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Buddy session 3

Sep 19, 2018 12:10 AM – 2:10 AM


With April Showers

Buddy session 3
1:48 AM
国分 友里恵 恋の横顔
Relief 72 hours Sony Music Direct(Japan)Inc. 1983
1:44 AM
So Nice 光速道路
Love 1979
1:40 AM
Sugar Babe Down Town
Songs Niagara Records 1975
1:35 AM
Anri Windy Summer
Timely!! For Life Records 1983
1:31 AM
Qlair お願い神さま
Palette 1993
1:27 AM
Mariya Takeuchi もう一度
Variety 1984
1:22 AM
Taeko Ohnuki Vegetable
copine. 1985
1:17 AM
Yutaka Ozaki Scenes of Town
Seventeen's Map Sony Records 1983 CD
1:14 AM
Sail Away Sail Away
Sweet Sweat 1982
1:07 AM
Cornelius Raise Your Hand Together (320 Light Years mix)
The First Question Award 1994
1:05 AM
Ventla Cellphone
Ten Not On Label 2011 Electronic
1:01 AM
Supercar cream soda (alternate version)
Three Out Change!! 1998
12:57 AM
Short Hair Front Til She Calls My Name
Don't Weep Alone 1999
12:53 AM
Bridge Pool Side Music
Preppy Kicks 1994
12:51 AM
Tirolean Tape Give Me L
Flowers Are Go! Vol. 3 1999
12:47 AM
bice I Wanna Take You Home
Nectar 2001
12:44 AM
Hideki Kaji La Boum (My Boom is Me)
Mini Skirt Polystar 1997 CD
12:38 AM
Penguin Noise Tree -大きな木の下で-
トモダチ God's Pop Records 1996 CD
12:35 AM
Pizzicato Five Twiggy Twiggy/Twiggy Vs. James Bond
Five By Five Matador 1994 CD Electronic
12:31 AM
Lucy Van Pelt Frisbee
advantage Lucy 1998
12:28 AM
Quruli 愛なき世界
Team Rock 2001
12:24 AM
Swinging Popsicle Parade
Swinging Popsicle 1998
12:20 AM
Melting Holidays Cherry Wine
Cherry Wine Sucre. 2002 CD
12:16 AM
Flipper's Guitar Camera! Camera! Camera! (Guitar Pop version)
Camera Talk 1990
12:14 AM
Copter4016882 トリオ ザ コックコート
Perfect Joke Contemode 2004 CD Electronic
12:11 AM
Sentimental Bus ティータイム
草原と鉄屑 1999

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