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We are a non-commercial student run radio station from the University of Montana, Missoula, MT. We are committed to providing diverse and refreshing programming.

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Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Radio

Nov 20, 2018 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Daytime Programming

With peacemouse

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Radio

Just ended

Cups with DJ Short

Nov 20, 2018 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Daytime Programming

With Natalie

Cup of coffee/tea with mellow music

Cups with DJ Short
8:56 AM
Maggie Rogers - Fallingwater
Maggie Rogers Fallingwater
Fallingwater - Single Capitol Records (US1A) 2018 USUG11800800
8:55 AM
Hippo Campus - Warm Glow
Hippo Campus Warm Glow
Warm Glow - Single Transgressive / PIAS / Hostess 2017 QM5BK1700175
8:51 AM
Matt Costa - Pacific Grove
Matt Costa Pacific Grove
Santa Rosa Fangs (Novella Edition) Dangerbird Records 2018 US3R21817805
8:49 AM
Dizzy - Bleachers
Dizzy Bleachers Charles Spencer
Baby Teeth Pod / Inertia 2018 CAUM81700071
8:31 AM
Natalie Schmidt - Tophouse Interview
Natalie Schmidt Tophouse Interview
KBGA College Radio 2018
8:31 AM
Hayden Scott - Little Things
Hayden Scott Little Things
Little Things - Single Hayden Scott 2016 Electronic USHM91608454
8:25 AM
Joni - Omens
Joni Omens
Omens - Single Joni 2018 QM24S1806818
8:09 AM
Ford. - The Unknown (feat. Ayelle)
Ford. The Unknown (feat. Ayelle)
The Unknown (feat. Ayelle) - Single the unknown 2018 Electronic TCADN1813258
8:04 AM
Phangs - Always Been U (feat. R.LUM.R)
Phangs Always Been U (feat. R.LUM.R)
Get in My Arms Phangs 2017 US7VG1799166
8:02 AM
Brooks Brown - Space/Distance
Brooks Brown Space/Distance
Fontana - EP Brooks Brown 2018 Electronic TCADX1887812
8:00 AM
Kyson - Have My Back
Kyson Have My Back
Have My Back - Single B3SCI / Majestic Casual 2018 Electronic GBKPL1817993
8:00 AM
Aolani - Medicate for You
Aolani Medicate for You Aolani
Medicate for You - Single Potato King 2018 R&B/Soul UST8K1868945
7:46 AM
Tom Misch - Water Baby (feat. Loyle Carner)
Tom Misch Water Baby (feat. Loyle Carner)
Geography Beyond The Groove 4 2018 Electronic GBKPL1790992
7:44 AM
Leon Bridges - Bad Bad News
Leon Bridges Bad Bad News
Good Thing Columbia MP3 R&B/Soul USSM11800491
7:43 AM
ARTY - Last Kiss
ARTY Last Kiss
Glorious Insomniac 2015 USUM71515295
7:43 AM
Syd B - Claws
Syd B Claws
Claws - Single syd B 2017 Electronic TCADG1750152
7:42 AM
Alex Siegel - Daydreaming Pilot
Alex Siegel Daydreaming Pilot
Daydreaming Pilot - Single Alex Siegel 2018 GBKPL1806529
7:41 AM
Exes - Cain
Exes Cain
Cain - Single EXES 2017 QMPKX1788755
7:21 AM
Ella Vos - Cast Away
Ella Vos Cast Away
Cast Away - Single hwyl records, llc 2018 GBKPL1826745
7:11 AM
Sigrid - Focus
Sigrid Focus
Raw - EP 2018 GBUM71800855
7:07 AM
Vista Kicks - If I Didn't Have You
Vista Kicks If I Didn't Have You
Twenty Something Nightmare Little Hook Records 2018 GBKPL1810023
7:07 AM
Mansionair - Falling (Pluko Remix)
Mansionair Falling (Pluko Remix)
Falling (Pluko Remix) - Single Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC 2018 USYAH1700344
7:02 AM
filous - Shaded In (feat. Jordan Léser)
filous Shaded In (feat. Jordan Léser)
Shaded In (feat. Jordan Léser) [Remixes] - Single Ultra Records 2016 Electronic USUS11600104

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11:00 AMDemocracy Now (Talk) with Program Director
12:00 PMSpunk (Specialty) with God of Gambles
2:00 PMSmoking Hot with Pot Donna (Daytime Programming) with Pot Donna/BEEFY D
4:00 PMThe Coop (Daytime Programming) with DJ Hens
6:00 PMReal Talk (Specialty) with Ya Boy Drew


7:00 AMCups with DJ Short (Daytime Programming) with Natalie
10:00 PMRock on Mars with Nat and Lars (Specialty) with Natty Ice (Nat)
8:00 PMMorbid Tales Radio Show (World) with Rashid
6:00 PMThe Poetic Edda (Specialty) with Tu Madre
4:00 PMThe Coop (Daytime Programming) with DJ Hens