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Gulls Window Circus

Mar 20, 2018 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Carl Thien

In the same way that a seagull locates the one good piece of food inside of a crumpled up brown bag blown underneath a car after a worker’s lunch break, Carl finds the one good

song hidden at the end of side 2 on a dusty record in a forgotten corner of a record store,

and brings new finds to you every week on Gulls Window Circus, weaving a story that

never repeats itself as it ebbs and flows through time, geography and genre.

Gulls Window Circus
6:27 PM
The Bongos The Bulrushes
The Bulrushes Fetish Records 1981 7 Inch
6:27 PM
Boilsinberri Worthless / Infinite Bardo
Fertilizer Rain Blo Pop Records 7 Inch
6:19 PM
Bob I Don't Mind
Atomic Cafe Half Baked Records 1993 7 Inch
6:14 PM
B-Movie Scare Some Life Into Me
Nowhere Girl Some Bizzare UK 1982 7 Inch Rock
6:12 PM
Blumfeld Jet Set
Draußen Auf Kaution Big Cat 1995 7 Inch
6:06 PM
Blue Sonoco Seraphim
Airborne Smilex Records 1995 7 Inch
6:02 PM
Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth Kill Or Be Killed (Version)
Kill Or Be Killed Full Watts 2000 7 Inch
5:59 PM
Bloodletter On The Rim
On The Rim Reproductive Records 1994 7 Inch
5:57 PM
Blondie Detroit 442
(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear Chrysalis 1978 7 Inch
5:50 PM
Blonde Redhead Jet Star
Vague Smells Like Records 1994 7 Inch
5:47 PM
The Bloods Button Up
Button Up D27 Records 1981 7 Inch
5:44 PM
Mickey Bliss Cocktails For Two
Video Lizards Hitman Records 1982 7 Inch
5:41 PM
Blast Off Country Style Hey Hey I Love You Bitch
I Love Entertainment Teenbeat 1993 7 Inch
5:37 PM
Blancmange God's Kitchen
I've Seen the Word London Records 1982 7 Inch
5:32 PM
Blah Blah Blah In The Army
In The Army Absurd Records 1979 7 Inch
5:24 PM
Black Tambourine By Tomorrow / Drown
By Tomorrow Slumberland Records 1991 7 Inch
5:18 PM
Black Strobe vs. Sonovac & Soft Verge Sonovac Innerstrings (Sonovac Version)
Innerstrings Output 2000 7 Inch
5:15 PM
Black Lodge Untitled
Untitled Acupuncture 1999 7 Inch
5:11 PM
Black Fork Ladle Junkies
Quality Job One Vinyl Communications 1995 7 Inch
5:10 PM
Black Box Recorder England Made Me
England Made Me Chrysalis 1998 7 Inch Rock
5:02 PM
Black Barbie Angel of the Morning
Brat Wounded Knee Records 1995 7 Inch

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