KXUA Fayetteville 88.3 FM

Student Run @ University of Arkansas

KXUA is an eclectic music focused radio station from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Run by students for the students.

KXUA Fayetteville 88.3 FM

Coming up

1:00 PMDJ Drewmpa Loompa (unset) with Drew
2:00 PMRotation with Babs (unset) with Haydn
3:00 PMRotation with Justin (unset) with Justin
4:00 PMThe 8-Tracks (Music) with HG
5:00 PMGirl Power Hour (unset) with Laura


9:00 AMPax and Pearce in the Morning (unset) with Paxton
9:00 PMThe Sleepover Series (Music) with Josiah
4:00 PMRotation with Rachel (Music) with Rachel
1:00 PMTap Cat Live!! (Music) with Tiger Mom
2:00 PMIt's on random (Music) with Taylor