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the xyz room hours III

Feb 17, 2019 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Frums

Sample Experiential Audio From Coast To Coast With Frums

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the xyz room hours III
8:32 AM
小野秀幸 - over there
小野秀幸 over there
over there Konami Digital Entertainment 2009 MP3
8:24 AM
Trio Flux - The Nardis
Trio Flux The Nardis
Möbius Trio Flux 2013 Jazz USCGJ1369939
8:20 AM
月代 彩 - The Void
月代 彩 The Void
fig.3: wave V/A Diverse System 2017 MP3
8:16 AM
b/bqスタヂオ - 虫と石楠花
b/bqスタヂオ 虫と石楠花
DEPTH V/A Diverse System 2017
8:13 AM
Philomela - Hollowed Out
Philomela Hollowed Out
Sapphire Chamber Philomela 2016 MP3
8:08 AM
Dante Mars Ajeto ! - B5 infp.mp3
Dante Mars Ajeto ! B5 infp.mp3
Celebrating Digital Artifacts Bedlam Tapes 2016 MP3
8:01 AM
Metome - 50 minutes
Metome 50 minutes
Shibboleth Metome 2018

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4:00 PMPinkHaus (Music) with ARCTIC
4:00 PMPinkHaus (Music) with ARCTIC
8:00 PMProgramming Meeting (unset) with DJ Nali
9:00 PMYada Yada (Music) with DJ Saabs
10:00 PMAudioBiography (Music) with DJ Comic Sans