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We are a non-commercial student run radio station from the University of Montana, Missoula, MT. We are committed to providing diverse and refreshing programming.

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Oct 19, 2018 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Daytime Programming

With DJ D.Lux

If Friday rolls around, and you are STILL stuck in those fancy hi-fidelity headphones that you donned late Thursday night while havin' a smoke and listening to Cloud Dance you are in luck. Leveling will make you happy you can't get those stupid Sennheisers off. Hey, this ain't Dave Holland on bass! It's that Beach Buddy song again! Wait a sec... this sounds awesome! Plus... The Other One."

1:48 PM
WRLD - Rooms
WRLD Rooms
Endless Dreams - EP Heroic 2017 NLRD51632092
1:44 PM
Crocodiles - Jumping on Angels
Crocodiles Jumping on Angels
Dreamless Zoo Music 2016 USA2Z1610844
1:40 PM
Televisor - Automagic
Televisor Automagic
Automagic - Single Monstercat 2013 Electronic CA6D21000259
1:37 PM
Boy Pablo - Flowers
Boy Pablo Flowers
Flowers - Single SEYOK1608804
1:32 PM
Planet Booty - Not Afraid
Planet Booty Not Afraid
Naked Planet Booty 2017 R&B/Soul TCADF1786491
1:28 PM
Garbage - Empty
Garbage Empty
Strange Little Birds Vagrant Records 2016 MP3 QMRSZ1600108
1:25 PM
Grabbitz - Float Away
Grabbitz Float Away
Better with Time Monstercat 2015 Electronic CA6D21500401
1:21 PM
Spoon - Hot Thoughts
Spoon Hot Thoughts
Hot Thoughts Matador 2017 USMTD1609115
1:17 PM
Fartbarf - Play the Game
Fartbarf Play the Game
Dirty Power Space Jumbles Music 2014 Electronic TCABT1410059
1:15 PM
Phoenix - Fior di Latte
Phoenix Fior di Latte
Ti Amo Glassnote 2017 FR9W11704455
1:11 PM
Yung Bae - Holding Your Hand (feat. Atlas)
Yung Bae Holding Your Hand (feat. Atlas)
Skyscraper Anonymous VinDig 2016 DEQ121642740
1:10 PM
Volant - Full Circle
Volant Full Circle
Full Circle - Single Monstercat 2015 Electronic CA6D21500220
1:02 PM
Powercyan - Retrolution
Powercyan Retrolution
Retrolution EP POWERCYAN 2018 QZDA61874965
12:57 PM
Depeche Mode - Where's the Revolution
Depeche Mode Where's the Revolution
Spirit (Deluxe) Columbia USQX91602952
12:52 PM
TWRP - The Hit (feat. Ninja Sex Party)
TWRP The Hit (feat. Ninja Sex Party)
2nite - EP Independent 2014 QM6N21433918
12:49 PM
Beach House - Baby
Beach House Baby
B-Sides and Rarities Mistletone Records 2017 USSUB1720522
12:46 PM
Temu - Shoobeedoowap!!
Temu Shoobeedoowap!!
Pop 2 This Vol. II Temu 2018 CAHQJ1827684
12:42 PM
Pigeon John - The Bomb
Pigeon John The Bomb
The Bomb - Single Urban 2011 USNNZ1000450
12:38 PM
Flagship - Burn It Up
Flagship Burn It Up
The Electric Man Bright Antenna 2017 USN2F1700004
12:34 PM
Laszlo - Gravity
Laszlo Gravity
Gravity - Single Monstercat 2018 Electronic CA6D21800221
12:28 PM
Grizzly Bear - Three Rings
Grizzly Bear Three Rings
Painted Ruins Grizzly Bear Music/RCA Records 2017 USRC11700989
12:25 PM
Jack Stauber - John & Nancy
Jack Stauber John & Nancy
HiLo Plopscotch Records 2018 QM4DW1869514
12:22 PM
Frankie Cosmos - Apathy
Frankie Cosmos Apathy
Vessel Sub Pop Records 2018 USSUB1721510
12:18 PM
Insan3lik3 - Take a Swim
Insan3lik3 Take a Swim Insan3lik3
Lost in Thoughts - Single Insan3Lik3 Music 2016 QZ4JJ1645551
12:16 PM
Ark Patrol - Sober Touch
Ark Patrol Sober Touch
Ghost Forest - EP Heroic 2016 Electronic NLRD51630363
12:16 PM
Grabbitz - Told Ya So
Grabbitz Told Ya So
Told Ya So - Single Monstercat 2017 Electronic CA6D21700242
12:09 PM
Foster the People - I Love My Friends
Foster the People I Love My Friends
Sacred Hearts Club Columbia USSM11704909
12:06 PM
Boy Pablo - Dance, Baby!
Boy Pablo Dance, Baby!
Roy Pablo - EP 777 Records 2017 USQY51745800
12:01 PM
Ark Patrol - infinity
Ark Patrol infinity
Voyager Heroic 2014 QMSNZ1462253
12:00 PM
TWRP - Overture
TWRP Overture
Ladyworld Independent 2016 CAI371679970

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5:00 PMOpus Oasis (Daytime Programming) with VLND
6:00 PMFutured (Electronic) with EThos
8:00 PMThe Random Factor (Experimental) with Brodi


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7:00 AMBreakfast with Brodi (Loud) with The Backseat DJ
7:00 AMBreakfast with Brodi (Loud)