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WORT-FM is an independent, noncommercial listener-sponsored and volunteer powered community radio station in Madison, Wisconsin founded in 1975.

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The Graveyard Shift

Jul 22, 2019 2:00 AM – 5:00 AM


With Nocturne

A joyful, ecstatic late-night celebration of the dreary and eerie, spanning goth, post-punk, industrial, and darkwave. Dance around or trance out to tunes both classic and brand new, in the wee hours of every other Monday morning -- or any time on the wortfm.org archives.

The Graveyard Shift
2:33 AM
Download - 44 Days
Download 44 Days N
44 Days - Single Electronic
2:31 AM
DJ Announcement: Set break
2:29 AM
Body of Light - Time To Kill
Body of Light Time To Kill N
Time To Kill Dais Records 2019 Electronic
2:25 AM
Iioioioii - There's Nothing
Iioioioii There's Nothing N
Chroma + Chromatic
2:21 AM
Medusa Stare - Death Mask
Medusa Stare Death Mask N
Medusa Stare
2:19 AM
Bastet - Transparency
Bastet Transparency N
Lucid Duality
2:14 AM
Klack - Synthesizer (V2.0)
Klack Synthesizer (V2.0) L
Do You Klack? - EP Null Device Media Industries 2017 Dance
2:10 AM
Wires & Lights - Drive
Wires & Lights Drive N
A Chasm Here and Now Oblivion 2019 Alternative
2:06 AM
Caustic - Fuck That Fascist Beat (Go Fight Remix)
Caustic Fuck That Fascist Beat (Go Fight Remix) L
Dead Meat Vol. 1 2018 MP3/Digital file Electronic
2:02 AM
Night Sins - Annihilator
Night Sins Annihilator N
Portrait in Silver

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