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We are a non-commercial student run radio station from the University of Montana, Missoula, MT. We are committed to providing diverse and refreshing programming.

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what up what up

Sep 19, 2018 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM


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what up what up
12:14 PM
New Old Future cats of a feather L
Flames 2017
12:13 PM
Fuuls dryspellcaster
it's a secret 2018 MP3
12:13 PM
Gold Casio Socialites and Singer Types
Fever Dreams Gold Casio 2017 Electronic QZS1Z1650060
12:13 PM
Wrinkles Take Off Your Crown
Separation Anxiety Wrinkles 2016 SEYOK1636129
12:00 PM
Beach House Dark Spring
1 Sub Pop Records 2018 MP3 USSUB1824001

Coming up

2:00 PMDJ DemiGlace's Hot Sauces (Daytime Programming) with DJ Demi Glace
4:00 PM... And In This Corner (Daytime Programming) with The Commissioner
5:00 PMThe Groove Garage (Soul/Funk) with Bullitt
6:00 PMInk Mathematics (Garage/Psych) with Collin
6:00 PMShotgunning Limonatas (Garage/Psych) with A Friend of Bernie's


9:00 AMHarry Leather Presents (World) with Opportunity Workshop
8:00 AMThe Zoo (Daytime Programming) with DJ Peaches
12:10 AMBuddy session 3 (unset) with April Showers
10:00 PMDrive-In Radio (Specialty) with Mr. C
8:00 PMEnd Times Radio (Specialty) with Mr. C