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Nov 17, 2019 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


eTown is an exciting weekly radio show that’s been on the air from coast to coast for 20 years. Unlike any other program, eTown mixes live music from top performers in a wide variety of styles with conversation and information about our communities, our environment and common sense stewardship. Every eTown show is full of great music, and the musicians get a chance to open up during interviews with host, Nick Forster. The weekly presentation of the E-chievement Award highlights hometown heroes from around the country, each one taking small steps towards solving big problems. It all winds up with the grand finale with all musicians joining together in one last song.

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1:00 PMHidden Brain (News) with Syndicated Program
2:00 PMReveal (News) with Syndicated Program
3:00 PMPlanetary Radio (News) with Syndicated Program
3:30 PMThe Bioneers (Educational) with Syndicated Program
4:00 PMRotating Cultural Programming (Educational) with Syndicated Program


8:00 PMThe Balance Point (Music) with Toni Todd
2:00 PMThe Aloha Connection (Music) with Toni Todd
11:00 PMThe Flannel Channel (Music) with Katherine Hargrave
9:00 PMPraxis (Music) with BiSH
9:00 PMPraxis (Music) with BiSH