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Gulls Window Circus

Feb 20, 2018 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Carl Thien

In the same way that a seagull locates the one good piece of food inside of a crumpled up brown bag blown underneath a car after a worker’s lunch break, Carl finds the one good

song hidden at the end of side 2 on a dusty record in a forgotten corner of a record store,

and brings new finds to you every week on Gulls Window Circus, weaving a story that

never repeats itself as it ebbs and flows through time, geography and genre.

Gulls Window Circus
5:03 PMRascals Its Wonderful
The Complete Singles A's & B's Real Gone Music 2017
5:05 PMAngry Samoans D For The Dead
D For The Dead Shakin' Street 1990
5:08 PMAnnex Cleansing
Cleansing Girlfriend Records 1993
5:11 PMAPB From You & Back To You
Rainy Day Oily Records 1982
5:12 PMApocalypse Release
Teddy Jamming! Records 1982
5:15 PMThe Apples In Stereo Everybody Let Up
Everybody Let Up Earworm 2000
5:21 PMAppliance Outer
Outer Earworm 1998
5:25 PMArab on Radar Kangaroo
Kangaroo Heparin 1996
5:28 PMAsha Vida Dimwit / Soft Hollow / Penny Wise
Eskimo Summer Audrey's Dairy 1993
5:29 PMAshes Serenade
Flood Network Sound 1993
5:36 PMAssfactor 4 Smoked Out
Smoked Out Old Glory Records 1994
5:39 PMAtari Priest Bruno's Head
Bruno's Head Faux-lux 1999
5:40 PMAtomic Fireball Disco
Youki Super 8 Records 1995
5:43 PMAugusta Furnace Venus Esoteric
Carlos Ruling Factor Records 1993
5:48 PMAustin Texas Heaven
Conspiracy Theory Good Witch Records 1995
5:51 PMAvengers Thin White Line
Paint It Black CD Presents 1983
5:54 PMAviso'Hara Pretty Low Guy
Me-n-Danai Alien Records 1996
5:57 PMAvocado Baby Cool
Voluptuous and Supreme Paperplane 1994
6:04 PMAzalia Snail St. Nowhere
Sebadoh / Azalia Snail Dark Beloved Cloud 1991
6:05 PMAztec Camera We Could Send Letters
Just Like Gold Postcard Records 1981
6:08 PMBaba Looey Baba Hula (Boo-La-La)
Three Easy Ones Needlework Records 1994
6:15 PMBaby Bird Snake Caves
Snake Caves Gorgonzola Records 1995
6:21 PMBaby Harp Seal Litmus
Baby Harp Seal Subjugation 1994
6:22 PMBabyshit Brown Don't Play That Game
Babyshit Brown EP Intestinal Fortitude 1994
6:26 PMBaby Tooth Jetlag
Jetlag Remora 1993
6:27 PMBack to Zero Your Side Of Heaven
Your Side Of Heaven Fiction 1979
6:31 PMBadgewearer Wee Scary Cowboy Bread
Criterion Adjournments Secret Cowboy Agenda Guided Missile 1997
6:33 PMBadly Drawn Boy Soul Attitude
Once Around the Block Twisted Nerve 1999

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