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Femme Fatale

Oct 1, 2022 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Erica

Your source for tons of new and old grrrl rock, pop, indie, alternative and more! Femme Fatale plays hundreds of female fronted bands and female artists throughout the decades with me your host, Sadie Mayhem!

Femme Fatale
7:22 PM
Melody's Echo Chamber - Ocean Road
Melody's Echo Chamber Ocean Road
Unfold Fat Possum 2022
7:16 PM
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fleez
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fleez
Cool It Down Secretly Canadian 2022
7:11 PM
Magdalena Bay - All You Do
Magdalena Bay All You Do
Mercurial World Deluxe Luminelle Recordings 2022
7:07 PM
Zella Day - Dance for Love
Zella Day Dance for Love
mushroom punch concord records 2022
7:04 PM
Magdalena Bay - Unconditional
Magdalena Bay Unconditional
single lumielle recordings 2022

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