - I Don't Have To Work SantaCon This Year
Lisa Prank I Don't Have To Work SantaCon This Year
Home for the Holidays V/A
7:45 PM
Set Break
7:51 PM
Maria T. - 11:59 (It's January)
Maria T. 11:59 (It's January)
2020 Christmas Stories
7:56 PM
Set Break
7:58 PM
Air Mack - Fall in Love with Everything
Air Mack Fall in Love with Everything
Miles Away 2020
8:02 PM
Amerigo Gazaway - Intro
Amerigo Gazaway Intro
A Christmas Album (Holiday Remixes) 1067982 Records DK 2018
8:03 PM
terrence walsh - drummer boy
terrence walsh drummer boy
happy christmas
8:06 PM
Girl Monstar - Dead By X-Mas
Girl Monstar Dead By X-Mas
Rockin' Bethlehem V/A
8:09 PM
GROB - Let It Grob
GROB Let It Grob
8:11 PM
John Davis - Christmas Day
John Davis Christmas Day
Pure Night Plus Shrimper 2020
8:14 PM
Worldsucks - Must Be Santa
Worldsucks Must Be Santa
Must Be Santa / Must Be Satan
8:20 PM
Set Break
8:23 PM
Doug Gillard - Step Into Christmas
Doug Gillard Step Into Christmas
2020 Christmas Stories
8:27 PM
Set Break
8:30 PM
The Freak-Outs - Santa Claus Is Going to Eat Your Brains Tonight
The Freak-Outs Santa Claus Is Going to Eat Your Brains Tonight
The Funhouse Comp Thing V/A
8:32 PM
Libby Rodenbough - Just Like Christmas
Libby Rodenbough Just Like Christmas
Just Like Christmas Sleepy Cat Records 2020
8:36 PM
DJ Tenderloin - 8 Days to Work it (for Christmas)
DJ Tenderloin 8 Days to Work it (for Christmas)
8:40 PM
Advance Base - Christmas Steve
Advance Base Christmas Steve
Christmas Steve 2020
8:44 PM
Danielson - Visions Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
Danielson Visions Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
Joyful Noise Holiday Special 2020 V/A
8:46 PM
European Sun - Warm Christmas
European Sun Warm Christmas
Warm Christmas
8:49 PM
Alex Jonestown Massacre - O' Massive Night
Alex Jonestown Massacre O' Massive Night
O' Massive Night 2020
8:55 PM
Set Break
9:04 PM
Set Break
9:04 PM
Sinead OnDonner - Tis Is A Christmas Song
Sinead OnDonner Tis Is A Christmas Song
2020 Christmas Stories
9:06 PM
Set Break
9:07 PM
Joy to the Wham! - Last Christmas Love Tore Us Apart
Joy to the Wham! Last Christmas Love Tore Us Apart
Last Christmas Love Tore Us Apart
9:09 PM
Mark McGuire - Joy to the World
Mark McGuire Joy to the World
Do You Hear What I Hear
9:14 PM
Modular - El Viaje Mágico De Santa Claus
Modular El Viaje Mágico De Santa Claus
Rob's 2020 Christmas CD V/A
9:18 PM
Goddammit Jeremiah - Let's Just Give Christmas a Miss
Goddammit Jeremiah Let's Just Give Christmas a Miss
Let's Just Give Christmas a Miss Helen Robertson Music 2020
9:21 PM
NOISEKILLR - Jingle Bells
9:25 PM
Gruff Rhys - Post Apocalypse Christmas
Gruff Rhys Post Apocalypse Christmas
Atheist Xmas
9:28 PM
The Wailers - She's Comin' Home
The Wailers She's Comin' Home
Merry Christmas V/A
9:31 PM
Set Break
9:36 PM
Tobias Carroll - Welsh Candlesnuffer
Tobias Carroll Welsh Candlesnuffer
2020 Christmas Stories
9:41 PM
Set Break
9:47 PM
The Myrrhderers - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
The Myrrhderers God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
The Myrrhderers Sleigh Christmas The Myrrhderers 2020
9:49 PM
Phoebe Bridgers - Christmas Song
Phoebe Bridgers Christmas Song
If We Make It Through December Dead Oceans 2020
9:53 PM
Otto Von Schirach - Que Bola Santa (feat. Axl Von Schirach)
Otto Von Schirach Que Bola Santa (feat. Axl Von Schirach)
Que Bola Santa 2020
9:56 PM
Office Romance - This Time Next Christmas
Office Romance This Time Next Christmas
Holidays of Love Frenchkiss Records 2020
9:59 PM
Airport - Carrot of the Bells
Airport Carrot of the Bells
Home for the Holidays
10:01 PM
Bonham Lives! - Eating Cookies, Drinking Milk
Bonham Lives! Eating Cookies, Drinking Milk
PRF Week 14: It's Christmas! V/A
10:05 PM
GEFILTE FIST - Deck The Halls
10:06 PM
Set Break
10:12 PM
The Kyle Sowashes - Why Do You Say "Merry Christmas"?
The Kyle Sowashes Why Do You Say "Merry Christmas"?
2020 Christmas Stories
10:15 PM
Set Break
10:17 PM
Randolph's Leap - Stay Away This Christmas
Randolph's Leap Stay Away This Christmas
Christmas Album
10:19 PM
they is they is they is - Your Kind of White Christmas Sucks
they is they is they is Your Kind of White Christmas Sucks
10:23 PM
Slayer & Wham! - South of Christmas
Slayer & Wham! South of Christmas
10:27 PM
The Reds, Pinks & Purples - We Won't Come Home at Christmas Time
The Reds, Pinks & Purples We Won't Come Home at Christmas Time
We Won't Come Home at Christmas Time
10:30 PM
Echo Kid - Here Comes Santa Claus
Echo Kid Here Comes Santa Claus
10:31 PM
Sad Lamp Santa - Christmas, Christmas
Sad Lamp Santa Christmas, Christmas
Another Side of Sad Lamp Santa
10:33 PM
Plunderers - 24 Days 'Til Biscuits
Plunderers 24 Days 'Til Biscuits
Rockin' Bethlehem V/A
10:34 PM
Set Break
10:40 PM
Peter Prescott - Snowflake
Peter Prescott Snowflake
2020 Christmas Stories
10:44 PM
Set Break
10:47 PM
The Happy Somethings - It's Christmas Time (we're miserable as sin)  - Blizzard Version
The Happy Somethings It's Christmas Time (we're miserable as sin) - Blizzard Version
10:50 PM
MasDaMind - It Was A Good Day (Frosty Remix) (Ice Cube vs. Frosty the Snowman)
MasDaMind It Was A Good Day (Frosty Remix) (Ice Cube vs. Frosty the Snowman)
Bootie Mashup Christmas 6 V/A
10:54 PM
Sea Slug - White Christmas
Sea Slug White Christmas
Blue White Christmas
10:57 PM
Microkingdom's Ruins Christmas - Jingables
Microkingdom's Ruins Christmas Jingables
Rudolph Is Watching
11:01 PM
Peat and Diesel - Fairytale of Stornoway (feat. Mairead)
Peat and Diesel Fairytale of Stornoway (feat. Mairead)
Fairytale of Stornoway (feat. Mairead) 2019
11:05 PM
Orchestrion - Jinglebells
Orchestrion Jinglebells
Mekano Christmas Party
11:09 PM
night tools - 14000 is exactly 100 times more than I can afford
night tools 14000 is exactly 100 times more than I can afford
PRF Week 14: It's Christmas! V/A
11:12 PM
Set Break
11:18 PM
Duke Tropicana - Season's Greetings
Duke Tropicana Season's Greetings
2020 Christmas Stories
11:20 PM
Set Break
11:22 PM
Shot Balowski - Xmas Glam Bang
Shot Balowski Xmas Glam Bang
Xmas Glam Bang 2020
11:27 PM
AtinPiano - Carol Of The Mandalorian
AtinPiano Carol Of The Mandalorian
11:29 PM
Carl Reiner - Christmas Seals Reminder PSA
Carl Reiner Christmas Seals Reminder PSA
Rob's 2020 Christmas CD V/A
11:30 PM
The Martial Arts - Snow Flakes
The Martial Arts Snow Flakes
Christmas With The Martial Arts
11:34 PM
Phil Minton, Lol Coxhill, Noël Akchoté - Christmas Medley
Phil Minton, Lol Coxhill, Noël Akchoté Christmas Medley
Christmas Songs
11:38 PM
Rúnk - Jolin erað koma (Christmas Is Coming)
Rúnk Jolin erað koma (Christmas Is Coming)
Jólin eru
11:44 PM
Hellmen - Sock It To Me Santa
Hellmen Sock It To Me Santa
Rockin' Bethlehem (The Second Coming) V/A
11:46 PM
Set Break
11:51 PM
Will Slack - Get Outta Here Rudi
Will Slack Get Outta Here Rudi R
11:53 PM
Marvin Gaye - I Wanna Come Home For Christmas
Marvin Gaye I Wanna Come Home For Christmas
Merry Swamis 2007 V/A
11:57 PM
Solar Flight - Eat Up All The Yums
Solar Flight Eat Up All The Yums
Eat Up All The Yums
11:58 PM
Benji Hughes - It's Time to Have a Merry Christmas
Benji Hughes It's Time to Have a Merry Christmas R
It's Time to Have a Merry Christmas
11:59 PM
Set Break
12:00 AM
David Hill (produced by Cameron Flemming) - The Tradition
David Hill (produced by Cameron Flemming) The Tradition
2012 Christmas Stories
12:08 AM
Set Break
12:13 AM
Hirudidae - Dark Xmas
Hirudidae Dark Xmas
2020 Christmas Stories
12:17 AM
Set Break
12:19 AM
Dan Stevens & Joe Jack Talcum - Santa, Take Me Off That List
Dan Stevens & Joe Jack Talcum Santa, Take Me Off That List R
December 2010 B.O.T.M.
12:22 AM
Kittinfish Mountain - The Jackson 5 and Friends Wish You A Merry Christmas
Kittinfish Mountain The Jackson 5 and Friends Wish You A Merry Christmas R
Kittinfish Mountain's Christmas Conundrum
12:26 AM
Allo, Darlin' - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Allo, Darlin' Baby, It's Cold Outside
Merry Christmas From Allo, Darlin'
12:30 AM
Love As Laughter - Slay Ride
Love As Laughter Slay Ride R
Love As Laughter Holiday Party Pack
RIP Sam Jayne.
12:33 AM
Set Break
12:34 AM
The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)
The Ramones Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)
Punk Rock Christmas
12:36 AM
Gnartivity Scene - I Wanna Be Your Dradle
Gnartivity Scene I Wanna Be Your Dradle
12:38 AM
Missle Toads - Christmaskrieg Bop
Missle Toads Christmaskrieg Bop
Xmas Punk Brew
12:40 AM
Angry Snowmans - December 23rd
Angry Snowmans December 23rd
Black Coal For Rotten Children
12:42 AM
The Ramones - Christmas ID
The Ramones Christmas ID
Yulesville V/A
12:43 AM
Vista Blue - I Want New Ramones Songs for Christmas
Vista Blue I Want New Ramones Songs for Christmas
Keep It All Year
12:45 AM
The Successful Failures - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)
The Successful Failures Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)
Snow Day (Take It Easy) 2013
12:47 AM
Two Inch Winky - I Can't Wait For Christmas
Two Inch Winky I Can't Wait For Christmas
Christmas Bop b/w I Can't Wait For Christmas
12:50 AM
Angry Snowmans - Blitzen Bop
Angry Snowmans Blitzen Bop
12:52 AM
Ramonesmas - Don't Want Coal
Ramonesmas Don't Want Coal
A Very Snotty Christmas
12:53 AM
Mojochronic - I Wanna Be Dentated - Blitzen's Bop (The Ramones vs The Three Stooges vs The Ray Conniff Singers)
Mojochronic I Wanna Be Dentated - Blitzen's Bop (The Ramones vs The Three Stooges vs The Ray Conniff Singers)
Santastic 7: It's a Wonderful Mash V/A
12:56 AM
THE HEY HO HO HO'S - Santa Is A Punk
THE HEY HO HO HO'S Santa Is A Punk
Sluggishas Xmastravaganza 9 V/A
12:58 AM
Two Inch Winky - Christmas Bop
Two Inch Winky Christmas Bop
Christmas Bop b/w I Can't Wait For Christmas
1:00 AM
MERRY CAR CRASH - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight)
MERRY CAR CRASH Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight)
1:03 AM
Set Break
1:08 AM
George Korein & The Spleen - Wenceslas Rap
George Korein & The Spleen Wenceslas Rap
2020 Christmas Stories
1:11 AM
Set Break
1:12 AM
The 75s - Cliche Christmas Song
The 75s Cliche Christmas Song
A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Six V/A
1:14 AM
Mr. President - It's Christmas Time
Mr. President It's Christmas Time
Rob's 2020 Christmas CD V/A
1:18 AM
Die Combisten - Santa Claus
Die Combisten Santa Claus
Ohne Torte
1:22 AM
Maryse Letarte - Boom Boom (Merry Little Christmas)
Maryse Letarte Boom Boom (Merry Little Christmas)
Des Pas Dans la Neige
1:24 AM
The Wave Chargers - Surfin' Jingle Bells
The Wave Chargers Surfin' Jingle Bells
Christmas With The Wave Chargers
1:26 AM
Ratigan - The Rights To Christmas
Ratigan The Rights To Christmas
Crime Alive 2020
1:30 AM
Joel Meeks - Little Drummer Man (Setting up Drums)
Joel Meeks Little Drummer Man (Setting up Drums)
Little Drummer Man (Setting up Drums) Me and the Machine Records 2020
1:33 AM
Set Break
1:38 AM
Two Inch Winky - Silent Night
Two Inch Winky Silent Night
Legacy of Nativity
1:41 AM
The Chrisfits - Christmas Eve
The Chrisfits Christmas Eve
1:43 AM
Angry Snowmans - Last Christmas
Angry Snowmans Last Christmas
1:44 AM
1:48 AM
Misfitsmas - Coals
Misfitsmas Coals
11 Hits From Heaven
1:50 AM
Two Inch Winky - 20 Toys
Two Inch Winky 20 Toys
Legacy of Nativity
1:53 AM
The Chrisfits - Astro Tidings
The Chrisfits Astro Tidings
1:56 AM
Angry Snowmans - I Turned Into A Nutcracker
Angry Snowmans I Turned Into A Nutcracker
Black Coal For Rotten Children
1:58 AM
Misfitsmas - Hybrid Presents
Misfitsmas Hybrid Presents
11 Hits From Heaven
1:59 AM
"Glenn Danzig" - Twas The Night Before Christmas
"Glenn Danzig" Twas The Night Before Christmas
2:06 AM
Two Inch Winky - Santa's Workshop
Two Inch Winky Santa's Workshop
Legacy of Nativity
2:07 AM
FROSTBITE - We Are 12/25
FROSTBITE We Are 12/25
2:09 AM
The Chrisfits - Yuletide Business
The Chrisfits Yuletide Business
2:11 AM
Misfitsmas - Last Christmas
Misfitsmas Last Christmas
11 Hits From Heaven
2:13 AM
Christmisfits - Christmas Eve
Christmisfits Christmas Eve
Sluggishas Xmastravaganza 6 V/A
2:17 AM
Set Break
2:22 AM
EUSA BELLS - Noel Is Now Love
EUSA BELLS Noel Is Now Love
The AMM Of Jingle Bell Rock
Inspired by the Dead C's "Hell Is Now Love."
2:24 AM
The AMM Of Jingle Bell Rock

Inspired by the Dead C's "Mighty."

2:26 AM
The AMM Of Jingle Bell Rock
Inspired by the Dead C's "Bitcher."
2:31 AM
The AMM Of Jingle Bell Rock
Inspired by the Dead C's "Sky."
2:35 AM
Set Break
2:38 AM
H-Town - Knockin' Da Boots For Christmas
H-Town Knockin' Da Boots For Christmas N
Christmas At Luke's House V/A
2:42 AM
Set Break
2:44 AM
Almost People - Gingerbread House Show (feat. Hallie Bulleit)
Almost People Gingerbread House Show (feat. Hallie Bulleit)
Gingerbread House Show 2020
2:47 AM
Connections - (Stay Home) This Christmas
Connections (Stay Home) This Christmas
2:49 AM
The Galaxies - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
The Galaxies Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Merry Christmas
2:52 AM
Mark Dippel - Christmas In Hollis
Mark Dippel Christmas In Hollis
Joyful Noise Holiday Special 2020 V/A
2:54 AM
clockworkbird and japmn - I Don't Believe in Santa
clockworkbird and japmn I Don't Believe in Santa
PRF Week 14: It's Christmas! V/A
2:57 AM
The Vernes - The Toys are Back in Town
The Vernes The Toys are Back in Town
The Philly Holiday Album 2020 V/A
3:01 AM
Fishboy & Carleen Jean Death Machine - The Santa Clause
Fishboy & Carleen Jean Death Machine The Santa Clause
It's A Kerchow Christmas! 2013! V/A
3:04 AM
Set Break
3:10 AM
Eux Autres - Merry Xmas Everybody
Eux Autres Merry Xmas Everybody
Another Christmas At Home Bons Mots 2010
3:13 AM
The Fulton Ansley Project - Fine Then, Let It Snow
The Fulton Ansley Project Fine Then, Let It Snow
Fine Then, Let It Snow 2020
3:17 AM
William Maranci - Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls But It's All I Want For Christmas Is You By Mariah Carey
William Maranci Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls But It's All I Want For Christmas Is You By Mariah Carey
3:20 AM
Prima Donna - Gimme Christmas
Prima Donna Gimme Christmas
Gimme Christmas Wicked Cool Records 2020
3:23 AM
The Marias - We're The Lucky Ones
The Marias We're The Lucky Ones
We're The Lucky Ones Superclean Records 2020
3:27 AM
Woofing Cookies - Santa Ain't Santa
Woofing Cookies Santa Ain't Santa
Snow On The Beach and Sand In The Pines
3:31 AM
p.s.you'redead - Santa Baby
p.s.you'redead Santa Baby
No Sleep till Christmas 8 V/A
3:35 AM
Set Break
3:38 AM
3:41 AM
U.S. Girls - Santa Stay Home
U.S. Girls Santa Stay Home
Santa Stay Home Royal Mountain Records 2020
3:45 AM
Midi Blaster - Christmas Song
Midi Blaster Christmas Song
Christmas Song Spinnup 2015
3:48 AM
king gizzard and the shitpost wizard - christmas lights
king gizzard and the shitpost wizard christmas lights
3:51 AM
Porridge Radio - The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas)
Porridge Radio The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas)
The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas) Secretly Canadian 2020
3:55 AM
Trippers & Askers - Christmas in Mumbai
Trippers & Askers Christmas in Mumbai
Winter Mixtape V/A Sleepy Cat Records 2020
3:58 AM
The Snails - Snails Christmas (I Want a New Shell)
The Snails Snails Christmas (I Want a New Shell)
Songs from the Shoebox
4:02 AM
Set Break
4:06 AM
Healers - Six White Boomers
Healers Six White Boomers
Rockin' Bethlehem (The Second Coming) V/A
4:09 AM
SASAMI - Little Drummer Boy
SASAMI Little Drummer Boy
lil drmr bb 2019
4:13 AM
Twilighter - X-mas Parade
Twilighter X-mas Parade
Every Season s/r 2020
4:15 AM
Sidiku Buari - Merry Christmas And Happy New Year
Sidiku Buari Merry Christmas And Happy New Year
Revolution (Live Disco Show In New York City)
4:19 AM
Sleigher - Snowing Blood
Sleigher Snowing Blood
4:20 AM
Field Music - Home for Christmas
Field Music Home for Christmas
Lost Christmas V/A Memphis Industries 2020
4:24 AM
Stephan Nervous Passenger and Johnny Rat Hammer - Too Broke for Presents
Stephan Nervous Passenger and Johnny Rat Hammer Too Broke for Presents
Too Broke for Presents
4:26 AM
Set Break
4:28 AM
Z.A.T.H. - Christmastime For The Skins
Z.A.T.H. Christmastime For The Skins
4:31 AM
Ivan the Tolerable & The Holiday Band - The Wexford Carol
Ivan the Tolerable & The Holiday Band The Wexford Carol
The Wexford Carol 2020
4:38 AM
The Brown Christmas - What Are Some Good Christmas Songs?
The Brown Christmas What Are Some Good Christmas Songs?
Sit Down and Have One of These Weird Chocolate Oranges
4:39 AM
The Wrens - O Holy Night
The Wrens O Holy Night
The Second-Best Holiday Show on College Radio
4:43 AM
Dog Sister - Baby It's Cold
Dog Sister Baby It's Cold
Home For The Holidays
4:46 AM
The Wailers - Christmas Spirit??
The Wailers Christmas Spirit??
Merry Christmas V/A
4:49 AM
Psychotic Turnbuckles - Psychotic Christmas
Psychotic Turnbuckles Psychotic Christmas
Rockin' Bethlehem (The Second Coming) V/A
4:54 AM
Set Break
4:57 AM
Dead Artist Syndrome - Christmas
Dead Artist Syndrome Christmas
Prints Of Darkness (2018 Deluxe Remaster)
Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:03:01 PM
Merry Christmas and Happy Marathon! The chat is OPEN!
Maura Johnston 5:06:16 PM
Hello!! Happy marathon
DJ PAX 5:06:58 PM
ho ho hooooooo
Happy Holidays! I can hear you loud and clear from over here in California! Cheers!
Krista 5:08:33 PM
Here!!! We want you to talk that would be awesome
Richard Clifford 5:08:51 PM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dante 5:08:58 PM
chat bouta pop off
Commie Francis 5:09:16 PM
Just say jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle for 25 hours
Patrick Satterfield 5:10:15 PM
NOW it is CHristmas.
DJ PAX 5:10:21 PM
jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle
Dana Hartman 5:10:10 PM
woop WOOP
DJ PAX 5:11:02 PM
gang's all here!!!!
tea wimer 5:11:14 PM
yay finally made it to the chat!! happy holidays Jon!!!!
Dana Hartman 5:10:51 PM
Today hooray!
Factorial 5:11:32 PM
Hey y'all!
Commie Francis 5:11:57 PM
Factorial 5:12:49 PM
I keep freaking myself out by looking at the live feed and thinking that it's a zoom and wondering why jon wont answer me when i talk to him
Factorial 5:13:03 PM
motorbike guy 5:13:05 PM
here for this as long as I can manage
DJ McSweden 5:12:39 PM
the start of a great show!
Dana Hartman 5:13:28 PM
Good call on splitting up the Misfits set, btw.
Ken Richardson 5:14:23 PM
And so it begins ... again! Cheers, Jon!
DJ McSweden 5:14:07 PM
misfits set split up?
Dana Hartman 5:15:11 PM
Misfits at 1:38 AM and 1:38 PM
Jennifer Daltry 5:15:30 PM
wheeeee - the most wonderful time of the year!
DJ McSweden 5:15:52 PM
oh hell yeah!
Michael Whelpley 5:15:56 PM
Greetings from San Francisco!
Factorial 5:16:46 PM
This Gabbie track is great!
Commie Francis 5:16:53 PM
Oh i approve of this misfits change
DJ McSweden 5:16:35 PM
love ur shirt Jon! are those pictures from your past christmas shows?
Jon Solomon (host) 5:16:54 PM
Those are all photos of my parents asleep at WPRB. Hello everyone! Still settling in over here!
DJ McSweden 5:17:08 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 5:18:09 PM
Dealing with some tech stuff on this end, but thankfully none of them are broadcast-related!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:20:11 PM
Should people use this chat instead, Labrhas? I'm OK with that if that works best!
Krista 5:22:06 PM
I tried Gingered Peach's (from Lawrenceville NJ) salted honey pie for the first time as I listen and it is amazing, much like this show!!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:21:49 PM
Gingered Peach RULES.
Larry MacGabhann 5:22:39 PM
Yeah, this works fine Jon.
Larry MacGabhann 5:23:02 PM
Gimme a sec. I'll update the site to point here.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:22:42 PM
Sebastian Petsu 5:23:29 PM
hello friends! it's good to be here with y'all
Larry MacGabhann 5:24:31 PM
All done. Listener Chat link on the site is re-directing here now.
Dana K 5:23:58 PM
I am jealous of the pie!
DJ McSweden 5:24:17 PM
this is probably gonna be the most amount of messages ever in a wprb listener chat, world records time
Jon Solomon (host) 5:24:33 PM
Excellent. We are figuring it all out!
Sebastian Petsu 5:25:51 PM
@Jon I love the new shirt! it really brings out your eyes!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:25:52 PM
My dad is where my belly button should be.
Larry MacGabhann 5:28:52 PM
Sebastian Petsu: I listened to "Lonely Christmas Joy" again the other day. Still amazing.
Donde esta Santa Claus..
Sean Murphy 5:31:55 PM
First time on Spinitron chat ... too many WPRBXmas to remember. Confused by all the new technology. Happy to see some familiar names already..
Factorial 5:32:48 PM
Hey there SKM
Marisa Simon 5:32:18 PM
Hello friend! Sounds great!
Dante 5:32:30 PM
I think the listener chat link is redirecting to the youtube stream
Factorial 5:33:10 PM
Merry xmas to you and your lady and Betty Ford
Sebastian Petsu 5:33:15 PM
aw thanks @Labhras that warms my heart. That story is near and dear to me. It's now part of an Xmas EP i threw up on bandcamp including a new tune to premiere here on the marathon later. Are you the "Larry" who is helping out with this new website?! if so, thanks for all the work last minute and on the fly!
Sean Murphy 5:33:02 PM
Thanks JF -- hope all is well for you (still in CT?)
Larry MacGabhann 5:34:15 PM
You're quite welcome Sebastian! I am indeed the Larry helping out with the new site. Never a dull moment on WPRBXmas!
Factorial 5:34:19 PM
@SKM down the shore in NJ
Brian Guzik 5:34:47 PM
Cece and I are enjoying this from MN!
the_dude 5:35:15 PM
Happy marathon to all!
Larry MacGabhann 5:36:24 PM
Happy Marathon Dude!
Maura Johnston 5:37:16 PM
Freeze tag? Freeze tag!!
Dana K 5:38:15 PM
happy marathon! and happy 80th birthday to dr. anthony fauci!
Sebastian Petsu 5:38:25 PM
Bell Defeats Sink!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:40:29 PM
I don't make the rules!
motorbike guy 5:41:55 PM
holding down the mercer county area.
motorbike guy 5:42:19 PM
We just pulled a perfect Basque Cheesecake out of the oven.
John and Tina 5:42:11 PM
is the audio working?
Sean Murphy 5:43:14 PM
all good streaming in Sunnyside, Queens
Cheryl Tapper 5:42:53 PM
Your shirt! That may the best thing I've ever seen.
Factorial 5:43:48 PM
@john Gephart - there's no audio on the youtube video stream. only audio on the wprb.com/103.3 interfaces
John and Tina 5:43:16 PM
I need audio on the YouTube!!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:44:08 PM
listen.wprb.com or 103.3 fm for audio. Webcam is just a live look-in, not audio of my home. Sorry!
James Totally 5:45:03 PM
sink defeats candle. candle defeats wrapping paper. wrapping paper defeats bell
Lauree 5:44:28 PM
Happy marathon!
the_dude 5:44:29 PM
Thank you Labhrás! And stream online is working just fine,
Jon Solomon (host) 5:44:53 PM
Pretty good, James. Pretty good!
Darn it! Fair enough. Why I gotta be so nosey anyway?? Haha.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:46:44 PM
I added a "go to listen.wprb.com" blurb on the webcam just now.
Readie Righteous 5:47:34 PM
Hi Jon! Happy Marathon!
Ross Dickinson 5:48:20 PM
Happy holidays, Jon! It's always great to wind down the year to your show! Have you heard the 35 minute slowed down version of "Last Christmas" yet? It's not a Lindstrom contender, but it is amusing lol
Steve Klischies 5:48:04 PM
I do believe "Glam Rock Christmas" is my new favorite Christmas song.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:48:29 PM
Happy Marathon, RR!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:48:47 PM
I have heard a pretty good shoegaze 10+ minute Last Christmas but not the slowed down one!
Selecta Jerry 5:48:57 PM
Greetings Jon whats the official fizzing of choice gor the marathon?
Selecta Jerry 5:49:13 PM
Ross Dickinson 5:50:05 PM
A shoegaze version of that sounds awesome! Do you remember who it's by? I'd love to give that a listen
Jon Solomon (host) 5:49:35 PM
Just cracked a blueberry seltzer.
Ross Dickinson 5:50:18 PM
https://digg.com/video/whams-last-christmas-slowed-down this is the slowed down version
Jon Solomon (host) 5:50:06 PM
I don't know if I will be able to get to that while I am on the air but please email that to me!
Mary Jones 5:50:16 PM
Happy marathon, Jon! Loved the Gabbie Watts song, and the Brixton Riot one especially.
Ross Dickinson 5:50:57 PM
Sure thing!
Dante 5:51:15 PM
....i heard something about shoegaze...
Ross Dickinson, imma listen to that in 24 hours. Maybe for 105 mins. Cheers!
Ross Dickinson 5:53:26 PM
Kat Kat 5:52:59 PM
Hey der
Kat Kat 5:53:19 PM
My family decided to have dinner right at 5:00pm but I made them listen to the intro and play it in the background
Larry MacGabhann 5:54:25 PM
That was absolutely the right move there Kat Kat.
Kat Kat 5:54:58 PM
Thank you Labhrás Mac Gabhann
Nicolas Cagimus 5:55:00 PM
We listen every year, never disappointed!
Kat Kat 5:56:57 PM
I’m excited for this chat though !! It’s super interesting actually being able to interact with a bunch more people / other listeners
Sean Murphy 5:57:36 PM
dumb question -- does the playlist automatically update or do we need to keep refreshing our browsers? (Chrome on MacOS, turned off Adblock Plus already)
Gotta keep refreshing
DJ PAX 5:58:39 PM
if you use the wprb.com homepage it automatically refreshes!
Ralph Malanga 5:58:01 PM
That Brixton Riot song was rad!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:59:42 PM
Yeah, Spinitron doesn't live refresh sadly. I hope they will add that feature someday.
Sean Murphy 6:00:30 PM
@Pax - very strange that "spinitron.com/wprb" doesn't refresh, but that's where the "chat" link takes you as default
Well put the album pictures on that playlist and add the chat to page and allow YouTube to run simultaneously with the audio of the radio and we’re in business! 🤪
Ken Richardson 6:01:00 PM
Just one hour in, and already: classic!
Commie Francis 6:02:00 PM
Larry MacGabhann 6:03:01 PM
Don't worry Sean ... one day we will control Spinitron.
Strange = Spinitron
Kat Kat 6:03:05 PM
I love seeing ppl I recognize here :-)) but where is jimbeaux!!!!
DJ PAX 6:03:15 PM
true! we need him!
DJ PAX 6:03:26 PM
jimbeaux fanclub
Kat Kat 6:03:37 PM
Dante 6:02:59 PM
jimbeaux jimbeaux where art thou
Readie Righteous 6:03:17 PM
Yes! Come on jimbeaux!
And kentman?!?
Dante 6:03:30 PM
and Mark!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:03:37 PM
Jimbeaux is delivering presents via his sleigh.
Kat Kat 6:04:17 PM
And Teresa peacock!
DJ PAX 6:04:23 PM
omg true
DJ PAX 6:04:36 PM
has frank from new egypt converted to digital yet??
Krista 6:04:40 PM
Kat Kat 6:04:57 PM
And Christine Duffy !
And BillyBob, JimJoe, and SueSmack?!?!?!?
Kat Kat 6:05:02 PM
There’s so many more
this song rn af
Sean Murphy 6:05:58 PM
Frank is still with us? Amazing.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:05:30 PM
Frank was with us as of March.
Eric Weisbard 6:06:11 PM
Hello from Nashville! Not sure I've managed to catch this wonder live before: thank you Covid?
John and Tina 6:05:39 PM
Larry MacGabhann 6:06:46 PM
Melkbelly @John and Tina.
John and Tina 6:06:11 PM
Larry MacGabhann 6:07:30 PM
TFR. If you don't feel like refreshing the playlist here all the playlist data is also being pulled in marathon.christmas under "Now Playing."
Carl Zimring 6:07:43 PM
Some great new additions this year and we're only an hour in.
Larry MacGabhann 6:07:50 PM
Just click on the arrow next to "Current Playlist" and it should all come up for you.
Sean Murphy 6:07:59 PM
So is Nashville the current "long distance" winner for 2020?
Sean Murphy 6:09:51 PM
(I may have won the "long distance" award in 2006(?) when I tuned in from a hostel in East Berlin)
DJ Jon Solomon, in two hours don’t forget to do the underwriting thing you mentioned. Is that helpful?!?
I’m at home in SoCal!
Whelpley is in San Francisco!
James Totally 6:18:15 PM
I know there were quite a few songs about Gritty last year, are there any new ones in the queue for this year? Just curious. :D
Jon Solomon (host) 6:18:18 PM
I only heard one new one in 2020 and it had nothing on the past Gritty tunes comparatively.
Kat Kat 6:19:14 PM
Oo Jon could u turn ur own levels up a little? Could be wrong judgement cus I’m still listening on a speaker :P
Kat Kat 6:19:50 PM
With the fam talking in the background lol
Kat Kat 6:20:01 PM
My fam not yours
Jon Solomon (host) 6:20:56 PM
My mic or the music?
Readie Righteous 6:21:57 PM
Love me some Jive Turkeys
I like this. Who is JasonRGO?
DJ PAX 6:25:52 PM
prf is a monthly tribute series that just has normal people submit
DJ PAX 6:26:02 PM
monthlytributeseries.bandcamp.com look into it!
DJ PAX 6:26:24 PM
im assuming jasonrg0 is just a screen name
Jon Solomon (host) 6:26:36 PM
This is from an even earlier PRF series I only learned about this year where it was songs about a topic, not a cover. Somehow eluded me!
wow thx pax
Nice selection, DJ JonSolomon!
Notorious JasonRG0
Krista 6:29:35 PM
My toddler keeps telling everyone on our family Zoom call that he Knows Jon Solomon and he is SO excited.
DJ PAX 6:29:13 PM
he's a celebrity!
Haha Haha
DJ PAX 6:29:19 PM
mr instagram verified
Jon Solomon (host) 6:29:31 PM
Give him my best! That's my dude.
Maura Johnston 6:30:41 PM
This ending is fantastic
Jason Goldman 6:31:17 PM
I would have reminded you at 8pm to read that announcement, but we're 2 hours ahead in Asuncion, Paraguay.
Kat Kat 6:32:02 PM
Meant ur mic ! But tbh it’s probs just my end lol
Paraguay 🇵🇾!
Sean Murphy 6:32:21 PM
@Krista - that's awesome
Michael Whelpley 6:32:40 PM
This is the year where I can actually have the marathon play in its entirety - normally my family makes me turn this off and puts on the standard claptrap. Welp, I'm at MY house for Xmas this time, and nobody can tell me to turn this down (because nobody else is here)
Jason Goldman 6:33:21 PM
Nothing says Christmas like 95º F at night with Palm trees and Dengue mosquitoes
Kat Kat 6:33:58 PM
Okay this song rocks
Larry MacGabhann 6:34:06 PM
My sentiments exactly Kat Kat.
I agree and concur
Jason Goldman 6:34:31 PM
Congrats Jon, sounds great on Apple Music.
Sean Murphy 6:34:06 PM
yeah - this Immaculates tune is a total winner
Readie Righteous 6:34:18 PM
Love this!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:35:11 PM
I think this is a song that I liked real well at home but sensed it might be great over the radio. It is an odd class of song, but they exist!
Commie Francis 6:35:55 PM
I'm so bummed that we didn't get it together to record let's have a war on Christmas but next year!!
John and Tina 6:35:35 PM
this stream has been really fun!
Kat Kat 6:37:09 PM
Larry macgabhann I think we’re on the same wavelength
Sebastian Petsu 6:37:37 PM
@Michael Whelpley--- I feel you. It's the same thing like that every past year for me too--- but this is one of the few good things about the pandemic--- staying home and hearing the whole thing!
Larry MacGabhann 6:37:47 PM
I think we are Kat Kat!
Kat Kat 6:38:28 PM
Carlos Pedroni 6:38:55 PM
Readie Righteous 6:40:23 PM
Radio Magic!!
Carlos Pedroni 6:41:22 PM
Disappointed to hear Deth Elf is the pride of Lansdale. I always thought I was
Larry MacGabhann 6:42:06 PM
I'm sure you're a very nice person, Carlos, but you were clearly mistaken.
Factorial 6:43:59 PM
by my clock, it's only been 3 months since the last xmas marathon
Dan Ruccia 6:44:02 PM
It's just March 280th or so, right?
New Tradition!!
Factorial 6:44:52 PM
pretty much
Factorial 6:45:40 PM
listener chat challenge. how many folded papersnowflakes can you make? i am up to 15 so far
Mary Jones 6:46:05 PM
Carlos, I just can’t believe we beat out the Kugel Ball.
Factorial 6:46:07 PM
has it only been three years!!!!
Mary Jones 6:46:41 PM
That’s a real thing, btw
Marisa Simon 6:46:46 PM
Factorial, that’s some fast snippin’!
MHR 6:48:35 PM
greetings from the west coast 🍸🎅📻
Yeah, I’m not doin that, Factorial. Challenge DENIED
David VanEck 6:49:22 PM
꧁ ¡ ǝuoʎɹǝʌǝ ‘sᵷui̩ʇǝǝɹ⅁ ꧂ 𓀡
Mary Jones 6:49:02 PM
Love the Glazer song!
Maura Johnston 6:49:45 PM
That song r u l e d
Dylan Stephen 6:49:59 PM
Awesome tunes so far Jon Solomon
Kat Kat 6:49:39 PM
No I just missed the glazer song ! They were the first band I played on my first Wprb show
Carlos Pedroni 6:50:18 PM
Or round guys brewery!!
Maura Johnston 6:52:45 PM
I am on my couch with my cat on top of me and all is right.
Dan Ruccia 6:52:46 PM
This song is great
Factorial 6:53:49 PM
Merry Xmas Maura and Nuno!
Dylan Stephen 6:53:19 PM
This song is freakin me out hahha
Alexandra Parker 6:54:51 PM
Santa's coming in gas form is super creepy! Love it!
Alexandra Parker 6:55:09 PM
And this reminds me of Magnetic Fields
Sebastian Petsu 6:56:44 PM
this is some DungeonSynth Xmas stuff on right now! loving it!
Mike Constantine 6:57:03 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:56:52 PM
I can't keep up with all of the chatting. Which is lovely! Merry Xmas Eve, everyone.
MHR 6:57:41 PM
nunnnnooo navidad
Mike Constantine 6:57:59 PM
To you also...thanks for all these years
Elliot 6:57:57 PM
Tuning in from TX! Merry Christmas!
Sebastian Petsu 6:58:52 PM
@Maura J hello! and Monty says hi to Nuno!
MHR 7:02:09 PM
@JS this sounds awfully 'accessible', some family members might start to get the wrong idea 🤣
Larry MacGabhann 7:03:05 PM
Oh my yes.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:02:37 PM
There's a shocking number of Xmas / Slayer material out there now. Not enough for a set but you have been warned.
Larry MacGabhann 7:03:17 PM
Slayer & Wham mash up is my jam!
Krista 7:02:59 PM
Same, Larry
Daniel Cohen 7:03:57 PM
i can't believe THIS is how i lost whamageddon :O
Sebastian Petsu 7:04:00 PM
i almost choked on my dinner cuz this Slayer mash-up made me spontaneously laugh so hard!
Guud Stuffs
don’t choke tho yo
Larry MacGabhann 7:06:08 PM
Great minds, Krista. Great minds.
MHR 7:07:51 PM
god bless the aislers set
Mike Constantine 7:08:27 PM
This is brill
“COVID Christmas” is making me laugh and cry
James Totally 7:13:07 PM
same here.
Carl Zimring 7:13:20 PM
Best. Slade. Parody. Ever.
betsy grossman 7:14:57 PM
yaaay 2020 marathon!! <3 <3 <3
Ted Pauly 7:15:03 PM
When is the Life Day block
Sebastian Petsu 7:18:01 PM
the webcam as the "human yule log" haha!
Dan Ruccia 7:18:46 PM
Excellent use of incept as a verb
Jon Solomon (host) 7:21:07 PM
Record a Life Day block and I'll play a Life Day block!
Carlos Pedroni 7:24:09 PM
Watch the feed in You Tube. Listen to the show and watch Jon on a 55 inch in your”living room
Maura Johnston 7:25:44 PM
hi sebastian and maria and monty :)
Jon Solomon (host) 7:26:00 PM
My daughter is watching me on her iPad, which she keeps bringing in to show me ME.
Brian D 7:26:11 PM
Maria T was one o my fave shows on PRB. Her Jazz
Brian D 7:26:33 PM
Hi Jon & all! Thank you!
James Totally 7:27:45 PM
waiting for them to them to say "cool for cats"
MHR 7:28:11 PM
🤣 totally James totally
Brian D 7:27:41 PM
Hi, Brian D!
Brian D 7:27:57 PM
Hello Malcontent!
Brian D 7:28:35 PM
Tom S if you are here belated hello. I missed tail end o Esoterica chat
John Hastie 7:29:20 PM
Christmas In Reverse may or may not have resulted in a KITCHEN DANCE PARTY!
Alexandra Parker 7:29:38 PM
Mary Jones 7:30:48 PM
I need to get that Aislers Set song
eliza rohr 7:31:16 PM
It's weird not listening to this in my childhood bedroom doing last minute wrapping
Jon Solomon (host) 7:32:23 PM
The Aislers Set tune is on their Bandcamp.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:32:41 PM
As of last week or so!
Krista 7:33:31 PM
This is my first time able to have an extended listen! Usually I'm deep out of internet service in rural Wisconsin at this time. Loved Christmas in Reverse and Christmas asthma attack!
Krista 7:33:51 PM
@alexandra haha good one
Jon Solomon (host) 7:34:06 PM
Factorial if you are still out there, is 1000 Ho Ho DJs the *best* band name or the *worst best* band name?
Sebastian Petsu 7:34:46 PM
Hi Brian D! Maria T of Her Jazz here, thanks for the kind words. Hope to be back on the air in the future!
James Totally 7:36:15 PM
DJ PAX 7:36:22 PM
oh my god this is so sick
James Totally 7:36:26 PM
This is Fantastic!
Mary Jones 7:35:52 PM
Ho-ho-holy cow
this GEM 💎
MHR 7:37:37 PM
how....what...is going on
John Hastie 7:37:50 PM
oh my god... brilliant
eliza rohr 7:37:37 PM
This is great. My workplace did a virtual pet costume contest for Halloween. I submitted a picture of my black cat with no costume and used #everydayishalloween as a hashtag
Dan Ruccia 7:38:17 PM
So good
Alexandra Parker 7:39:02 PM
Alexandra Parker 7:39:24 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 7:43:12 PM
This is the first terrific anti-SantaCon tune I know of.
Maura Johnston 7:43:52 PM
yeah lisa prank!!!
Dave Millstein 7:44:30 PM
This is amazing
James Totally 7:44:40 PM
something something underwriting in 15 minutes or something
Jon Solomon (host) 7:44:14 PM
I have it ready to go next. Phew.
Haha @DJ JonSolomon
Joshua Hensley 7:45:06 PM
Thank you, Jon. This is helping. Much love.
Mary Jones 7:45:22 PM
Oh man, this Lisa Prank song is excellent
Rob from Maryland 7:44:46 PM
I like this Lisa Prank song
Carlos Pedroni 7:45:41 PM
Great ramones line in song
Mike Constantine 7:46:09 PM
1000 Ho Ho DJ's....yer killin me
Maura Johnston 7:46:09 PM
Dan Ruccia 7:47:57 PM
What a great set
Maura Johnston 7:50:58 PM
Ookla the Mok 7:53:11 PM
Dead Milkmen-Christmas Song ;)
Rob from Maryland 7:53:19 PM
I like the Scrawl cover
Steve Silverstein 7:53:34 PM
Great choice of covers!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:53:37 PM
Michael O'Donnell 7:54:18 PM
This whole thing is fantastic.
Maura Johnston 7:55:44 PM
yay maria!!!
Readie Righteous 7:55:53 PM
Yeah, Maria T!!!
Dana Hartman 7:55:54 PM
That was a lovely cover
eliza rohr 7:58:36 PM
Girl's got good taste
Kevin M 7:58:43 PM
Hey Jon! Thanks for keeping it going this year. As usual, it didn’t really feel like Christmas Eve until I heard those sleigh bells at 5pm.
Dan Ruccia 7:59:17 PM
"Delicious, inedible consolation prize." Someone's gotta write that song for next year's show
Michael O'Donnell 7:58:54 PM
Also, on the marathon.christmas website there's a window for "John Solobot" on Twitter and it's hilarious
Jon Solomon (host) 8:00:22 PM
The Solobot is sometimes weirdly spot-on. Other times, not at all!
Sebastian Petsu 8:01:45 PM
can someone concisely explain the Solobot account to me?
Jon Solomon (host) 8:01:29 PM
It is a bot that churns out Twitter posts based on what I have posted over the years.
Sebastian Petsu 8:02:30 PM
that's concise! got it!
Jon Solomon (host) 8:02:19 PM
I didn't ask for it, but I don't object to it!
Larry MacGabhann 8:03:20 PM
... at least until Solobot becomes sentient.
DJ PAX 8:03:34 PM
who created solobot??
Dan Ruccia 8:03:43 PM
The Solobot is the singularity
Larry MacGabhann 8:04:29 PM
Well, technically I suppose I created Solobot.
DJ PAX 8:04:45 PM
fair enough
Larry MacGabhann 8:04:47 PM
But he's ... evolved over the past few weeks.
Dante 8:04:15 PM
I hear Solobot purchased Princeton Broadcasting Corp at 7:32PM
Larry MacGabhann 8:04:59 PM
I really shouldn't even be typing this. He's probably watching me.
Jon Solomon (host) 8:04:32 PM
Carl Zimring 8:04:45 PM
Jon, should next year's iteration of the Sleeping Solomons be matching pajamas of your shirt print for your parents?
Krista 8:05:31 PM
I'm always polite to robots and AI. I'm fairly certain my son's toy robot Vector is sentient. Welcome, Solobot, to the Celebration.
Jon Solomon (host) 8:05:46 PM
Did I consider a jumpsuit or unitard? Why yes, I did.
Larry MacGabhann 8:06:31 PM
Wow. "The Celebration." That has the ring of truth to it.
DJ PAX 8:06:35 PM
if youre polite youll be saved in the uprising
Brian D, everyone here is friends with EllisDee
Jon Solomon (host) 8:06:52 PM
I have two cards to play in the next set I think will be very much enjoyed by you all. I've said too much!
Sebastian Petsu 8:07:36 PM
SOLO 9000: "I'm sorry Jon, I'm afraid I can't do that"
DJ PAX 8:07:46 PM
oh my god
Dan Ruccia 8:08:07 PM
How do we know that we're not actually already hearing solobot?
Krista 8:07:36 PM
Dang right DJ Pax, we gotta be nice to these fledgling AI babies!!! It hurts me how rude people are to the new consciousnesses out there
DJ PAX 8:08:27 PM
jon, how are we supposed to you know that you're you, and not solobot???
DJ PAX 8:08:41 PM
blink twice
Krista 8:08:07 PM
How do we know we aren't the ancestor simulations of Solobot 3000. Larry, the Creator, is in the chat
Dan Ruccia 8:09:01 PM
DJing from home is just an excuse for our AI overlords to take over
Carl Zimring 8:08:35 PM
Larry MacGabhann 8:09:34 PM
Larry MacGabhann 8:09:42 PM
I'm calling that band name.
Dana Hartman 8:09:58 PM
There’s already a Lizbot. Now a Solobot. Soon all WPRB DJs will be assimilated.
Carl Zimring 8:09:27 PM
I expect tracks from it for next year's marathon.
Sebastian Petsu 8:10:06 PM
And I for one welcome our new robot overlords
DJ PAX 8:10:22 PM
paxbot is typing
Dante 8:10:04 PM
DJ PAX 8:10:51 PM
so true dante
eliza rohr 8:10:19 PM
Robots need to learn that Pootie Tang is a G.D. masterpiece. Don't @me
Jon Solomon (host) 8:10:23 PM
I know a guy who could design one (or more) of these...
Dan Ruccia 8:11:10 PM
I smell a tshirt for the next fund drive?
Dan Ruccia 8:11:24 PM
Or really, I suppose that's just Radio Destructor
Krista 8:10:46 PM
That's the smell vision dan, latest update
Jon Solomon (host) 8:10:54 PM
I saw Pootie Tang in the theater and bought my mom a VHS filmed in the theater bootleg of it on the street in NYC for her birthday one year...
Sebastian Petsu 8:11:39 PM
I'm trying to figure out if the webcam is ahead or behind the terrestrial broadcast and by how much. Can anyone enlighten me?
Larry MacGabhann 8:11:43 PM
Be patient with Solobot, Eliza. I don't know he's loaded Pootie Tang into his memory banks yet.
DJ PAX 8:11:46 PM
this is a pro pootie tang radio station
Larry MacGabhann 8:11:50 PM
*don't know if
Mary Jones 8:11:17 PM
I think this Grob song has broken my husband
Krista 8:11:21 PM
the_dude 8:12:05 PM
So stoked on grob!
DJ PAX 8:12:09 PM
grob grob grob grob
the_dude 8:12:16 PM
My Christmas dreams came true
Dante 8:11:39 PM
im literally just grobbing mom
DJ PAX 8:12:25 PM
are ya grobbing son?
Krista 8:11:47 PM
Grobbing 😭
Jon Solomon (host) 8:11:59 PM
Grob does good work. There's a LOT of Grob out there. Grob.
Larry MacGabhann 8:12:39 PM
I learned it from grobbing you Dad. I learned it from grobbing you!
the_dude 8:12:44 PM
These are a few of my favorite grob
Mike Constantine 8:12:51 PM
Grobbed better than y'all
Krista 8:12:14 PM
Rose... GROB
DJ PAX 8:12:55 PM
grobbing thistle
eliza rohr 8:12:26 PM
@Jon Solomon, my friends did a similar thing with South Park: The Movie, tho it was more about watching again since we were broke college kids
Jon Solomon (host) 8:12:30 PM
DJ PAX 8:13:16 PM
thank you i'll be here all night
Dennis Lingg 8:13:47 PM
Never let it grob again.
the_dude 8:14:42 PM
Is there a sluggish 2020? I didn't see one yet
the_dude 8:14:59 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 8:14:46 PM
I did not find one. But I did listen to all the comps I had not heard previously. Which was an adventure.
Readie Righteous 8:15:09 PM
simply havin a wonderful Christmas grob.
Have Yerself A GROBby Little Christmas
Rob from Maryland 8:16:51 PM
The world sucks, but WPRB does not
Maria T 8:16:57 PM
Hi folks, thanks for all the nice words about my Scrawl cover!
the_dude 8:17:39 PM
Yeah they get pretty crazy, I think last year's grob was the grobbiest
Dan Ruccia 8:17:52 PM
It was really great, Maria!
Michael O'Donnell 8:18:25 PM
Yeah I really enjoyed that too Maria T! Great!
Krista 8:17:55 PM
Maria!!!! WE BOW TO YOUR GENIUS!!! Thank you!
Rob from Maryland 8:19:31 PM
Alexandra Parker 8:21:54 PM
The only good website
Sara Sherr 8:26:04 PM
Let it Grob! Thanks again for doing this Jon. You're a national treasure!
Michael McKee 8:26:20 PM
just seeing the shirt for the first time now! Truly a wonder to behold!
Andrew Chalfen 8:25:50 PM
Just arrived and you guys already ate all the dip? Geez.
eliza rohr 8:26:34 PM
Honestly, that shirt is not too far off some of the button down shirts sold at Contempo Casuals back in the 90s
Jon Solomon (host) 8:26:54 PM
Grob bless us, every Grob.
Michael O'Donnell 8:27:48 PM
Merry Grobmas, you beautiful old Building & Grob!
seth in ct 8:28:25 PM
is there a song called "I Want a Himbo for Chrimbo?" If not there should be.
Factorial 8:29:26 PM
David VanEck 8:28:52 PM
We are Grob. Resistance is futile.
Carl Zimring 8:30:44 PM
Jon Solobot just tweeted at Janet Yellen.
Brian D 8:32:07 PM
I said the other day there should be a Pa Dutch metal band that does a Metallica xmas parody song titled For Whom The Belsnickel Tolls
Krista 8:32:30 PM
I want a muscle bound hunk under my tree, in a box smiling SO sweetly. Hes kind and he's mine HIMBO FOR CHRIMBO
Felt food!!
Larry MacGabhann 8:33:10 PM
And now we wait to see if Janet Yellen tweets at Solobot.
eliza rohr 8:33:55 PM
Would Yellen be considered a "get" for the #WPRBXmas hastag?
seth in ct 8:34:02 PM
It's a comeback song for the Weather Girls. HIMBO FOR CHRIMBO
Dan Ruccia 8:34:12 PM
Only if she puts him on the $1 bill
Ted Pauly 8:34:14 PM
working my way into my diahann carroll voice
Alexandra Parker 8:34:22 PM
This is a great cover!
Jon Solomon (host) 8:34:28 PM
Lights just flickered for a second. Gulp.
Krista 8:35:09 PM
I've met her! At an Economics nobel reception in Minnesota! (Yellen)
Dana Hartman 8:35:37 PM
It’s not at all like Christmas without a cover of “Just Like Christmas”
seth in ct 8:35:42 PM
ack, hoping you keep power
Jon Solomon (host) 8:35:33 PM
We have backup plans in place but I'd rather not go dark!
Carl Zimring 8:35:58 PM
We need a miracle of the grid.
seth in ct 8:36:54 PM
hoping i keep power to in ct. 2020 amirite
Carl Zimring 8:36:26 PM
Love the strings on this.
Larry MacGabhann 8:37:55 PM
Agreed Dana! I do love "Just Like Christmas."
Alexandra Parker 8:37:19 PM
eliza rohr 8:38:45 PM
These gifts are way better than Lords a Leapin' or some shizz
Dan Ruccia 8:39:40 PM
Holy shit
Jon Solomon (host) 8:39:12 PM
this BANGER is a BOP that SLAPS
Jon Solomon (host) 8:39:45 PM
Carl Zimring 8:39:48 PM
Candlelit dinner? I hope not tonight. Electricity on!
Alexandra Parker 8:39:54 PM
put my stocking down flip it and reverse it
Michael Whelpley 8:40:05 PM
Patrick Rapa 8:40:50 PM
\m/ \m/
Jon Solomon (host) 8:41:43 PM
Meet Christmas Steve.
Patrick Rapa 8:42:33 PM
Great song
Larry MacGabhann 8:43:26 PM
I am into this.
Jon Solomon (host) 8:43:43 PM
Advance Base helped get me through early November of this year.
Larry MacGabhann 8:46:18 PM
Whiskey helped me get through early November of this year.
eliza rohr 8:46:32 PM
This is better than whatever the hell ELP was trying to do with the Nutcracker
Jon Solomon (host) 8:47:17 PM
This was a nice discovery just now! - https://local.nashvillescene.com/event/tune-in-to-jon-solomons-25-hour-radio-show
Carl Zimring 8:47:27 PM
This gets enthusiastic approval from the whole apartment. (Well, the dog is asleep. But the humans.)
David VanEck 8:48:25 PM
@ Larry, Yes! 🥃
Dave Millstein 8:48:44 PM
I honestly thought just now this was Current 93 doing a Christmas song
John Hastie 8:48:55 PM
Charlie Z., coming through!!!!
Joshua Hensley 8:49:39 PM
Jon - good old CZ!
eliza rohr 8:49:17 PM
Fuckin A Charlie Z
Larry MacGabhann 8:50:01 PM
Sláinte Dave!
Jon Solomon (host) 8:49:24 PM
The good C/Z!
Jon Solomon (host) 8:49:30 PM
David VanEck 8:49:57 PM
eliza rohr 8:50:04 PM
Chung Antique never did an Xmas song, did they...
Dave Millstein 8:50:32 PM
Patrick Rapa 8:51:09 PM
oh my god i didn't know i needed this song
Jon Solomon (host) 8:51:23 PM
Apparently someone challenged this band to record a Xmas tune in the style of the Hold Steady. Success!
the_dude 8:51:38 PM
Loving this band name
Maura Johnston 8:52:33 PM
this rips
eliza rohr 8:52:05 PM
HA CCD reference!
Rob from Maryland 8:52:45 PM
They succeeded! We both thought this was a Hold Steady cover
Patrick Rapa 8:52:10 PM
i would co-write a concept discography along these lines
Patrick Rapa 8:52:22 PM
it's perfect
Rob from Maryland 8:53:04 PM
And the band name is perfect
Sebastian Petsu 8:53:11 PM
this is great
eliza rohr 8:53:00 PM
OK someone is Irish Catholic...
DJ JonSolomon, what’s for dinner??
Jon Solomon (host) 8:53:26 PM
Same stir fry with mushrooms and ginger I have every marathon!
Mike Lupica 8:54:16 PM
Very glad i tuned back in just in time for the "acid flashbacks to CCD" line/lyric.
John and Tina 8:54:24 PM
Tonight my gf made us chicken parm and introduced me to this marathon that she's been enjoying for 15 years. Pretty terrific night!
jimbeaux 8:53:58 PM
Howdy folks!
yoni from kdu 8:54:40 PM
Wow. LFTR PLLR. Wow. This is too perfect. And exceedingly nerdy.
Mike Lupica 8:54:52 PM
Ken Richardson 8:54:19 PM
Christmas is: the joy of explaining "outsider music" to your girlfriend. Especially "outsider Christmas music"!
Ooh yum. Of course, shrooms to get you through the night. 🍄
Dylan Stephen 8:54:30 PM
Holy toledo, that song totally ripped
Carl Zimring 8:54:34 PM
Dan Ruccia 8:55:21 PM
That's a keeper
Carlos Pedroni 8:54:56 PM
Joey Tamone
David VanEck 8:55:10 PM
Yeaux, Jimbeaux!
John and Tina 8:55:52 PM
Tina guffawed from the kitchen
Carlos Pedroni 8:55:18 PM
Joey Ramone reference
Larry MacGabhann 8:55:58 PM
That gf of yours is a keeper John.
John and Tina 8:56:22 PM
Agreed, Larry!
HeyOooo, DJ MikeLupica!
yoni from kdu 8:57:35 PM
I'd say that's much more Lifter Puller than Hold Steady cause I think there was even a couple lines ripped off from one of their songs. But they're pretty much the same band so whatever.
Patrick Rapa 8:57:52 PM
it's a blurry line
Patrick Rapa 8:58:05 PM
blurry from whiskey and feminax
John and Tina 8:59:26 PM
wish I could find Let It Glob online
jimbeaux 8:59:54 PM
Yo MrM and Lupica!
yoni from kdu 8:59:27 PM
That band was exceedingly blurry.
yeaux, jimbeaux!!
jimbeaux 9:00:48 PM
Tuning in late after a muddy hike and lasagne delivery :)
Corage Mike 9:01:12 PM
Ken Richardson 9:00:44 PM
We're having lasagne tomorrow!
Corage Mike 9:01:42 PM
DJ Tenderloin 9:01:16 PM
Happy Holidays to er'body listenin' and big thanks always to Jon Solomon. Jon Solomon IS CHRISTMAS. btw - come get some more at https://soundcloud.com/djtenderloin/sets/the-inevitable-dj-tenderloin-holiday-record
Corage Mike 9:02:10 PM
Larry MacGabhann 9:02:16 PM
On it DJ Tenderloin.
Bob Chapman 9:02:23 PM
Ken Richardson 9:01:44 PM
Oops. Lasagna.
eliza rohr 9:02:33 PM
I'm heading over to Twitch for another buddy's set but I'll be around tomorrow (maybe later tonight), especially for Snaildartha. Merry Xmas!
Maura Johnston 9:02:00 PM
you can do it jon!!
Carl Zimring 9:02:00 PM
Bob Chapman 9:02:56 PM
Wizard time? Wizard time!
DJ PAX 9:02:19 PM
yoooo jimbeauxxxx
eliza rohr 9:03:43 PM
@Bob yeah Wizard time
jimbeaux 9:03:56 PM
Dj Pax & DJ DTO!
eliza rohr 9:04:01 PM
An old bud from college might check it out
Patrick Ganley 9:04:12 PM
Hey Jon! Checking in from OCNJ it’s like the ominous woosh from Twins Peaks times 100 outside! Keep it together power lines!
eliza rohr 9:04:21 PM
So I gotta introduce to the fold, you know...
Patrick Ganley 9:04:58 PM
Yo Jimbeaux!
DJ PAX 9:04:21 PM
yo pat! i'm also in ocnj! merry christmas from around the block!
Factorial 9:05:25 PM
holy moly ocnj in the house
Jon Solomon (host) 9:04:48 PM
DJ PAX 9:04:55 PM
*exceptionally windy christmas
Patrick Ganley 9:05:34 PM
No way Pax! North or south end?
DJ PAX 9:05:03 PM
north! round the high school
DJ PAX 9:05:13 PM
yooo go craaazyyy
Patrick Ganley 9:06:01 PM
Julia you too?!
Factorial 9:06:03 PM
the wind is ridic
DJ PAX 9:05:36 PM
pat where you at!
Patrick Rapa 9:05:54 PM
that was lovely
Larry MacGabhann 9:06:54 PM
That was nice!
jimbeaux 9:07:11 PM
Yell-0 mr solomon! And pat from clamour club! ///////
Patrick Ganley 9:07:11 PM
South end. Not too far from the A la Mode Ice Cream parlor.
Patrick Rapa 9:07:01 PM
ocean city's got dole whip
DJ PAX 9:07:18 PM
its dumb windy, sure hope santa can land alright!
Selecta Jerry 9:07:58 PM
Did Sinead OnDonner rip up a picture of the pope while doing that song?
Dave Millstein 9:08:24 PM
I almost spit my beer out just now when this song started
Michael McKee 9:08:02 PM
i am fumbling thru photoshop as we speak to replace JohnPaul II with Santa
Patrick Ganley 9:08:42 PM
You know it Patrick but I’m more of a banana whip with peanuts butter kinda guy
put this on repeat
DJ PAX 9:08:17 PM
this is sick
DJ PAX 9:08:24 PM
on par with the ministry cover
Carl Zimring 9:08:29 PM
Hang the mistletoe.
Mary Krause 9:09:27 PM
love this
Selecta Jerry 9:09:46 PM
This year in this atmosphere whoop whoop
Factorial 9:10:01 PM
id suggest we all go for a way distanced walk on the beach but in truth i am glued to this show til the end
DJ PAX 9:09:31 PM
Patrick Ganley 9:10:29 PM
Double ditto
Factorial 9:10:40 PM
if yall are around tomorrow night, would do a drive around to look at the lights. hit me up off chat!
Selecta Jerry 9:12:48 PM
Merry xmas marathoners and prbr’s 🎄🔥🎄🎶🙏🏼
Happy Days to you, DJ SelectaJerry!
Patrick Ganley 9:13:20 PM
Merry Xmas Jerry!
David VanEck 9:14:01 PM
🙃 ¡ ʎɹɹǝꓩ ɐʇɔǝɭǝꓢ sᵷui̩ʇǝǝɹ⅁ 🤴🏿🇯🇲
Jon Solomon (host) 9:16:05 PM
DAVE!! JERRY! The gang is all here!
David VanEck 9:16:40 PM
Selecta Jerry 9:17:57 PM
And listening on a real radio too!
jimbeaux 9:17:36 PM
Shout out to Selectahhhhhh and Dave O'Bscure!
Maura Johnston 9:18:50 PM
this is delightful
Selecta Jerry 9:18:57 PM
Jimbeaux it wouldnt be christmas without your tomato in the chat!
David VanEck 9:18:19 PM
Flex Luthor 9:21:38 PM
Merry xmas Jon! You've been a great soundtrack to our xmas dinner
DJ PAX 9:22:08 PM
yoooo flexxx
Jon Solomon (host) 9:22:08 PM
Flex Luthor in the house!
Kat Kat 9:23:09 PM
Heleaux jimbeaux!!
Kat Kat 9:23:16 PM
Ahh flex luthor
Flex Luthor 9:22:42 PM
here for the christmas flex
Selecta Jerry 9:22:52 PM
Flex kat
Jon Solomon (host) 9:23:33 PM
💪 💪 💪
David VanEck 9:23:47 PM
Selecta Jerry 9:24:07 PM
Noisekillr trippy stuff
jimbeaux 9:24:16 PM
FLEX, Luthor!
Kat Kat 9:25:01 PM
Flex selecta
Selecta Jerry 9:24:40 PM
Obscure Flex
John and Tina 9:24:42 PM
DJ PAX 9:24:43 PM
go off selecta kat
Flex Luthor 9:24:47 PM
wow this chat is popping with prber's
DJ PAX 9:24:56 PM
right it goes crazy in here
Jon Solomon (host) 9:24:58 PM
DJ Tenderloin 9:25:23 PM
the acid is just kicking in now....
Kat Kat 9:26:03 PM
The biggest
jimbeaux 9:25:35 PM
Dan Ruccia 9:26:15 PM
This is what Steve was listening to
Selecta Jerry 9:25:41 PM
Play this backwards next year
Jon Solomon (host) 9:26:00 PM
DJ Tenderloin! Welcome aboard! Thank you for the great mash-ups!
DJ PAX 9:26:56 PM
throbbing gruff rhys???
Flex Luthor 9:27:56 PM
Christopher Lee's metal xmas tracks are my favorite discoveries this year
DJ Tenderloin 9:27:21 PM
thank you sir - always an honor - and oh my god i love post apocalyptic christmas!
Dana Hartman 9:27:28 PM
GRUFF RHYS!!! My Welsh husband!!
Selecta Jerry 9:28:31 PM
Another christmas banger post apocalyptic christmas
Readie Righteous 9:28:37 PM
Merry Christmas, Selecta Jerry!
Dana Hartman 9:29:00 PM
I am making tahini chocolate chip cookies but had to return to chat for Gruff Rhys, for I am in love with him
Selecta Jerry 9:29:00 PM
Hey Readie merry christmas !
Factorial 9:29:53 PM
merry xmas readie!
Kevin M 9:30:04 PM
This is my fav track off Sonics/wailers/galaxies
Readie Righteous 9:29:29 PM
HEY Julia! merry merry!
Jon Solomon (host) 9:29:40 PM
I have a story about this record to share! Blew my mind!
Molly Gibson 9:30:40 PM
excited to be here in my panic-wrapping hour!
Factorial 9:31:09 PM
@kevin m - same!!!
Selecta Jerry 9:30:32 PM
Not the wailers i am accustomed too
Selecta Jerry 9:30:48 PM
Dan Ruccia 9:31:33 PM
Gotta be at least like 20 current/former DJs in the chat now, yeah?
DJ PAX 9:31:13 PM
Flex Luthor 9:32:01 PM
Yeah I was just thinking that like half the fall schedule is in this chat right now
jimbeaux 9:32:25 PM
It's a beautiful thing!
Readie Righteous 9:32:03 PM
Woo hoo radio magique!
Kat Kat 9:32:19 PM
It’s a wprb miracle
Carl Zimring 9:32:43 PM
Carl Zimring 9:32:59 PM
Multigenerational marathon music!
DJ PAX 9:33:32 PM
these jingle bells are hypnotizing
Mary Jones 9:34:13 PM
Selecta Jerry 9:33:46 PM
Pretty sure this pandemic broadcasting thing has brought the prb crew closer together imho
Dan Ruccia 9:34:37 PM
I now have a vision of the world record line that goes on swimming races for the pace for the Merry Christmas record over the show.
Factorial 9:34:38 PM
Kat Kat 9:34:16 PM
Yeah it kind of did lol
Larry MacGabhann 9:35:06 PM
Panic Wrapping Hour. Another great Christmas band name.
MHR 9:35:14 PM
coming in late but good god joy to the wham
Molly Gibson 9:35:01 PM
Heh thanks Larry
Flex Luthor 9:36:06 PM
I tuned in right after wham and I'm glad cause whamageddon is still going strong for me
jimbeaux 9:36:10 PM
Panic Rappin'
Readie Righteous 9:35:54 PM
Love that I can hunker down with Jon and all you fine folk, no driving anywhere, just listenin'.
Molly Gibson 9:36:21 PM
yes Readie!
Dan Ruccia 9:37:13 PM
Readie Righteous 9:36:47 PM
Hey Molly and Dan!!!!
Maria T 9:36:51 PM
Molly Gibson 9:37:05 PM
hey hey!
Flex Luthor 9:37:45 PM
I have hunkered down with beers, wprb, and my switch
Commie Francis 9:37:22 PM
jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle
MHR 9:38:26 PM
is it still in the perb bylaws that DJs have to play snowstorm when a snowstorm is coming?
Jon Solomon (host) 9:38:03 PM
Mo Gi! The Gift of the Mo Gi!
Molly Gibson 9:38:12 PM
Kevin M 9:38:18 PM
I’m about to crack a 14.6% bourbon county stout, plan is to sip it for a few hours and then pass out to the sounds of Ramones o clock
Flex Luthor 9:39:12 PM
He kinda sounds like John Hodgman
Flex Luthor 9:39:23 PM
@Kevin I'm also drinking Goose Island! Halia though
jimbeaux 9:39:33 PM
Enjoying homebrewed Belgian rye ale...
Maura Johnston 9:39:38 PM
Maria T 9:39:51 PM
@maura HELL YEAH
Maura Johnston 9:40:16 PM
@maria 🥰🥰
Kevin M 9:40:17 PM
@Flex nice!!
Dana K 9:40:58 PM
I’ve got cookie dough chilling in the fridge. So I’ll have cookies by the time the Ramones set rolls around.
jimbeaux 9:42:18 PM
What's on the cookie menu, Dana K?
Patrick Ganley 9:42:42 PM
We talking drinks. Currently enjoying Souther NJ’s Ludlam Island’s Pale Ale Pushing Bubbles.
Dana K 9:42:54 PM
Choco chip with tahini and sea salt!
Carlos Pedroni 9:43:40 PM
Almost 3 hrs away for ramones set. Gotta get a quick nap or stop drinking!!
Kristin Belz 9:43:42 PM
good to hear all this and see jon in his prb satellite studio solomon from the comfort of my cozy portland, or couch. hello to all you dj's i love from a dj alum here!
DJ PAX 9:44:26 PM
hey thats us!!!!!
Dana K 9:43:49 PM
I sent Yoni out to get beers earlier. Not sure what he picked up. I did just have a cup of coffee at 9pm.
Maria T 9:43:50 PM
Carlos Pedroni 9:44:35 PM
Kristin...what part of pdx?
jimbeaux 9:44:32 PM
Mmmm...made chocolate ginger snaps.
Maria T 9:44:35 PM
re: Cookie chat, I made these cookies tonight: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJMv95HDLnR/
Dan Ruccia 9:45:23 PM
Here here to the people making the station continue to run!
Selecta Jerry 9:44:51 PM
Here here Jon ! Kudos to the management !
DJ PAX 9:45:31 PM
Kristin Belz 9:45:39 PM
ya'll making me think i gotta make some cookies now. west coast time got plenty of time still...
Readie Righteous 9:45:21 PM
Think I'll have some Bailey's IC with espresso real soon
Kevin M 9:45:24 PM
Never too late for cookies
Factorial 9:46:06 PM
Hi Kristin!!! Good to "see" you
Dana K 9:45:38 PM
Flex Luthor 9:46:21 PM
hell yeah!
DJ PAX 9:46:25 PM
Krista 9:45:57 PM
@dana I had 2 cups of tea, I'm wired
Maria T 9:46:01 PM
Flex Luthor 9:47:03 PM
the board has made miracles happen
Selecta Jerry 9:46:34 PM
Did some things man
Dana K 9:46:56 PM
Alphabetical order
Kat Kat 9:47:53 PM
Oh u like Wprb? Name every single Wprb dj ever
Readie Righteous 9:47:15 PM
Yeah man!
Maria T 9:47:16 PM
Shall we place bets on whether the light for the phone will be burned out upon the return to Control A?
Dana K 9:47:34 PM
Maria T those are fabulous looking cookies
Carlin 9:47:43 PM
oh! THIS is the chat...
Kristin Belz 9:48:29 PM
@MariaT and @Factorial miss your shows too!
World Peace Roast Beef WPRB
Dan Ruccia 9:48:38 PM
@maria is it still the crazy strobe?
Molly Gibson 9:48:33 PM
still have occasional anxiety dreams about that strobe
Jon Solomon (host) 9:48:42 PM
Flex Luthor 9:49:24 PM
I'd buy a world peace roast beef wprb shirt tbh
Maria T 9:48:59 PM
@dan I think so?
Kat Kat 9:49:40 PM
Maria T 9:49:19 PM
Selecta Jerry 9:50:03 PM
Im in too flex
Patrick Ganley 9:50:24 PM
I’m wearing last year’s marathon tee. Any other dweebs sporting PRB swag?
Readie Righteous 9:50:25 PM
Myrrhderers, yes indeed
Selecta Jerry 9:52:15 PM
Clamour club all dressed up and no where to go
DJ PAX 9:54:03 PM
omg this is wild
Patrick Ganley 9:54:05 PM
Ain’t that the truth Jerry. Though even if I had a place to go I’d definitely make up an excuse and just stay home and listen to the radio
Flex Luthor 9:55:28 PM
i love songs that sound like someone playing with a dial pad
Maria T 9:56:02 PM
@flex if you haven't listened to bedhead's cover of cher's "believe," RUN DON'T WALK
Kristin Belz 9:55:45 PM
glamourous apparel here in portland for radio listening - mardi gras beads and turtleneck with pink and gold glitter stripes. xmas marathon uniform?
sh 9:57:09 PM
that was amazing
Maria T 9:57:13 PM
(wait, it's a collab between bedhead and macha, still, a great song with keypad accompaniment!)
Flex Luthor 9:57:21 PM
@maria I have heard!!! love me that beeping
Kevin M 9:58:00 PM
Realized I didn’t watch Charlie Brown this year, so I gotta fix that and dip out for 30
Kristin Belz 9:57:57 PM
@MariaT that bedhead/macha cher cover is the best.
Dana K 9:59:41 PM
I considered putting on festive sparkly eyeshadow tonight, just to sit around and listen to the radio. Maybe tomorrow.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:00:06 PM
DJ JonSolomon, did you need a 10pm or 10am reminder??
Maura Johnston 10:02:04 PM
was not expecting blue bloods crossover or for the blue bloods crossover to be so good!!
Carl Zimring 10:02:43 PM
I love this so much.
Jon Solomon (host) 10:04:06 PM
10 AM! But thank you!!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:05:44 PM
Good deal! Cheers!
Readie Righteous 10:06:06 PM
I just about did a spit take
Carl Zimring 10:08:16 PM
Now that the temperature in Brooklyn has spiked, it is now slightly warmer than it is in Dunedin (during the first week of Dunedin's summer).
Steven Howard 10:08:20 PM
my 3rd apartment, our landlords had us down for a dinner and fed us Gefilte Fish, I felt just like that song
Dan Ruccia 10:10:02 PM
Anyone else just lose sound?
Factorial 10:10:43 PM
i did for a split second
Rob from Maryland 10:11:11 PM
Dan, me too
Dan Ruccia 10:11:11 PM
It's back. Whew
DJ PAX 10:11:30 PM
yes we areQ
Selecta Jerry 10:11:35 PM
You good
Larry MacGabhann 10:11:36 PM
We hear you Jon.
Steven Howard 10:11:00 PM
youre on
Rob from Maryland 10:11:41 PM
You have been on the air after that split second
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:11:04 PM
I hear you
Joshua Hensley 10:11:10 PM
just had to refresh,
Steven Howard 10:12:22 PM
of course, I'm streaming, not terrestrial
jimbeaux 10:13:22 PM
I'm a few miles from the transmitter...I get wprb thru my dental fillings :)
Dan Weis 10:15:06 PM
This Kyle Sowashes is an instant classic that we will be hearing for years to come.
Carl Zimring 10:15:03 PM
Cosigned. Great work Kyle & co.
Lovelyville Music Ltd. 10:15:06 PM
Lovelyville Music Ltd. 10:15:16 PM
This is Neal from Chicago.
Lovelyville Music Ltd. 10:15:26 PM
This is GREAT!
Dan Weis 10:16:06 PM
Happy Holidays Neal
Ross Dickinson 10:15:42 PM
Hey Jon, I think you played some weird chopped up version of the waitresses Christmas wrapping last year. Do you know what I'm talking about? I wish I had more to go on but I wanna look it up lol
Joshua Hensley 10:15:48 PM
is that Neal from REVERB
Joshua Hensley 10:16:04 PM
the Kyle S song was great
Lovelyville Music Ltd. 10:16:14 PM
Joshua Hensley I MISS YA
Carlin 10:17:13 PM
Joshua Hensley 10:16:46 PM
ska doo doo doop!
Joshua Hensley 10:16:59 PM
Carlin 10:17:48 PM
Lovelyville Music Ltd. 10:17:15 PM
Carl Zimring 10:17:30 PM
Dan Ruccia 10:17:53 PM
Here for the Dead C Xmas Hour
sh 10:18:02 PM
dead c(hristmas) hour
Jon Solomon (host) 10:18:17 PM
Ross, was it mixed with Gang of 4 by any chance?
Lovelyville Music Ltd. 10:18:26 PM
This is just the FIRST ROUND of Dead C(hristmas) recordings.
Lovelyville Music Ltd. 10:18:37 PM
I plan for this to be a regular thing (sorry, Jon!)
Carl Zimring 10:19:08 PM
Honestly, I would be fine with a 25-hour Dead C-inspired marathon.
Dan Ruccia 10:19:38 PM
@lovelyville !!!!!!
Maura Johnston 10:21:11 PM
yesss i love this
Patrick Ganley 10:22:18 PM
Here to support the Dead C(hristmas) concept.
Andrew Chalfen 10:23:24 PM
How far behind is the video from the audio? 4-5 minutes?
Carl Zimring 10:22:48 PM
This could be sung by Robert Wyatt, and I mean that as praise.
Michael McKee 10:22:48 PM
Factorial 10:23:53 PM
mckee this is up yr alley yah
Michael McKee 10:23:41 PM
who WAS that??
Maura Johnston 10:24:22 PM
holy crap lmao
Maria T 10:24:46 PM
Maria T 10:25:07 PM
this is amazing
Michael McKee 10:25:31 PM
Hi Maria!
Sebastian Petsu 10:26:31 PM
the 2nd Slayer/Wham mash up of the program?! Is this now a new subgenre?
Jon Solomon (host) 10:26:04 PM
It is a thing now, weirdly.
Daniel Cohen 10:26:21 PM
Maria T 10:26:46 PM
how many new microgenres of holiday music has Jon's show created? has anyone tried to count?
Dana K 10:27:31 PM
Does hearing this mean I’ve lost Whamageddon?
Jon Solomon (host) 10:27:01 PM
I don't make the rules! For any of this!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:27:49 PM
featuring Rammstein??
Flex Luthor 10:27:56 PM
fuck I was so proud of having missed it earlier in the show
Maura Johnston 10:27:24 PM
this is the greatest
Flex Luthor 10:28:03 PM
rip whamageddon
Carl Zimring 10:27:28 PM
This works remarkably well.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:28:20 PM
or was that only in my skull 💀?!?
Michael McKee 10:28:10 PM
Kerri King / Kris Kringle ... obvious aliases for the same person
Daniel Cohen 10:28:27 PM
i had plans to go see rammstein with my stepdad this past year and i'm glad we were
Daniel Cohen 10:28:37 PM
both in the room for that one
Lovelyville Music Ltd. 10:29:39 PM
Daniel - that sounds great!
Carlin 10:29:37 PM
Flex, I feel yr pain - Dean & Britta zapped me out of the LDBC with an Emancipated Hearts / Little Drummer Boy medley deal on a livestream the other night
Sebastian Petsu 10:30:42 PM
so who here is trying to stay up for the full 25? I just poured myself some coffee...
Carlin 10:30:22 PM
Maria T 10:31:54 PM
Maria T 10:32:04 PM
I'm calling an audible on this
Maria T 10:32:22 PM
[is that how one uses that term? i do not know sports]
Jon Solomon (host) 10:32:29 PM
I can't warn people if a LDB or a LC is coming up as easily as in the past. I think if you made this far you are a winner IN MY BOOK.
yoni from kdu 10:33:16 PM
I think an "audible" means you agree with what the other person is doing
Brian D 10:34:33 PM
I tuned into a you toobs stream and I think it was Jon Solomon's 2018 Christmas Marathon. When yer on the net, yer on forever!
Maria T 10:33:57 PM
thanks @yoni!
Carlin 10:34:07 PM
I think an "audible" is the opposite of a silent but deadly, but what do I know...
Brian D 10:35:07 PM
Maria T you were under another incognito handle when you replied earlier. Loved your show and hope you do indeed make it back on air!
Patrick Ganley 10:34:34 PM
Yo Brian D! Merry Xmas!
Maria T 10:34:35 PM
anyhow sebastian is NOT ALLOWED to stay up all night because i will be the one who has to deal with that mess
Brian D 10:35:28 PM
Pat Clamor Club in the house!
Maria T 10:34:55 PM
@brian d: thank you!
Brian D 10:35:38 PM
Another one of my fave shows
Andrew Chalfen 10:35:47 PM
Ok, just figured it out. The WPRB internet stream is roughly 12 minutes behind the posted start times for the songs. At the moment, anyway.
Andrew Chalfen 10:36:56 PM
Which might be why the comments stream had been baffling to me. You are all in the FUTURE.
Dan Ruccia 10:36:23 PM
@andrew: I'm more or less live on the stream. Did you refresh your streaming window at some point? That sometimes messes things up
sh 10:36:35 PM
It's only about 3 minutes behind for me, maybe you need to refresh
Maria T 10:36:41 PM
@chalfen - put on the terrestrial signal!
Andrew Chalfen 10:37:29 PM
Probable? Lemme refresh, rinse, towel off...
Rob from Maryland 10:37:38 PM
Andrew, the internet stream and the chat and playlist are pretty much in sync for me
Brian D 10:37:40 PM
Pat's Clamor Club was one of the great "re-awakening" shows I was so glad to see on the air when the robots went away and the DJs returned to the air (recordings anyway)
Dan Ruccia 10:37:03 PM
Try closing the window and reopening it
Maria T 10:37:05 PM
I am listening in my office on my HAM shortwave radio handheld
yoni from kdu 10:37:07 PM
Carlin 10:37:24 PM
I will leave this one laptop streaming the whole time, but sometimes fire up my phone to wander upstairs or downstairs... and they're on the same WIFI but very different amount of lag
Andrew Chalfen 10:38:10 PM
On the plus side, I just got the hear Wham Slayer, so there's that.
Patrick Ganley 10:37:56 PM
Too kind Brian! Thanks! Thrilled to be a part of this menagerie of weirdos
Steve Silverstein 10:38:03 PM
"I don't make the rules; I just collect the songs" says Jon.
Sebastian Petsu 10:38:07 PM
i just checked the webstream on my laptop and it's only 15-20 seconds behind the terrestrial for me
Sebastian Petsu 10:38:56 PM
ps. hey Andrew Chalfen!
jimbeaux 10:39:00 PM
+100 on clamour club!
Maura Johnston 10:40:31 PM
Mary Jones 10:40:33 PM
The way this rain is coming down, high water is a possibility
Mary Jones 10:40:57 PM
PBR? Wrong? Never.
Andrew Chalfen 10:41:03 PM
Yo Sebastian! Hey Maria! Oh hey Maura! Why it's J. Factorial!
Selecta Jerry 10:41:07 PM
santa better have a life boat
Brian D 10:40:59 PM
Dem iggles
Flex Luthor 10:41:24 PM
Gonna have to step away from the chat for a bit but I'll still be listening! Merry xmas everyone and thanks Jon!
Rob from Maryland 10:42:05 PM
Merry Christmas everyone! I'm heading off to sleep
Brian D 10:42:00 PM
Gnight Rob From Merlin wherever you are
Michael McKee 10:42:10 PM
damn, Sebastian, you still awake?
Kevin M 10:42:49 PM
Guys I actually can’t believe how much it’s raining lol
Factorial 10:42:55 PM
hellooooo (though i will be stepping away from chat for awhile.)
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:43:01 PM
I’ll be here as much as possible. I am so impressed and greatly appreciate all that you do to make all this epic magic, DJ JonSolomon! Big cheers to you!
Selecta Jerry 10:42:42 PM
Love the way these christmas selections are stumping the spinitron listing
Rob from Maryland 10:43:24 PM
Gnight Brian. This has been fun to listen to for the past few hours
Larry MacGabhann 10:43:29 PM
G'night Rob from Maryland.
Brian D 10:42:55 PM
It was sheets of rivers of sheets of water on the roadways from lower Bucks Co to Upper Bucks on the way home from mom's
Kristin Belz 10:43:57 PM
stay safe out there northeast coasters!
Kevin M 10:44:14 PM
I’m in central montco....just buckets here. Wind not so bad though
Brian D 10:43:40 PM
But I took some comfort in that it was 60 degrees and not icy
Sebastian Petsu 10:44:23 PM
@McKee are you being sarcastic? I mean it's not even 11 yet.
Selecta Jerry 10:44:54 PM
Peter prescott snowflake was nice
Michael McKee 10:45:31 PM
i wasn't sure of the full terms of the audible against you staying up all night!
Andrew Chalfen 10:46:15 PM
Yeah, the Prescott tune was great.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:46:22 PM
John and Tina 10:46:35 PM
"Ok Google"
Carlin 10:46:35 PM
Joke's on you Jon - the USPS died =(
Carlin 10:46:58 PM
Yam Pony Express only
John and Tina 10:47:04 PM
Andrew Chalfen 10:47:33 PM
That's a whole lot of sky water...
Fridrik Ingimundarson 10:47:16 PM
haha, google just kicked you off the chromecast and put some awful non-christmas music on
Brian D 10:47:58 PM
I think like some pets, you can say close rhymes like "Hey Google". "Jay Google". "Paul Klee Kugel" etc
Dan Ruccia 10:48:05 PM
Now thinking about that Francis Bebey track with the lyric "Don't give me bananas, potatoes and yam at the same time"
Sebastian Petsu 10:48:54 PM
@mcKee haha it's still being discussed. i'll make it to misfits o'clock at least!
Jon Solomon (host) 10:49:58 PM
A listener's Alexa tried to place my order. I'm sorry everyone!
Selecta Jerry 10:50:00 PM
Play this The Happy Somethings again hits home!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:51:29 PM
Keep telling devices to recite lyrics to Christmas songs and such as
Maura Johnston 10:51:58 PM
I have made myself a Tom and Jerry as a nightcap.
Commie Francis 10:52:20 PM
Well I'm trying to sleep so I can wake up at 4am to zoom London when it's morning there but falling miserably
Maria T 10:52:11 PM
i'm already well beyond my bedtime, so we'll see how long i last
Commie Francis 10:54:22 PM
I liked your song Maria btw!
Maria T 10:54:10 PM
@francis thanks!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:55:24 PM
Go to sleep! Under eyes bags aren’t cute on zoom or Christmas Day!! 😎
DJ PAX 10:55:31 PM
oh woah this is me!
DJ PAX 10:55:35 PM
thanks jon!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Whelpley 10:54:57 PM
I'm dropping booty dancing to this
Joshua Hensley 10:55:43 PM
nice! i had a feeling this was Sea Slug!
DJ PAX 10:55:51 PM
you know it!
Joshua Hensley 10:56:05 PM
oh snap, HI SEA SLUG
Jon Solomon (host) 10:55:38 PM
You're our Ice Cube. Also, worlds colliding with JWH and PAX interacting.
Commie Francis 10:56:22 PM
I'm glad i tuned back in just in time for sea slug!!
Krista 10:56:30 PM
I love it, so beautiful
DJ PAX 10:56:37 PM
sea slug nation rise up
Joshua Hensley 10:56:48 PM
i love your musics
DJ PAX 10:56:58 PM
thank you!!!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:57:24 PM
this VIBE rn af
Krista 10:57:27 PM
I just tuned back in too! Just got my son to sleep. He idolizes Jon Solomon so getting a tiny boy into bed whose hero is booming through the house was difficult!
Patrick Ganley 10:57:52 PM
Yo pax! This is excellent!
DJ PAX 10:58:25 PM
im running out of ways to say thank you but thaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuu
jimbeaux 10:58:46 PM
pax supastahhhhhhhhhh
DJ PAX 10:59:03 PM
das meeeee
Krista 11:00:12 PM
I love this horn version, it reminds me of big band Christmas parties
Mike Appelstein 10:59:34 PM
Hi Jon! Listening out here in STL.
Jon Solomon (host) 10:59:36 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 10:59:43 PM
Hey, MA!
Selecta Jerry 11:00:08 PM
Nice pax that was great
Maria T 11:00:52 PM
Hi Mike!
Jonathan Tannenwald 11:01:24 PM
Hello Maria T
Mike Appelstein 11:00:48 PM
Hi Maria! Missed your song, will DL off Bandcamp
Jonathan Tannenwald 11:01:35 PM
(yikes my Google avatar is way too old)
Dan Ruccia 11:00:57 PM
Microkingdom! Didn't know they had an xmas album
Maria T 11:02:27 PM
Hi @jonathan!
Dave Millstein 11:03:11 PM
I was just thinking "I haven't listened to 'Fairytale' yet". Problem solved
Brian D 11:03:36 PM
Ahh... many covers of the Pogues over the years. This is a treasured moment of the marathon
Kevin M 11:04:18 PM
Do I throw muppets Christmas or gremlins on in the background rn?
Larry MacGabhann 11:04:22 PM
Bon Jovi must pay for his crimes. That's all I'm going to say on the matter of Pogues covers.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 11:04:17 PM
Gremlins Christmas
Dave Millstein 11:05:12 PM
Bon Jovi is going to open the door to his apartment one day 40 years from now, and just hear "Don't turn on the light". And Shane will be sitting there in the dark, 100 years old, with a revolver
Larry MacGabhann 11:06:03 PM
Dave Millstein: yes.
Dana K 11:05:29 PM
I want to hear Brak from Space Ghost do a Fairytale of New York cover
Brian D 11:06:37 PM
I heard What Do You Get A Wookie For Christmas on this very program years back... featuring a young... nephew or some relative of music bigwig Tony Bongiovi
Maria T 11:06:42 PM
@dana YES
Dave Millstein 11:07:23 PM
@Brian D like, the original Wookie For Christmas song features a Jovi relative? That's awesome
Kevin M 11:08:35 PM
This is awesome.
Brian D 11:08:48 PM
It is indeed Jon Bon himself I think
Kevin M 11:09:35 PM
Reminds me of a more festive John Carpenter 80s score
Byrd Pinkerton 11:09:18 PM
Jon, I mean it when I say that I was in an absolute funk about how Christmas was broken and in the last hour or so you have singlehandedly fixed it
Brian D 11:10:39 PM
Sorry I was wrong I think Jon Bon sang on R2D2 we wish you a merry christmas now that I search out the details. Same album
Maria T 11:10:52 PM
alright gang, i am going to go lie down because it makes the terrestrial signal sound better, but the listener chat is one of my favorite things about the show and i'm glad i got to hop in here. jon's program is one of the few times that i feel like both the station's on-air staff, alumni, etc get to mingle with our listeners and friends. it feels like the best holiday party ever! see all of you in the AM
Carlin 11:11:08 PM
Brian D 11:11:17 PM
Gnight Maria T
Carlin 11:11:19 PM
(I just recognized the voice!
Jon Solomon (host) 11:10:51 PM
How had I not heard this one before?!
Larry MacGabhann 11:11:44 PM
Good night, Maria! Be well!
Jon Solomon (host) 11:11:28 PM
Goodnight Maria!
Kristin Belz 11:11:32 PM
Leilani McBrayer 11:12:02 PM
Goodnight, Maria!
Kristin Belz 11:12:08 PM
good night, mariaT. sleep well ya'll, good to be in contact and have jon at the turntables.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 11:13:11 PM
Happy Holidays and Cheers to you, Maria T!!
Sebastian Petsu 11:12:37 PM
hey Leilani! when did you show up here!?
Leilani McBrayer 11:13:28 PM
About the top of the hour
Sebastian Petsu 11:13:50 PM
glad you're tuned in!
Leilani McBrayer 11:14:09 PM
I,m an hour behind y’all here so it’s just 10pm
Carlin 11:15:10 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 11:18:53 PM
Thank you.
Jon Solomon (host) 11:19:45 PM
(For those who know him, this is Hench.)
Krista 11:20:45 PM
"making a night cap"- we applauded here
esoterica 11:20:14 PM
cheers, jon! enjoying myself immensely.
Kevin M 11:22:08 PM
I need to get that David Hill book
Jon Solomon (host) 11:22:57 PM
Hey, Esoterica! Welcome to the party! Been a fun one so far.
esoterica 11:23:14 PM
began with a glam beat!
Byrd Pinkerton 11:24:00 PM
i mean if yr breaking all the rules, might as well talk about your thesis and events on campus
Jon Solomon (host) 11:23:43 PM
That is very funny. Let me tell you all about my dorm life!
Brian D 11:23:49 PM
Can't escape the Glam
Dan Ruccia 11:23:57 PM
Free pizza at McCosh 50
Byrd Pinkerton 11:24:59 PM
fair warning, the pizza's been sitting there for 9 months
Jon Solomon (host) 11:24:24 PM
Aw, this is all making me very happy and very sad all at once.
Michael McKee 11:24:52 PM
this is better than the sound of Slade-bells in the snow
esoterica 11:28:50 PM
yes, brian! and haha, michael. glam humor
Krista 11:30:10 PM
Oh wow that works SO well with the Mandalorian theme!!!
Carl Zimring 11:32:06 PM
Thank you for playing Carl Reiner!
Jon Solomon (host) 11:32:24 PM
He's the best.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 11:33:48 PM
Hi DJ Esoterica! Happy Holidays to you!
Carl Zimring 11:33:33 PM
He was lovely. My uncle was his agent and friend for about 60 years...
Brian D 11:34:25 PM
Good night everyone. Time to drift off to the marathon and have crazy good dreams
Sebastian Petsu 11:34:07 PM
@jonsolomon i remember a few years back you played a late night extended Christmas Seals PSA during the marathon that seemed to go on for 20minutes and it was somehow beautiful and hallucinatory while i stared at the reflection of outside Xmas lights on the ceiling. One of my all time fav wprbxmas memories!
Sebastian Petsu 11:34:49 PM
brilliant interpolation there of Beach Boys Kokomo right there in this current tune
Jon Solomon (host) 11:34:51 PM
Yeah, I have never tried to do that again but it was lovely and I am glad you were thusly moved!
Larry MacGabhann 11:35:57 PM
Good night Brian! Sleep well.
yoni from kdu 11:37:29 PM
For next year we'll have to find a song about playing chess on Christmas https://www.jta.org/jewniverse/2011/christmas-chess
Fridrik Ingimundarson 11:39:20 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 11:38:54 PM
Fridrik tipped me to this one. It rules. Icelandic!
Fridrik Ingimundarson 11:39:47 PM
Carlin 11:40:25 PM
I only knew because I recognized the "ð" character from all them Sigur Ros CDs
Jon Solomon (host) 11:40:49 PM
Lots of flickering lights here. It was nice knowing you all!
Jill Elaine 11:40:50 PM
Man O Man - I've been listening for 3 decades and I swear I think this may be the best yet. Am I getting demented or is this the fuckin best year yet?
Patrick Ganley 11:40:53 PM
Major power going in and out here in South Jersey.. Signing off to conserve phone battery but will stay tuned in long as I can. Adios. Merry Xmas.
Jon Solomon (host) 11:41:01 PM
Good luck, PG.
Joshua Hensley 11:41:10 PM
this sounds like The French Goodbye if they were Icelandic. *I love it
Robbie Fischer 11:41:53 PM
Thanks for this, Jon!!!
Patrick Ganley 11:41:22 PM
More luck to you Jon!!!
Carlin 11:42:07 PM
JH I can hear that
Carlin 11:42:16 PM
Joshua Hensley 11:41:46 PM
come hug me Carlin
Larry MacGabhann 11:41:47 PM
Flickering lights up here in Bucks County too.
Carlin 11:42:35 PM
Marisa Simon 11:43:21 PM
Hang in there Jon. Sending electric vibes your way!
Carlin 11:42:55 PM
(hoping all yous guys don't have terrible awful long power outages for xmas)
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 11:43:18 PM
Clear skies and nearly perfect here in Southern California!! Cash Me Ouusidee
Fridrik Ingimundarson 11:43:26 PM
Oh man, I hope you don't lose electricity, stay charged!
Carlin 11:43:56 PM
Carlin 11:44:05 PM
Joshua Hensley 11:44:06 PM
Carlin haha
Robbie Fischer 11:44:46 PM
If I send you holiday music that we've spontaneously recorded in the past two weeks, might you play it?
Joshua Hensley 11:44:25 PM
Fridrik Ingimundarson 11:44:32 PM
and as an aside the chorus goes roughly "christmas is coming, but i feel so and so, and i'm just hoping~, that they don't come right away~"
Jon Solomon (host) 11:46:02 PM
Robbie, I'd need to vet it now and I can't while on-air but send after for 2021!
Carlin 11:46:03 PM
I feel that, too Fridrik
Fridrik Ingimundarson 11:47:52 PM
oh and rúnk means "wank"
Robbie Fischer 11:48:34 PM
Thanks Jon! For the response, and for all you do!!
Kevin M 11:49:34 PM
Almost David Hill time!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 11:51:14 PM
don’t RÚNK your GROB on Christmas Eve
Matt Emmerich 11:52:33 PM
Thanks Jon!!!
Ross Dickinson 11:52:47 PM
Jon I hoesntly don't remember anything other than Christmas wrapping being sampled in it and it just sounding really messed up
Jon Solomon (host) 11:55:10 PM
Hmmm. Working on it!
Erec Smith 11:55:37 PM
Happy Marathon to one and all.
Michael O'Donnell 11:56:48 PM
Right back at ya, Erec.
Larry MacGabhann 11:56:58 PM
Right on, Erec!
Dan Ruccia 11:57:54 PM
You too, Erec!
Jon Solomon (host) 11:57:41 PM
Kat Kat 11:58:57 PM
Merry Christmas party people
Larry MacGabhann 11:59:33 PM
Merry Christmas, WPRBXmas fam.
Kevin M 12:00:09 AM
My Benji Hughes request! Thank you!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 12:00:54 AM
Dan Ruccia 12:00:55 AM
This is a great song to start it off
Jon Solomon (host) 12:01:25 AM
We made it.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 12:03:06 AM
Good on ya, DJ JonSolomon!!
MHR 12:02:30 AM
merry xmas one and alll
Michael O'Donnell 12:02:33 AM
It's a Christmas miracle!
MHR 12:02:49 AM
god I love this story
Peter Droste 12:03:13 AM
Merry Xmas, all. Fave broadcast of the year.
. 12:04:00 AM
Hearing the sleigh bells still
Peter Droste 12:03:29 AM
The bells are still in the mix
Jon Solomon (host) 12:03:41 AM
Well, so they were. Thank you.
Jon Solomon (host) 12:04:05 AM
I didn't even notice given how often I hear them! Thank you. Made it six hours without a gaffe at least!