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The Vinyl Resting Place

Sep 19, 2019 11:00 PM – 2:00 AM


With Vinyl Richie

The Vinyl Resting Place is a blazing sonic mixture of Barn Stormin' Toe Tappin' String Bendin' Head Bangin' sounds from Rock-n-Roll's Past, Present and Future.

In 2009, your host – Vinyl Richie – (Rock Junkie + Musical Obsessive) rose from the ashes of WORT's Monster Crawfish Road Rally Extravaganza to create the Vinyl Resting Place for the airwaves.

Radio that is always evolving, both timeless and avant-garde, like a Lava Lamp for your ears. Tune in and turn it up!

The Vinyl Resting Place
11:17 PM
Melvins - Choco Plumbing
Melvins Choco Plumbing
Basses Loaded Ipecac Recordings 2016 CD Rock
In town @ High Noon 9/25
11:14 PM
DJ Announcement: Set break
11:13 PM
Prerecorded spots: Promos and underwriting
11:09 PM
The Joe Perry Project - Bang a Gong
The Joe Perry Project Bang a Gong
Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker MCA 1983 LP Rock
T.Rex cover
11:07 PM
T. Rex - Metal Guru
T. Rex Metal Guru
THE SLIDER Reprise 1972 LP Rock
11:04 PM
T. Rex - One Inch Rock
T. Rex One Inch Rock
T. Rex Fly/RepriseRecords 1970 LP Rock
Marc Bolan 9/30/47 - 9/16/77 (29)
11:00 PM
Joe Perry - Rumble in the Jungle
Joe Perry Rumble in the Jungle
Sweetzerland Manifesto Roman Records 2018 CD Rock

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