KXUA Fayetteville 88.3 FM

Student Run @ University of Arkansas

KXUA is an eclectic music focused radio station from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Run by students for the students.

KXUA Fayetteville 88.3 FM

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The Deep Cuts

Sep 24, 2022 12:00 PM β€“ 1:00 PM


With DJ B-Ray

The Deep Cuts

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2:00 PMHappy Hour (unset) with Daniel Presley
7:00 PMCitrus Mix (unset) with Zesty
10:00 AMGood Morning FayetteNam with Dylan Stewart
12:00 PMRumble With Jumble with Sophie
1:00 PMPig City Radio (Music) with DJ ßig ßillie


6:00 PMDJ Frankenstrat's Rock Hour (Music) with DJ Frankenstrat
10:00 AMTWFR 4 (unset) with Ben Jammin
4:00 PMThe Beatrix Mix (unset) with DJ BeatriX
2:00 PMThe Dumpster Dive (unset) with Joe Cool
9:00 PMExtraterrestrial Tunes (Music) with DJ kfs