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We are a non-commercial student run radio station from the University of Montana, Missoula, MT. We are committed to providing diverse and refreshing programming.

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Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Radio

Sep 25, 2018 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Daytime Programming

With peacemouse

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Radio
9:44 AM
Childish Gambino Terrified
"Awaken, My Love!" Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC 2016 CD R&B/Soul USYAH1600102
9:41 AM
Michele Valeri and Michael Stein We All Came from the Sea
Dinosaur Rock Caedmon 1984
9:39 AM
Janelle Monáe Take A Byte
Dirty Computer Bad Boy Records 2018 CD R&B/Soul USAT21800789
9:32 AM
Antimatter Transistor
Antimatter Vs Antimatter 2003
9:31 AM
Lol Coxhill Hungerford
Ear of Beholder Dandelion 1971 12LP33rpm
9:29 AM
Lars Hollmer Folkdron Menad
Viandra Cuneiform Records 2008 CD US37B0800750
9:22 AM
Tom Tom Club Don't Say No
Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom Sire 1989 Cassette Electronic
9:21 AM
Arthur Russell Clandestine Feat. Ned Sublette
The Sleeping Bag Sessions Sleeping Bag 1986
9:12 AM
Steve Hillage Radio
Motivation Radio Atlantic 1977 12LP33rpm
9:09 AM
The Spores Imagine the Future
Imagine The Future SideCho Records 2006 CD
9:08 AM
Be Bop Deluxe Electrical Language
Drastic Plastic Cherry Red Records 2004
9:07 AM
Harald Sack Ziegler Flugbahn
Kopf Zahl Bauch staubgold CD

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11:00 AMDemocracy Now (Talk) with Program Director
12:00 PMSpunk (Specialty) with God of Gambles
12:00 PMGumball Machine (Daytime Programming) with Hushpuppy
2:00 PMSmoking Hot with Pot Donna (Daytime Programming) with Pot Donna/BEEFY D
4:00 PMThe Coop (Daytime Programming) with DJ Hens


7:00 AMCups with DJ Short (Daytime Programming) with Natalie
10:00 PMRock on Mars with Nat and Lars (Specialty) with Natty Ice (Nat)
8:00 PMMorbid Tales Radio Show (World) with Rashid
6:00 PMThe Poetic Edda (Specialty) with Tu Madre
4:00 PMAlex sub for Robert (Specialty) with TBA