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WFVR 96.5FM S.Royalton

Coming up

6:00 PMRed Barn Radio (unset) with Jeremy Frost
7:00 PMIn My Bones (Music) with Rebecca Beguin
8:00 PMIn It for the Long Run (Music) with Jim Rooney
9:00 PMHigh-n-Low (Music) with April Urbanowski
9:00 PMThe Place (Music) with Amanda Kievet and Cody Williams, Cody


7:00 AMMonday Morning Mix (Music) with Todd Tyson
9:00 PMSunday Night Flashback (Music) with Boomer
5:00 PMNorthern Lights (Music) with Kristin Ekstrand
10:00 AMBacktracking (Music) with Russ Martin
8:00 AMOne Planet Groove (Music) with Tim Murphy